9 BEST Cult of The Lamb Money Farming Methods

This Cult of The Lamb Money Farming guide will uncover the best ways to get money in-game for players to spend!

Cult of The Lamb is an interesting rogue-like story-driven game where players start their cult and aim to get as many followers as possible. Alongside the main storyline, players will get to experience a vast amount of content such as interesting story quests, side quests, commissions, dungeons, and boss fights. Our Cult of The Lamb Money Farming guide will uncover the best ways to get your hands on money in-game! 

Key Highlights
  • Since Cult of the Lamb is about surviving the game, money crafting is the most essential survival method you can use for buying different items and build various buildings in the game for survival.
  • Most of the money is crafted through Chests, Rabbit’s Foot Tarot card, Boss Fight,  Followers, and even Selling Useless Items can contribute to it.
  • Reining Gold Nuggets, Temple, Ritual of Enrichment Method, and Offering Statue are some other places and methods through which you can gain the coins to progress in the game.
  • All the Money Earned in the game will eventually make you richer. Use the Money to gain more tarot cards to increase your strength.

What Are Coins In Cult Of The Lamb? 

Every game has the main currency, which is always equivalent to a certain amount, allowing players to exchange and give it to the vendor to gain in-game items, whether common or precious. 

Being broke in a game where coins are one of the most valuable treasures is never good. Therefore, it is crucial to have an abundant amount of money so that you are always able to buy items and increase your inventory. 

Apart from usual items, the coins can be used to build and craft items, which will also come in handy to gain loyalty. There are several ways to gain access to coins and become as rich as possible. 

How To Farm Coins In Cult Of The Lamb 

Next up, let’s look at some of the surefire ways you can farm coins in Cult of The Lamb. 


One of the first ways to be a no-brainer will be through chests. There will be chests scattered all around the Cult of the Lamb map, and most of these chests will be pretty easy to find, while some may require the player to play through some of the most difficult questlines to unlock. 

There will also be a few quests hidden from plain sight, and players will simply need to set aside time from their day to login into the game and go hunting for this particular chest. Otherwise, there’s a high chance that they might end up missing them. 

Typically, whenever the player opens up a chest, not only will it grant the player a certain amount of money, but it may also grant them a certain amount of EXP points which can contribute to helping the player level up as fast as possible and become stronger. 

While chests do not give the highest amount of money, whenever you encounter a chest, it’s best just to open it up and check, as you might get lucky and get your hands on juicy amounts of coins. 

Refining Gold Nuggets 

Cult of The Lamb Refining Gold Nuggets
Refining Gold Nuggets

While we are on the topic of farming coins, let’s take a second to discuss a different type of currency, which includes that of the Gold Nuggets, which are just coins, except they are the older and condensed version of in-game coins. 

Unfortunately, the gold nuggets no longer hold any kind of monetary value and cannot be exchanged for building items or rare or common items that the player might be searching for; therefore, it renders itself useless in terms of being a valuable currency. 

However, one way to extract some sort of monetary value out of it is to convert it directly so that it makes Coins, which do hold value. Whenever players come across gold nuggets, it is best to stack them up and let them build up in number. 

Once the number has increased by a good amount, players will be able to craft a certain amount of gold coins from these gold nuggets. Setting up a personal workstation will allow players to “refine” these gold nuggets, after which they will acquire gold coins. 

For every seven gold nuggets that you refine, it will reward you with a total of 5 gold coins, and while it may not seem like a lot, once you refine hundreds or thousands of gold coins, the final amount will seem exciting to the players in Cult of The Lamb. If you have wanted to build a proper farm, then our How To Build a Farm guide will be helpful for you!

Rabbit’s Foot Tarot 

The next method to ensure fast Cult of The Lamb Money Farming is to acquire the Rabbit’s Foot Tarot Card. The simplest way to explain the tarot card is to provide a certain amount of enhancement for the players whenever they acquire the card and try to use it on themselves.

In essence, whenever the Rabbit’s tarot card is acquired and activated, it will enhance the number of coins that players can get. Anytime the player heads out, whether in a dungeon or the open world, and decides to kill enemies, they will gain a certain amount of gold, but with the tarot’s card, it will be enhanced even further. 

Make sure to have the tarot’s card on you as much as possible, as it will continuously offer up increased gold. While the enhancement may not seem like a lot for one enemy or boss that gets murdered, once it accumulates, it will start to increase your total coin count. Want to reach the final boss fast? Read up on our Cult of The Lamb All Endings and Final Boss guide!


Cult of The Lamb Follower Items
Follower Items

The next way to increase your coin count in Cult of The Lamb is through the number of followers you get. If you are unaware, anytime that you create a new cult, you can expand on it further by inviting followers to worship your cult and be a part of it, after which they will be added to your cult. 

