25 BEST Cult Of The Lamb Tips And Tricks

From building a farm to even sacrificing your own spouse, these tips will ensure that you make the most of your playthrough!

Ever wanted to be the leader of an insane cult? Well, with Cult of the Lamb, you can do just that! The game is a roguelike with elements of a city-builder mixed in. There are various tips and tricks that can make your gameplay even smoother and more fun. Let’s explore what those are.

Key Highlights
  • Cult Of The Lamb is filled with activities to do and the game requires constant improvements in your gameplay to move further in the game.
  • The main thing about this game is that you have to maintain your cult and increase it and that can be done by feeding them and taking care of them.
  • But to look after your cult better, you have to explore and find better weapons and tarot cards so you can provide better things for your cult.
  • If you want more food, fertilizer is great for yielding crops, and having more food means more cult members that are happy.
  • Some of the best buildings are Shelter, Stone Mine, and Prison. Each of these buildings has its own benefits and purpose.
  • If you struggle with exp and want more exp to progress, you should prioritize doing Daily Activities.
  • Fleeces are a great help when you equip them because they give you buffs and debuffs to apply to your enemies.

Focus On Both The Action And Building Parts

As mentioned earlier, Cult of the Lamb is not just a typical roguelike game; it also has elements of a city builder, which is why our first tip is to treat it in such a way.

You cannot just focus on the action part of the game where you’re taking down dungeons and rival cults. Sure, that will help you increase your following, especially when you brutally murder old Gods and gather resources to build a town. But there is another side to the game as well.

The game requires you to pay attention to your own Cult. You need to create structures and listen to the needs of your citizens, even if they’re just some odd anthropomorphic animals with unique traits. And in return, they’ll perform activities that can greatly help you.

You should think of both parts as compliments of each other. Gathering resources to make more buildings will satisfy the Cult and make the “city” better. And for working on the town, you’ll get rewards and loot that’ll be useful in taking down bosses! 

Explore Everything

Games where resources and loot matter, exploring every part of the game, every section of a level, and every corner of the room matters.

In Cult of the Lambs, there are so many different lootable items that can help you out. For example, Tarot Cards, which we’ll explore more deeply, can give you stat-boosting buffs. Pedestals can give you great attack power. And let’s not forget, you can always end up finding a new cool weapon while exploring.

This is especially important when you’re on a crusade. You need to look for specialist resources, like grass and bones, which can be used throughout the game.

Smash Everything

tips and tricks for Cult of the Lamb
Cult of the Lamb – Smashing Everything in Sight

Stemming from the previous tip and trick for Cult of the Lamb, you need to smash everything in the game. It is almost an unwritten permanent rule for all roguelike games out there that you need to smash every smashable object out there to get more loot.

You can get resources like grass, stones, crystal, and a lot more just by smashing everything in sight. It’s one thing just to check and explore every area, and it’s another to smash through to clear the room.

There are a lot of smashable objects in the game. You can destroy structures and even dead bodies to help you gather resources. Although you might not need to keep this tactic up later in the game, early on, it can be helpful. Additionally, you can make use of a faster weapon to smash things more efficiently. If you want to know more about weapons, check out: Cult Of The Lamb Weapons Tier List.

In fact, almost every smashable item correlates to some important resource that you’ll need in your adventures. For example, the grass is used for food generation, fertilizer, and even for buildings. Crates and barrels can sometimes hold gold which is used in many crafting recipes.

Furthermore, skeletons can offer you bones that can be used in rituals or to sell them simply. And something you might’ve not expected is that fire pits can give you meat that can be used in cooking!

Use Fertilizer More Often

Fertilizer in the game
Cult of the Lamb – Fertilizer

If you want to increase your yield and make a lot more progress towards your Cult, you need to use fertilizer on your crops. Using fertilizer is especially important for crops that are used for the best foods in the game.

The bigger your Cult is, the easier it is to get fertilizer. Simply because the more followers you have in your Cult, the more poop will be just lying around. You can gather all of that up and fertilize your veggies to increase yield, which can be a true game changer early on.

To make things more efficient, you can make a Fertilizer Silo. Essentially, you won’t have to spread around the fertilizer yourself, and your followers will do it for you. Simply place the fertilizer inside the silo, and let your Cult do the rest of the work.

Furthermore, you can build an outhouse near the farm to reduce the time that it takes to collect the poop and then fertilize and grow your crop. In town-builder-like games, it is these efficient systems that can make a huge difference!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Losing Items

It’s a common theme with roguelike games that you end up losing everything that you’ve got upon death. And then you have to start all the way from scratch, making it a tedious process.

Well, good news! You don’t actually lose everything when you die. You only lose 25% of the items/resources that you find on a crusade. But there are also upgrades that you can find which can let you retain all your items upon death.

Wood Is Scarce

Cult of the Lamb tips and tricks
Cult of the Lamb – Lumberyard

The next item on our tips and tricks for Cult of the Lamb is a slight warning that can help you out in the long run. You will run out of wood quite often if you’re not actively making an effort to attain it.

Your first instinct would be to get wood from your base and Pilgrim’s Passage, but that won’t be enough, especially as your Cult begins to grow larger.

