Cult Of The Lamb Rituals: Unlock, Cost & Effects

This guide covers all the rituals in Cult of The Lamb with their cost and effect.

Cult of The Lamb is full of adventures and activities, and Cult of the Lamb Rituals is an important part of the gameplay. The rituals in Cult of The Lamb serve as an important part of the gameplay, as they help in keeping the followers happy. These rituals sometimes help to feed your followers when you do not have spare ingredients to feed them. The rituals in the game are unlocked through exploration and sometimes by creating new doctrines.

Key Highlights
  • Cult Of The Lamb is about, well, cults and just like in any cult you are supposed to do Rituals.
  • In Cult Of The Lamb, it is very important to constantly do Rituals so you can increase the Faith of your Followers.
  • Doing rituals in Cult Of The Lamb will give you these benefits:
    • Increases Followers Faith 
    • Brainwash Followers
    • Sacrificing followers
    • Distribute wealth to followers
  • There isn’t only one kind of ritual that you can do, there are many rituals to do and each has its own benefits to offer.
  • Some of the best rituals you can do for increasing Faith levels are The feasting Ritual, Alms for the poor, The funeral, A loyalty Enforcer, and a Brainwashing ritual.
  • There are over 20 different rituals that you can do in Cult Of The Lamb and each ritual has a different cost of materials.
  • You need to do quests and progress further in the story to unlock these rituals.

Cult Of The Lamb Rituals

cult of the lamb rituals
Cult Of The Lamb Rituals

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Cult of The Lamb Rituals require a fixed amount of resources to perform, and all of them carry positive and negative effects. Like unlocking rituals, discovering them also has various ways. You can either discover them through the main storyline or through quests in the game. The performance of these rituals may have any one of the following reasons.

  • Increasing Followers’ Loyalty
  • Exploiting Followers in some way
  • Sacrificing Followers for the greater good

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What Do The Rituals Do

Every ritual in the game has a specific reason for its performance. The description of every ritual we have noticed in the game is mentioned below, so you can easily understand each ritual. 

what the rituals do
What Do The Rituals Do
  • Ascend Follower Ritual is performed at the temple in which you ascend a follower’s spirit to a higher plane of existence. The purpose of this ritual is to make all followers gain faith.
  • Alms for the poor ritual makes you distribute gold to all followers. It is done to increase follower loyalty.
  • The bonfire Ritual involves dancing around the flame, and this is done to increase faith.
  • Brainwashing Ritual brainwashes the followers and increases their faith. However, it may cause them to fall sick afterward.
  • Fight Pit Ritual requires you to command two followers to fight to the death unless you decide to show mercy.
  • The feasting Ritual involves throwing a grand feast for your followers to refill their hunger.
  • The funeral is a ritual where you arrange a funeral for the recently passed follower,s and it increases the faith.
  • Glory through tail is also performed at the temple and is a great ritual, as it allows your followers to work three days and nights without getting tired. 
  • Holy Day Ritual, like many other rituals, is performed at the temple and will give your followers a day’s rest where they will not be working, but their faith will increase.
  • A loyalty Enforcer must appoint a follower as a loyalty enforcer who will patrol the cult to raise followers’ loyalty. 
  • Rituals of Enlightenment require a temple for their performance, which will temporarily increase the devotion and generation speed at your shrine.
  • Ritual of enrichment involves all followers donating coins to you at your temple.
  • Ritual Fast declares a fast for all followers where they will not eat or be hungry for three days.
  • The Ritual of the Harvest is performed at the temple, and it makes all your seeds grow and ready for harvest.
  • Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty will make a special fish appear for two days while fishing, and it is performed at the temple.
  • Ritual of Resurrection is performed at the temple and allows to bring a dead follower to life.
  • The sacrifice of the Flesh ritual makes you sacrifice one of your followers to grow in strength. It also unlocks new abilities and weapons.
  • The Glory of Construction involves performing this ritual at the temple that will immediately build all the buildings that are under construction.
  • A tax Enforcer is much like a loyalty enforcer, but here you will appoint the follower to collect money from the cult members.
  • A wedding ritual is performed at the temple, so you can marry one of your followers to gain faith.

