Cult Of The Lamb Knucklebones: How To Play & Win

Our guide on Cult of the Lamb Knucklebones will give you all the details about the mini game, minor and big. You will know all about winning coins and making your opponents lose.

Cult of the Lamb has various games inside itself, including knucklebones. Our guide will tell you all about Cult of the Lamb Knucklebones and how to slay at the game. Also, check out our review of the Cult of the Lamb.

Key Highlights
  • Cult Of The Lamb has many activities to do and one of them is mini-games and one of the minigames is Knucklebones.
  • Knucklebones is a dice game and if you win them, you can win cash prizes.
  • In order to win a Knucklebones game, you have a grid of 3×3 and whatever score you get from dice, gets put in that grid.
  • Out of all the other players, if you score the highest, you win.
  • If your dice rolls match your opponent’s dice rolls, those dice rolls of your opponent will be removed.
  • There are a total of 4 NPCs you can play this game against Ratau, Flinky, Klunko & Bop, and Shrumy.
  • Each NPC has its own difficulty and coins to bet that you can win.

About Cult of The Lamb

A mixture of action and adventure, Cult of the Lamb is your perfect game. It was created by Massive Monster and came out by Devolver Digital on 11th August 2022. Gamers can enjoy the game on Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and even PlayStation!

The game Cult of the Lamb starts with the end of the main character, the Lamb. You meet with the four Gods as you make your way through the corridor made of stone. These gods are extremely powerful, and the people of the city are very loyal to them.

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What Is Knucklebones In Cult Of The Lamb

In case you want to feel refreshed in the game, get away from all the fights or just want to earn some coins, a minigame of dice is always a good option. 

After the tutorial of Ratau comes to an end, you may make a stop at the Loney Shack to play a good game of Knucklebones in Cult Of The Lamb. The game is simple, yet it tests your strategic skills.

Cult OF The Lamb Knucklebones

You may play it just for the sake of fun or bet some coins with fellow players and win for your cult. If the player on your opposite side has more skills, then the chances of you winning and beating them get higher.

Furthermore, you need to follow a few rules to play Knucklebones. We got you, so do not get stressed at all.

How To Play Knucklebones

Here are all the skills and techniques you need to use so that you can wish for cash prizes. The favorite game of dice of all the townspeople can help you get some gold.

Each player in the game of Knucklebones takes a turn to roll off the that has six sides in front of them on the board. Every player has a grid of their own that is 3×3. The score includes all the dice that are put in that grid.

Once you have filled all the slots present on their board, the game comes to an end. Moreover, the player who has the most score gets to win.

Grid Of The Player

Every grid of the player has three columns. The numbers are added together if at least three dices of the player show the same number. Furthermore, you multiply the number of matches you have played by that number.

The best way to increase your score in knucklebones, Cult of the Lamb is to get the same dice numbers.

Score Chart: Double And Triple

  • Double-4, Triple 9: Number 1
  • Number 2: Double 8, Triple 18.
  • Number 3: Double 12, Triple 27.
  • Double: 16, Double 36: Number 4
  • Number 5: Double 20, Triple 45
  • Number 6: Double 24, Triple 54.

If you throw in a dice that matches with more than one dice of your opponent, then all the dice of your opponent that match are eliminated. Doing so opens the doors for you to take out the dice that have higher scores. You may even take out more than two dice, given you got a matching dice in your grid.

Opponents In Knucklebones

As you make your way through the Old Fait’s realm, you will get to meet the old friends of Ratau who are on their way to the Loney Shack. They do get seen very late in every region as you head towards the temple of Bishop.

However, you do not need to worry about losing their sight. They do and will come out on their usual main route. 

The friends of Ratau and he acquire various kinds of skills when it comes to knucklebones in Cult of the Lamb. If the opponent lacks the good skill, he may make several mistakes to get rid of your dice. Even getting Doubles or Triples might be a challenge for them.

 However, on the other side, an opponent that has good skill won’t make such mistakes. Playing with such an opponent will be an interesting challenge for you to take on. You can play the game in two ways, for free and for fun, or you can increase your coins to five.

If your opponent is skilled, the bet you would make would be high, allowing you to place in more gold. All the coins get lost, in case you lose the game. However, when you win, you get the exact amount back.

NPC Ratau

  • Location: Lonely Shack
  • Skill: Extremely Easy
  • Maximum Bet: Total 10 Coins.
Knucklebones Cult of the Lamb
The Lamb VS Ratau

Flinky NPC

  • Location: Anura
  • Skill: A Little Easy
  • Maximum Bet: 15 Coins.

Klunko And Bop NPC 

  • Location: Anchordeep
  • Skill: Medium
  •  20 Coins: Maximum Bet

NPC Shrumy

  • Location: Silk’s Cradle
  • Medium: Skill
  • Maximum Bet: 50 Coins
Cult of the Lamb Game Knucklebones
Lamb Vs. Shrumy

How To Win At Knucklebones

If you are smart enough in the game, you can even beat Shrumy. You may follow the following tactics to win the game:

  1. Always use your chance in getting the double or triple numbers, even if they are not as high. 
  2. Try to take out the dice of your opponent as much as you can. If it’s possible, try eliminating the doubles and triples.
  3. You may be given a choice to either match with your opponent’s dice or eliminate it. You need to choose wisely. You can do a little math here to figure out the better gain for the net in this situation.

As an example, if you manage to shoot one six, then that would be better than matching for two more points.

  1. You can put in dice that are high in numbers, the one your opponent has filled beforehand. Doing so will avoid the elimination of your scores through them.
  2. Try having a column for trash, where you can place all the ones and twos. It would be perfect if you could have that column on the other side of your opponent’s column that is empty.

You can also try baiting them by eliminating your dice that have low numbers. Consequently, you can replace those dice with good numbers.

  1. You can win the game if you are the one to put in the ninth dice; that is the last one, however, if your opponent is left with a number of matches and dices that are high in number.
Cult OF The Lamb Knucklebones
Win Of The Lamb

After you learn how to play Knucklebones in Cult Of The Lamb, you will have a full bag of coins every time you step out of the Lonely Shack.

Cult Of The Lamb Lore

You are summoned to death by those Gods, and The Gods want you killed because, according to them, there would come a lamb that would destroy all of them, their beliefs even. Furthermore, what they are the most afraid of is the revealing of the god, The One Who Waits.

Following this, one of the followers of the four gods executes you. Surprisingly, you get to meet with The One Who Waits. As the game moves forward, it is discovered that The One Who Waits got betrayed and then imprisoned by the other four gods. 

The One Who Waits gives you a choice of getting back to life, but with a condition. It turns out that God has not completely forgotten about the betrayal and hence wants revenge. As a result, you will get to live again, get amazing powers, and take revenge on those Gods.

Once you get back to the world, you meet with the leader of The One Who Waits, Ratau, who looks after His old cult. He introduces you to your flock. Two sides of the game begin from that onwards; one, where you get to explore the dungeons, and two, where you look after your cult.

Without further ado, let’s begin with our guide on The Cult Of The Lamb Knucklebones. 

Let’s end this guide with the hope that it must have helped you. You now are aware of all the skills and fun things to do in Cult of the Lamb, Knucklebones.

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