The first solution is to make sure to look for wood stops during your Dungeon Crawl. Although this method isn’t a great long-term solution for trying to find wood, it’ll certainly be a good temporary fix for the wood problem.

Your second option is to build a missionary and send out your followers on wood runs. Sure, there is the threat of losing your followers on the run. But when you get further in the game, trying to get wood can seem a lot harder than getting another follower.

To find a permanent solution to the problem, you can build yourself a bunch of lumber yards. It’s easy to get in phase 2 of the game, and it’ll solve most of your wood problems.

Build A Farm

farming in the game
Cult of the Lamb – Farm

There are a lot of meters that you need to keep an eye on, such as the faith meter which basically reflects how satisfied your Cult is.

But one of the earlier meters that you need to manage is the hunger bar to keep your Cult happy. It can get quite tricky, but the best way to deal with the hunger meter is by trying to build a farm. That will ensure that you have enough cooking ingredients at all times.

You should start off with a farmer station which is a small rectangular area. You can place a bunch of farm plots that can be used to plant seeds. Additionally, you’ll need a scarecrow to prevent birds from stealing your seeds. And, of course, a seed silo to store seeds that you gather from all of your crusades. And we’ve already covered the fertilizer and its importance in great depth above.

Other Useful Buildings

Elaborating on our previous Cult of the Lamb tip, here are some buildings that you can and should build after you’ve made a farm, fertilizer silo, and an outhouse:

  • Shelter: It can be used as an upgrade to the standard sleeping mat but is farm more resilient. Essentially, you’ll have to spend fewer resources trying to create more and more sleeping mats.
  • Stone Mine: The Stone Mine works quite like the Lumberyard that we’ve already discussed. It will ensure that your followers can generate stones on their own, letting you focus on gathering other vital resources.
  • Prison: As harsh as it sounds, prison can be a great way to get a naughty follower back on track with worshipping.

Take Your Time With Regions

If you’re trying to rush and complete an entire region in one go, then you’re already setting yourself up for failure. You need to go in with the mindset that each region can take multiple tries.

Cult of the Lamb has four regions, Darkwood, Anura, Anchordeep, and Silk Cradle, and our tip is to take your time with them. You’ll need to go through multiple crusades until you can finally get to the region’s boss.

And it is also worth noting that you’ll need a certain number of followers before certain regions get unlocked. So, you need to maintain your Cult, especially considering that the numbers can deplete as well. But if you’re stuck on a region or don’t have enough followers, you could always try out some of the Cult of the Lamb’s mini-games: Cult Of The Lamb Knucklebones: How To Play & Win.

Screen Shaking

You might’ve noticed that when you get hit in the game, the camera shakes quite a bit. If this annoys you, then worry not, as our next item on beginner Cult of the Lamb tips and tricks talks about the camera shaking.

You can turn down the shaking by going over to settings, accessibility, and adjusting the screen shake sensitivity. Around 70-80 is where you can still notice a bit of shaking in the game but not enough to bother you too much. There is also the option to reduce the camera motion, which can help smoothen things out further.

Lighthouse Side Quest

beginner tips for Cult of the Lamb and tricks
Cult of the Lamb – Lighthouse

The Pilgrim’s Passage is a great side area for gathering food such as fish. But there is actually a pretty cool Lighthouse side quest that you can do to unlock a few interesting things!

There are two parts to the quest. Firstly, you’ll have to provide the lighthouse keepers with wood. Upon doing so, they’ll pray to you, allowing you to get some devotion. But more importantly, two shops will open in the area. One will sell you tarot cards while the other can sell you some decorations.

The second part of the quest will have you bring the keepers 25 crystals. They can be found in the anchor deep dungeon by smashing the crystals around some of the encounter areas. When you bring them 25 crystals, you’ll get a follower form.

Get Camellia Early On

Eventually, some of the acolytes will become sick. And to treat them, you’re going to need a medical tent and also Camellia flowers. It can take up to 15 flowers just to heal up one. So, our next tip is to get Camellia seeds in Cult of the Lamb as soon as you can.

You can find them on crusades or buy them from a worn vendor. The vendor will eventually show up outside of town as you progress further. But as soon as you get the seeds, make sure to grow them on your farm because you’ll definitely need lots of them. In case your followers do end up dying, consider reading: Cult Of The Lamb: How To Revive Followers.

Use Your Devotion Before Crusades

When you’re just starting out, the devotion meter can be quite important. Every time you fill it up, you can get divine intervention which can be used to unlock a new type of building to construct.

But the thing is, each time it gets filled up, there’s no way to make use of the extra devotion. It goes to waste, leaving the meter to whatever it was at the start. To tackle this, you should use up your devotion each time you’re about to go on a crusade. That way, when you’re back, it’ll be pretty much filled up, and you can use it again!

But when you’re later in the game, you should definitely set up mini shrines. The followers use the shrine at the center of the town for worshipping. But the overflowed devotion will start going to the mini shrines once they’re set up, allowing you to hold more devotion.

