Cult of the Lamb: All Silk Cradle Bosses

Silk Cradle is the last zone of the game and is naturally a very difficult one. Our guide will entail everything you need to know to easily take down all of the bosses present here.

As you near the end of the Cult of the Lamb storyline, you will reach an area called “Silk Cradle” which holds tons of bosses. These bosses can really put your skills to the test. Hence, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the Silk Cradle Bosses in Cult of the Lamb.

Key Highlights
  • Focalor is the first boss you’ll encounter. To avoid Focalor’s dangerous attacks, stay in the open and don’t allow him to corner you.
  • Second is Vephar, and he is the weakest boss of all. He only does a little other than summoning smaller enemies. Also, you’ll have to attack him carefully, as he can sprout spikes out.
  • Next is Hauras; he throws projectiles at you repeatedly. You’ll need to dodge his projectiles and attack him at the right moment.
  • Shamura is the last of the cradle bosses, constantly attacking you from close and mid-range.
  • In Shamura’s second phase, his jump attacks will shoot projectiles and shock waves. Dodge and those hit him to defeat him.
  • Take Golden Fleece before going to battle. It increases your damage by 10% with every enemy you kill with it.
  • Also, consider taking a dagger with you too. They are handy in a boss fight because of their fast swings.

What Are Cult Of The Lamb Silk Cradle Bosses?

When you are playing Cult of The Lamb, you will go through different areas. These areas differ from one another in almost every way. From visuals to the enemies present in each area. As you might have guessed, these areas unlock slowly with progression. 

Silk Cradle is one of these areas. It is, in fact, the hardest area in the game as it is the final one. The entire game has a learning curve that makes it very fun to play and to come back to. During this zone, the game will put everything you have learned to the test.

Furthermore, the bosses here are brutal, and they will try their best to halt your progression. A lof these can simply demolish you if you are not aware of their patterns and how to react to them. These bosses being hard is good as they should be because we are nearing the end.

So nobody can blame you for not being able to defeat these foes on your own. Our Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses guide will entail literally everything that you need to know to wreck these bosses. Be sure to read through the entire thing. 

Now, before we jump into the guide, let us give you some general tips. These tips will prove to be very useful during boss fights, and they can even assist you greatly in other encounters. We will tell you about the weapons to use and the best gear that you should equip beforehand. 


Cult of the Lamb Boss Focalor
Focalor as he appears in the game

When you are done with the preparations and have started going through the zone, the first boss you will encounter is going to be Focalor. He is basically a mixture of the insect-like regular enemies that you will fight in the Silk Cradle zone. 

First and foremost, focus on always staying out in the open. Focalor will try his best to corner you and get you in a tight spot. He does that to use some attacks of his that become extra dangerous when the player is cornered. 

Furthermore, for his basic attack, he charges at the player and tries to tackle them. He can follow the tackle up with some devastating attacks, such as a slam attack that does AOE shockwave damage and throws projectiles simultaneously. 

Perhaps the most annoying thing Focalor does is that he summons small enemies to distract the player. As a matter of fact, a bunch of bosses in the game does that. Simply ignore the small fly and focus on dodging the boss and keeping your distance. 

It is a fairly simple fight when compared to the others, which is fair as it is the first one of the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses. Watch the movement of the boss and take your time. The moment you start rushing in, you will get wrecked. 

In addition, dodge through the projectiles he throws at you by watching for the gaps in them. When Focalor has briefly stopped, go in and hit him a bunch. If you have a dagger here, you will naturally be able to do extra damage due to its speed


Vephar boss Cult of the Lamb
The huge centepede Vephar

The next boss that you will be facing out of the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses is going to Vephar. He straight-up looks like a giant version of the large centipede enemies in the area because, well, he technically is. 

What he does is that he summons smaller enemies all the time and lets them do the dirty work. The boss himself doesn’t do much other than keeping his distance from you, which is fresh to see, we suppose. 

Furthermore, his keeping away from the player like a coward and just summoning smaller fry makes him more of an annoying boss than a difficult one. He is easily the weakest boss out of all the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses. 

The only thing he does aside from the summoning is that he launches poison projectiles at the player. Try your best to avoid these as they can inflict severe poison damage easily. 

Other than that, be careful and go in to attack at the right time, as Vephar can just sprout spikes out of nowhere to protect himself from your blows. 

Moreover, all of this sounds easy because it is. Kill the enemies he spawns as fast as you can; if you have a strong dagger once again, it can make the process significantly faster. When it is about to shoot the poison projectile, a reticle appears; keep an eye on that to dodge accurately.

When Vephar has used all of these attacks, rush in and deal damage. Stop when you see the spikes coming, and then move back in. Continue doing all of this, and soon you will defeat the boss. 


Haurus boss guide
In-game screenshot of Hauras

After Vephar the next boss that you will face is Haruas. He can be quite challenging, mainly due to the fact that he is a projectile launching machine. Seriously, this boss has so many projectiles, and he throws all of them at the player relentlessly. 

He has a lot of variety in his projectile attacks. These range from the basic stuff to the circular spreading patterns or a turret-like attack that fires rapidly and rotates around him. Lastly, he can also fire poison projectiles like the previous boss, but now they leave behind a temporary trail. 