How To Fix The Ritual Bug

While playing the game, you might come across a bug where the ritual gets stuck and does not allow you to move forward with it. The payer and NPCs will be stuck in a limbo-like movement. At this point, nothing will work except for the pause button.

Massive Monster has promised to fix this bug, but there is no proper solution as of now. However, one way to avoid it is to save the game progress and move to the main menu. You will start playing the game again, and you will be rewarded with the ritual’s effect.

You can use this option to avoid the bug until Maaive Monster comes up with a permanent solution for this bug or remove it from the game. Following this trick will help you ensure a smooth gameplay experience, as the bug is supposed to stay for now.

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Rituals’ Cost & Effect

rituals cost and effect
Cult Of The Lamb Rituals’ Cost & Effect

The rituals in the game have a cost and effect on their performance. We have listed the cost and effects in the following table for all the rituals in the game. 

Ascend Follower Ritualx75 Bones, x1 Follower+15 Faith
Alms for the poorx50 CoinsFollowers loyalty gained, +10 Faith
Bonfire Ritualx25 Bones, x25 Lumber+30 Faith
Brainwashing Ritualx25 Menticide Mushrooms+100 Faith for two days
Fight Pit Ritualx75 Bones, x2 Followers+30 Faith
Feasting Ritualx75 BonesCult Hunger Filled, +25 Faith
Funeralx5 Camellia, x75 Bones+20 Faith
Glory through tailx75 Bonesno sleep for two days, -15 Faith
Holy Day Ritualx75 Bones+80 Faith
Loyalty Enforcerx75 Bones-15 Faith
Ritual of Enlightenmentx75 Bones20% more devotion, -10 Faith
Ritual of enrichmentx125 BonesGain gold from followers, -20 Faith
Ritual Fastx75 BonesFollowers do not eat for three days
Ritual of the Harvestx75 BonesAll Seeds ready for harvest
Ritual of the Ocean’s Bountyx75 BonesDouble fish caught, +10 Faith
Ritual of Resurrectionx150 BonesResurrect Follower
The sacrifice of the Fleshx75 Bones, x1 Follower-10 Faith
The Glory of Constructionx75 BonesAll structures built immediately
Tax Enforcerx75 Bones-15 Faith
Wedding ritualx75 Bones+30 Faith

How To Unlock Rituals In Cult Of The Lamb

unlock rituals in cult of the lamb
How To Unlock Rituals In Cult Of The Lamb

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The rituals in Cult of the Lamb are unlocked by following different ways. The following table shows how to unlock all the rituals in the game.

RitualsHow To Unlock
Ascend Follower RitualDoctrine – Law & Order I
Alms for the poorDoctrine – Possessions III
Bonfire RitualComplete Declare Doctrine quest.
Brainwashing RitualComplete Sozo’s quest.
Fight Pit RitualDoctrine – Law & Order II
Feasting RitualDoctrine – Sustenance I
FuneralDoctrine – Afterlife II
Glory through tailDoctrine – Work & Worship IV
Holy Day RitualDoctrine – Work & Worship IV
Loyalty EnforcerDoctrine – Law & Order IV
Ritual of EnlightenmentDoctrine – Work & Worship III
Ritual of enrichmentDoctrine – Possessions III
Ritual FastDoctrine – Sustenance I
Ritual of the HarvestDoctrine – Sustenance III
Ritual of the Ocean’s BountyDoctrine – Sustenance III
Ritual of ResurrectionDoctrine – Afterlife II
The sacrifice of the FleshComplete second Crusade runs through Darkwood.
The Glory of ConstructionDoctrine – Work & Worship III
Tax EnforcerDoctrine – Law & Order IV
Wedding ritualDoctrine – Law & Order II


Cult of the Lamb rituals are an important part of the gameplay, and you need to learn about these rituals before you decide to perform them. We have covered all the rituals in the game with an explanation of what each ritual does. There is also a list of costs, effects, and methods of unlocking the rituals in the game. The guide will help you to know everything about Cult of the Lamb Rituals.

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