Cult of the Lamb: All Silk Cradle Bosses

Silk Cradle is the last zone of the game and is naturally a very difficult one. Our guide will entail everything you need to know to easily take down all of the bosses present here.

As you near the end of the Cult of the Lamb storyline, you will reach an area called “Silk Cradle” which holds tons of bosses. These bosses can really put your skills to the test. Hence, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the Silk Cradle Bosses in Cult of the Lamb.

Key Takeaways
  • Focalor: Stay in the open to avoid his attacks and prevent being cornered.
  • Vephar: The weakest boss, be cautious of spikes while attacking; focuses on summoning smaller enemies.
  • Hauras: Dodge his projectile attacks and strike at the right moments.
  • Shamura: Attacks at close and mid-range; in the second phase, dodge projectiles and shock waves.
  • Take Golden Fleece before battle for a 10% damage increase per enemy killed with it.
  • Consider using a dagger for fast swings in boss fights.

What Are Cult Of The Lamb Silk Cradle Bosses?

Here’s all the information on the Silk Cradle Bosses:

Focalor A spider-like boss that deals with the small blue and red spiders hit during the combatCharging Attack, Spider Projectiles, Web Up & Slam Down
VepharA centipede-like enemy that travels around the arena instead of attacking directlyMob Summon, Spike Defense, Poison Spray
Hauras A scorpion-like boss that hit three projectiles at the same time in a round pattern Tail Charge: Projectiles, Tail Charge: Poison Spray, Charging Attack
ShamuraAnother spider-like enemy with multiple disastrous and slashing attacksMob Summons, Pedipalp Slash, Spider Bombs, Web Up & Slash Down, Barrage Of Poison


Cult of the Lamb Boss Focalor
Focalor as he appears in the game

In the Silk Cradle zone, the first boss is Focalor, resembling insect-like regular enemies. Stay in the open to avoid cornering, a tactic Focalor uses for more dangerous attacks. His basic tackle attack is followed by devastating moves, including an AOE shockwave and projectile slam. Focalor summons small enemies, but it’s advised to focus on dodging and maintaining distance.

The fight is relatively simple; observe the boss’s movements and avoid rushing in. Dodge through projectiles and capitalize on openings to deal damage, especially effective with a dagger for its speed.


Vephar boss Cult of the Lamb
The huge centepede Vephar

In the Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle, Vephar, a giant centipede-like boss, focuses on summoning smaller enemies and launching poison projectiles. While he avoids direct confrontation, players should swiftly eliminate the summoned foes, using a strong dagger if available.

  • Dodge the poison projectiles by observing the reticle and seize opportunities to attack when the boss is vulnerable.
  • Although Vephar can sprout spikes for protection, he is considered the weakest among the Silk Cradle bosses.
  • Following Vephar, players face Hauras, a challenging boss due to his relentless projectile attacks.
  • Hauras exhibits a variety of projectile patterns, ranging from basic shots to circular spreading and rapid turret-like attacks.
  • Additionally, he can unleash poison projectiles that leave temporary trails.
  • To successfully confront Hauras, players must maintain a distance, dodge his attacks, and strategically strike during vulnerable moments. 

Utilize corners to dodge projectile attacks and be cautious of his charging headbutt attack. The key is to dodge, shoot Curses during his charge-up, and then retreat to safety. Patience and focus are crucial for overcoming Hauras.


Cult of the Lamb Final Boss Shamura Complete Guide
The gross and cool design of Shamura

Shamura serves as the final boss, leading the Bishops of the Old Faith. He presents a formidable challenge, testing players’ acquired skills and knowledge. Shamura possesses a diverse moveset, including explosive projectiles with an indicator, a shockwave attack upon landing from a jump, and aggressive close and mid-range attacks. As the battle progresses, his attacks become more aggressive and unpredictable.

  • During the fight, Shamura’s explosive projectiles feature a reticle indicator; you should dodge with a wider range due to the area of effect.
  • As his health depletes, he enters a second phase, intensifying attacks.
  • In this phase, his jump attack shoots projectiles alongside the shockwave.
  • Dodging projectiles remains the same, finding gaps in a corner, but extreme melee attacks require constant dodging and counterattacking.

Maintain a pattern of going in, hitting Shamura, dodging, and repeating until the boss is defeated. Patience and focus are crucial throughout this challenging boss fight. Upon Shamura’s defeat, the Bishops of the Old Faith are vanquished, marking the completion of the game’s main goal. Players may consider additional playthroughs to explore alternative endings.


Now, I have reached the end of my guide. All of these bosses are fun to tackle, even if they can get frustrating at times. I really had a blast going through the game and experiencing everything it has to offer. 

There is just so much to try out in Cult of the Lamb. The exploration is almost always rewarded with something cool. The variety in weapons adds so much to the replayability of the game and the Crusades.  It is available on Steam and all the other major platforms. 

Furthermore, Cult of the Lamb is absolutely one of the best indie games released so far this year. I can’t wait to see what other awesome titles get released as there is plenty of the year still left. Indie developers are some of the unique videogame makers out there.

So how did you feel about the final boss? Which zone is your favorite in the game? Did you like Cult of the Lamb, or did it weird you out? Which boss is your favorite? Is there any NPC you like? Which NPC looks the coolest? What weapon do you love the most? Let me know all about it in the comments section below. 

There is a lot to find in the game. To defeat the extremely challenging Cult of the Lamb Silk Cradle bosses, you will need some of the best weapons and best Curses in the game. There is a lot you can build in the game too. Having some of the best Tarot cards and best Traits can also turn the tide in battle.

The game is filled to the brim with stuff to do, so you will hardly ever get bored. You can recruit and revive followers, you can play knucklebones, you can collect some of the best Fleeces in the game, and you can also build a farm

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