Other than the projectile attacks, he can also charge you at times. He makes a headbutt attack if you stand close to him. Keeping a distance from all of the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses is necessary as all of them can deal high damage counter-attacks to you at close range.

Furthermore, now you will need to put up double the work you did for the last two bosses. You have to dodge like crazy and move in for the attack at the right moment. Hit the boss a bunch but don’t get greedy as you will get headbutted hard if you do. 

The best way to dodge his projectile attacks is to stay in the corner and find a gap in them to dodge through. When he is about to charge up his attack, dodge and shoot Curses at him, and the go rush back to safety.  

Keep doing all of this. We know it can get frustrating, and you might break under the break but keep calm and stay focused, and soon Hauras will go down. 


Cult of the Lamb Final Boss Shamura Complete Guide
The gross and cool design of Shamura

The last of the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses is Shamura. He is the leader of the Bishops of the Old Faith, so naturally is also the final boss of the game. All of your training and journey has been for this moment; at last, your face the final boss.

He is incredibly challenging and will test every single thing you have learned and your knowledge of the game. If it wasn’t for Kallamar, Shamura would be the hardest boss in the game. He has a very diverse moveset; continue reading to learn how to counter it. 

Furthermore, his projectiles are also extra deadly as they explode on impact. He jumps into the air and lands with a shockwave attack. Shamura really gives you very little room to breathe as he constantly attacks you from both close and mid-range. 

As the fight continues, all of his attacks become more aggressive and even unpredictable. We are here to let you know what to expect so he doesn’t catch you off-guard. 

The explosive projectiles have the reticle indicator. When that appears, dodge accordingly and dodge farther than you normally do because of the area of effect. When he starts doing slicing attacks, go in and hit him, dodge and hit again, and repeat that until he changes the pattern.

Dodging the jumping attack is fairly simple. Once you deplete half of his health, Shamura will reach his second phase, and things get tenser. He will now attack even more aggressively. Now his jump attack also shoots projectiles alongside the shockwave. 

Moreover, dodging the projectiles is the same; just go to a corner and look for gaps. The harder thing to dodge here will be the extreme melee attacks that he will do. You will constantly need to dodge and hit to defeat Shamura in his second phase.

Go in, hit him, dodge, then go in and hit again. Keep repeating that, and soon you will have defeated Shamura. Just like with every other Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle boss, you will need to be patient and focused. The entire boss fight is a wild ride, to say the least.

Once Shamura is down, the Bishops of the old faith are finished. That means now you have completed the main weird and wacky goal of this weird and wacky game. Perhaps, you can now do another playthrough to get a new ending

Silk Cradle Bosses General Tips

We asked early on in our guide that you should read our Cult of the Lamb best weapons tier list. That is because using the best weapons here is essential if you want to deal effectively with these foes. So consider checking that out if you haven’t already. 

Having some of the best weapons and best Curses is highly recommended before you head into the fights. These two things will prove to be invaluable as you progress further and further through the Silk Cradle zone. 

Now let us talk about the gear piece that you should have equipped. The gear piece you should consider getting beforehand is the Golden Fleece. What it does is that it increases your damage by 10 percent for every enemy you kill without taking a hit.

You can probably already guess just how overpowered it can get. Before getting to the boss, you will be clearing plenty of normal enemies, which you should be able to take down without getting hit. 

Moreover, you need to take these enemies down hitless otherwise, the Golden Fleece is useless. Also, there is a drawback to the fleece as it also doubles the damage of each attack you get hit with. 

In our opinion, the insane buff to the damage is absolutely worth that, and our guide will let you know all about the boss patterns, so it should be fairly easy to dodge them. 

Additionally, be on the lookout for a dagger. They are extra useful against the bosses here because of their fast swing, and you should get one fairly easily with some exploration of the zone. Once you find a dagger, buff its damage using Tarot Cards. 


Now we have reached the end of our guide. All of these bosses are fun to tackle, even if they can get frustrating at times. We really had a blast going through the game and experiencing everything it has to offer. 

There is just so much to try out in Cult of the Lamb. The exploration is almost always rewarded with something cool. The variety in weapons adds so much to the replayability of the game and the Crusades.  It is available on Steam and all the other major platforms. 

Furthermore, Cult of the Lamb is absolutely one of the best indie games released so far this year. We can’t wait to see what other awesome titles get released as there is plenty of the year still left. Indie developers are some of the unique videogame makers out there.

So how did you feel about the final boss? Which zone is your favorite in the game? Did you like Cult of the Lamb, or did it weird you out? Which boss is your favorite? Is there any NPC you like? Which NPC looks the coolest? What weapon do you love the most? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

There is a lot to find in the game. To defeat the extremely challenging Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses, you will need some of the best weapons and best Curses in the game. There is a lot you can build in the game too. Having some of the best Tarot cards and best Traits can also turn the tide in battle.

The game is filled to the brim with stuff to do, so you will hardly ever get bored. You can recruit and revive followers, you can play knucklebones, you can collect some of the best Fleeces in the game, and you can also build a farm

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