Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Monster Form

Players in Cult of the Lamb are able to unlock new follower forms for all the existing and future cultists they bring back to the base. Acquiring the monster follower form is a little trickier than most in Cult of the lamb, and our curated guide entails all steps to get you this monster form as soon as possible in the game.

The interesting part of running a community in Cult of the lamb is watching cultists doing their daily business, farming, and worshipping leaders. It gets more interesting when the player can change the forms of every follower that sign-up for the cult. 

However, there are certain Follower Forms that are far more difficult to acquire than others. In fact, a handful of them is completely concealed or barred behind odd riddles or objectives that players won’t instantly recognize on the surface.

Those who do not investigate every inch and crevice of Cult of the Lamb may have a difficult time locating all of the possible skins, particularly with regard to the Monster Follower Form. The specific shape is revealed via the use of certain somewhat unorthodox methods.

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How To Find Monster Follower Form In Cult Of The Lamb?

Rakshasa merchant

In Cult of the Lamb, the Monster Follower Form may be located and unlocked in the following manner for players.

To get a monster follower form in Cult of the lamb, you must keep looking for food shop nodes while on a crusade. There you will find a merchant known as Rakshasa (rainbow shrimp); you might remember him as a seed merchant at your base.

Rakshasa does business with their spouse, a giant snail. What you have to do, is attack the giant snail four to five times, and Rakshasa will challenge you to battle.

Battling Rakshasa Merchant

Rakshasa merchant getting mad at the Lamb

Once players discover Rakshasa, they’ll want to commence striking and swiping at the big Snail beside him. This will lead the chef to grow upset, and doing it enough will force him to assault players openly. While he’s not extremely strong, he is a little tanky, and his resistance may catch people by surprise.

He moves around a significant much, so the Lamb will be required to maintain their distance and monitor his movement before sneaking in to attack. After Rakshasa is vanquished, he will offer to keep assisting the Lamb and will also award the player with the Monster Statue decoration.

Rakshasa merchant beaten

Note: If you get defeated in a fight, rakshasa will raise their seed price by fifty percent until you fight him again and defeat him.

Crafting Monster Follower Form

Massive Monster Shrine blueprint acquired

Once the player gets the blueprint, all they need to do is head back to their cult and by using the craft table, build the monster statue decoration, and wait until nightfall when the statue starts glowing red, pray to it, and the player will unlock the monster follower form.

How To Unlock More Follower Forms

When you go out on a crusade, you should always be on the hunt for white scrolls. The only difference between them and Blueprints is the color, and acquiring one will result in the addition of a new species to your pool of possible Forms.

Search for them inside the store run by Forneus the Cat once you have defeated the bosses. You won’t be able to locate the same Forms in various parts of the Lands of the Old Faith; for example, you won’t be able to find the same Forms in Darkwood as you would in Anchordeep.

When you open a new region to explore that does not involve battle, such as Pilgrim’s Passage, seek a stone kiosk that will sell you new Forms. The cost of each new Form is often between twenty and thirty Coins.

You are not able to choose which Forms you acquire, and instead, you will receive a different one at random with each purchase you make. Once you have unlocked all of the Forms that a given kiosk has to offer, it will no longer accept any more payment from you.

The campaign area in which the location of the Kiosk was unlocked determines which forms may be accessed at that particular place.

Final Words

In Cult of the Lamb, if you bring a new Follower into your village, you will have the choice to change both their name and their look. This option is available every time you welcome a brand-new Follower. This may make it much simpler to discern amongst your cultists, which is something you’ll be thankful for in the late game when there are as many as twenty devoted zealots roaming about, and you’ll be pleased for it too.

There are a lot of possibilities available by default, and if you play the game long enough, you’ll be able to unlock even more Forms for your Followers. You may also use Coins to acquire new Forms to a certain degree, but only if you know where the kiosks that sell them are and how to locate them.

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