Once they are added to it, they can become a direct resource for you. One of the main ways to recruit followers is by freeing them if they are about to be sacrificed in the name of Heretics. Another way is by purchasing them from Helob, after which they will immediately start to follow you. 

If you want to, you can defeat bosses, which will award you followers, and you can customize your followers, granting them different skins so that you can personalize them. The main way to earn from your followers is by taxing them, which requires them to pay a certain amount of money to stay in your cult, and it will instantly increase your total amount of coin count! Make sure to read up on our Revive Followers guide to figure out just how you can revive your followers!


Cult of The Lamb Temple

Another way to farm money is through the Temple, which consists of your followers attending a certain number of sermons after they will drop a certain amount of gold that players can collect. The gold can be deposited in the Temple’s dish after the sermon ends, and the player can use it as they want. 

As for the sermon, it can be attended once the Temple has finished building, and the lamb will give one sermon a day, which will allow the followers to gain strength and then carry it out to the lamb, which will allow the player to unlock a certain amount of stats and enhance them. 

The stats will increase and make the follower a lot stronger. These stats can include increasing hearts for followers, applying poisoning debuff on enemies, and landing critical hits, which will make them a lot stronger. 

Once the cult level has reached level 3, the followers will provide the gold to players, which can be used as needed. Our Eye of Witness guide will show where it is located so you can find it easily!


Another way to make money in-game is through farming bosses in dungeons. The dungeons will feature tons of enemies and bosses with a high health pool depending on the boss level, and the higher the health pool, the higher the money payout will be upon defeating it. 

While the dungeon enemies can be tough to kill off, it can be worth it to farm in the long run or set aside a few minutes of your day to kill enemies, as they give away a certain amount of gold. Over time, this gold can accumulate, and it will add up to your inventory. 

Apart from the gold, it will also be able to grant you resources that can offer level-up experience points and help progress you further in the storyline. Apart from the bosses themselves, if you are done farming the bosses and enemies and have time to spare, take a few minutes to wander around the dungeon. 

Players are often surprised to find out that there can be chests that also contain a hefty amount of gold that would otherwise be looked over completely. 

Ritual of Enrichment Method 

Cult of The Lamb Ritual of Enrichment
Ritual of Enrichment

Apart from having your followers drop gold in the temples once you reach cult level 3, you can also extort your followers and follow the Ritual of Enrichment method, which will help make you richer even further. 

For every follower you gain in your cult, the more gold coins you will start to accumulate, and eventually, it will increase your overall income. The ritual will work because it entails your followers giving up a certain amount of gold coins over to you, which instantly makes you richer. 

The way that it will work is that it will grant you coins by taking a bit of your faith. In return for taking your 20 faith, it will grant you coins, and the way that the gold is calculated is by multiplying the level of your followers by 20 and summing it all up. 

The ritual of Enrichment isn’t a way to instantly increase your money count, but it adds up in the long run and helps to farm here and there whenever you have free time. Our Doctrines guide will showcase the 20 best doctrines for players!

Offering Statue 

Cult of The Lamb Offering Statue
Offering Statue

Another way to invest in Cult of The Lamb Money Farming is by using the offering statue, which will include your followers giving you certain amounts of offerings throughout the day, which will include rewards and gold coins. 

The offering statue cannot be used unless it is built, and it requires certain items such as 30 coins, ten pieces of stone as well as 20 pieces of lumber to craft it; and apart from that, it also requires a couple of minutes to hours of building time. There is no faster way to build it instantly. Therefore, players will simply need to wait it out. 

Once the offering statue has been built, it will need to be unlocked using a process known as Divine Inspiration. After that, the followers present in your cult, whether older or newer, will be able to take note of the offering statute. 

The offering statute is a simple loot box, and followers can leave materials that can be as simple as fish, which can be a consistent source of meat, as well as coins, which are on the more valuable end. Once added to the offering statue, players can collect and use it as required. 

Getting Rid of Items 

Cult of The Lamb Getting Rid of Items
Getting Rid of Items

Last but not least, players can use their useless items that are doing nothing but collecting dust in their inventory and can cash them out to earn a quick buck. Any resources that players might not want to keep in their inventory or might feel like it’s only there taking up space, they can cash out. 

One of the biggest sources of income can be by selling fish; once players farm fish, considering it is a very common item, it can be turned over for cash, and while the amount may not be a lot, if you manage to sell hundreds of fish, it can accumulate a solid amount of coins for you. 

Apart from the common fish, players are also able to get their hands on rare and legendary fish, and once you sell the fish, it will grant you a total of 20 gold. If you end up selling rare fish, it will grant you even more money and can eventually make you richer. With that, we will wrap up our Cult of The Lamb Money Farming guide! You might find our Best Tarot Cards interesting!

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