Cult Of The Lamb: How To Revive Followers

Even if your followers die in Cult of The Lamb, you can still bring them by performing a ritual.

Cult Of The Lamb provides its players with great freedom in operating their cult, and they can operate it however they want. Moreover, the town building mechanic consists of Doctrines, Rituals, and choices that players need to make regarding their Followers. There is also some random set of events and quests in which players ask for favors from their leaders.

Remember that Lamb also has the power to sacrifice his community to gain higher powers ruthlessly. However, Lamb can also ascend them to a higher plane of existence. Even if there is no threat from divine guidance, Followers will still die from old age or illness. While you are at it, you must read our Cult Of The Lamb Weapons Tier List.

The Cult Of The Lamb follows a lamb, who is possed and saved by a God-like stranger, ” The one who waits”. Now Lamb must repay its debts by creating loyal followers in its name. The game has received great reviews from critics, praising its gameplay and replay value. To know more about the game’s Story, gameplay, visuals, and especially our verdict, we encourage you to read our Cult Of The Lamb Review

Fortunately, there is a way for players to bring back the followers from the grave by performing a special Ritual. This article will discuss how you can revive followers in the Cult Of the Lamb. We will show you how to unlock the ritual and what it does, so let’s get started.

Reviving followers in Game

How To Revive Followers In Cult Of The Lamb

To revive the followers in Cult Of The Lamb, players need first to unlock the Revival Ritual. Also, players to do the ritual in the correct manner to revive the followers. You will need to have two stone tablets in order to make Doctrines. However, it doesn’t include the stone tablet that you received during the tutorial.

You can acquire these key items by slotting together three different Stone Tablet pieces. Players can get these pieces through management or crusading. Keep in mind that players will get stone Tablet pieces at the end of each crusade run. The crusade run ends when you defeat the required monster or sometimes the main boss.

However, players can also get the Stone Tablet piece for free, but that’s only possible if they come across a special shop during their crusade run. Remembers, the easiest method to get the Stone Tablet piece is through leveling the loyalty of your flowers.

There are several ways to level up the loyalty of followers, and you can do it by blessing or inspiring a fellow follower. Loyalty can also be leveled up by giving them precious gifts. Every time a follower levels up, it will give the Lamb a tablet shard. 

Performing Ritual of Resurrection

Now that the players have enough Stone tablets, they can further proceed with the ritual. Now they do have to go to the church and there submit a new Doctrine. The Ritual that players need to perform is located at the second Tier of Afterlife. All they need to do now is select Ritual of Resurrection, and there they will gain the ability to bring back Followers from the dead. However, it will cost the players 75 Bones and -15 Faith to do this Ritual.

Ritual of Resurrection details

Purpose Of Reviving A Follower

Above you learned how to revive the followers in Cult of Lamb, and now you will know how these followers are helpful to you. As you now have revived followers, it will bring them back from the grave, and they take place again in your cult-like nothing ever happened. The great thing about this is that it resets the clock, and they will act now as younger while maintaining their loyalty levels.

All the followers you revive will keep their old traits intact, which makes resurrection a great tool. Players always get back their favorite followers back by performing the ritual. However, there is one bad thing about the ritual is that it takes too much time to cool down. Meaning if you want to perform the ritual again, you have to wait very long. Fortunately, you can always bring back the followers that you sacrificed or ascended to, not only the ones that died because of old age or illness.

There is another method of benefiting the Cult, too; you can strengthen it by sacrificing some followers. Older followers are not of much use, and when they die, they cause -20 faith. So, in that case, you must sacrifice them for the greater good. Remember higher level the number of followers, the more boost it will provide to the crown bar. All you need to do is select particular followers, and they will happily give its life.

Final Words

The game is centered around a Lamb, which is possessed and now has to form a cult to please the ominous deity. Followers are a very important part of the cult, and players have to keep them alive and well. However, followers still die due to illness or old age, and that is bad for the community. 

That is why in this guide, we have discussed how you can revive the followers in Cult Of The Lamb. Through a ritual known as the Ritual of Resurrection, you can bring them back from the grave. Moreover, the great thing about reviving the followers is that they keep their old qualities intact. They now will act younger and still have their old loyalty levels.  

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