Black Clouds Are Tasks

Are you struggling to keep up with all the tasks back at your Cult? Well, there’s an easy way to know if there’s a task that needs attention or is pending. It’ll be surrounded by an inky back cloud, meaning that you should probably take a look because there might be a pending task.


Affix is a mechanic in Cult of the Lamb, which can be quite easy to miss, but our next tip will explain to them so you can make great use of them.

While moving between zones, you might notice small icons under some of the map markers. These indicate specific challenges or opportunities within that region. The thing with Affixes is, they’re a bit of a win-lose situation.

For example, there is an affix that can double the gold drops, but the enemies will leave a pool of poison when they die. But they’re definitely worth using as sometimes you can get hearts, food, tarot cards, and other stuff. If you want to try out an interesting side quest, consider checking out: Cult Of The Lamb: Eye Of Witness Location & Rewards!

Understanding Tarot Cards+

Cult of the lamb starter tips and tricks using tarot cards
Cult of the Lamb – Tarot Card+

Tarot cards can be important for getting all sorts of buffs. But did you know that there are advanced versions of the Tarot Cards known as the Tarot Cards+? They’re slightly better, offering better buffs such as a 20% increase on some stat instead of 10% or an extra two hearts instead of 1.

As each zone has a card reader, it means that all of them have a chance of you picking up a tarot card+. Many new players miss them, so now you know about them and can be on the lookout!

Daily Activities

If you’re not on a crusade, then there is a great way for you to get free XP, basically. Once a day in the in-game time, you can go in front of the altar in the temple. Over there, you’ll be able to perform a sermon to gain faith.

There are also more follower actions that you can perform daily. But it all depends on the rituals that you’ve unlocked. For example, you can perform a tithe which will grant you two pieces of gold from every follower. Or you can inspire them to increase their individual level and get extra devotion.

Extra Armour Heart

The hunger
Cult of the Lamb – The Hunger

Having an extra heart in the game can become a real lifesaver. That is why the next Cult of the Lamb tips and tricks will discuss using meals to get an additional armored heart.

But first, you’re going to need to unlock “The Hunger.” It is a Crown Upgrade and can be unlocked after defeating any one of the bosses and receiving Heart of the Heretic. Use it in the temple to unlock The Hunger.

Once you have The Hunger, each time you take a meal, you’ll get an additional armor heart. It is a temporary heart and goes away if you get hit once, but it can still make a huge difference.

Your First Doctrine

The commandment stone is an important aspect of declaring your own doctrine. As you defeat mini-bosses and your Cult grows, you’ll unlock parts of the commandment stone. It can be used to create a doctrine that is essentially like a rule that all of your cult members must follow.

Upon getting your first doctrine, you’ll be able to choose from five categories. A great starting category is “Sustenance,” which will unlock the feast ritual. You can use the ritual to fill up your hunger meter all the way for all of your followers. If you want to learn more about Doctrines, consider checking out: BEST Cult of the Lamb Doctrines.

Law And Order Doctrine

The doctrine that you should get after Sustenance (or as an alternative) is Law and Order. You might’ve noticed that your faith gets lowered over time. Well, one of those reasons is that someone has lost faith and is now convincing others also to lose faith in you.

One solution to the problem is by killing the follower. But if any of your other followers catch you in the act, they can also lose faith. And while trying to get rid of them, the cycle can repeat.

But if you get Law and Order, you’ll automatically get rid of the cultist using the ascend ritual. Not only does it get rid of the imposter, but it also boosts the faith of the entire Cult. It’s a win-win situation for everyone except the false believer.

Choosing A Fleece

As you progress further in the game and complete more side-quests, you’ll eventually earn the Holy Talisman pieces. After getting 4 of those, you’ll be able to unlock a fleece, items that grant a buff and debuff when equipped.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a fleece, then we’re here to tell you that Fleece of the Fates is a great fleece to have. The Fleece of the Fates gives you four tarot cards at the start of your crusade but prevents you from finding anymore throughout the entire run.

For the early game, it is a great buff/debuff because you’ll rarely find more than four tarot cards in one crusade. And the Fleece will ensure that you’ll always have at least four cards with you. If you want to learn more about Fleeces, consider checking out: Cult of The Lamb Best Fleece.

Don’t Forget About Necklaces

Necklace in Cult of the Lamb
Cult of the Lamb – Necklace

While on crusades or just exploring dungeons, you might find necklaces. It’s easy to forget about them as they don’t have immediate use. But if you take them back to your followers, you can actually gift necklaces to them and get certain perks.

There are various necklaces such as Moon Necklace, Feather Necklace, Nature Necklace, and more. They all have certain passive buffs. For example, the Moon Necklace makes it so that whoever you gift it to will not sleep throughout the night. This can be important for farmers to get more food.

Although the drop rate for the necklaces is quite random, they’re still worth using. And oftentimes, players just forget that they even have them. So, the next time you’re back at your own Cult, make sure to utilize your necklaces.

Don’t Get Lazy

The next Cult of the Lamb tip is about progression and how you should manage it properly. It isn’t anything specific but a general guideline of how you should be tackling everything in the game.

Your Cult matters a lot in the game, so you need to be active in making upgrades and following up on any pending tasks. Essentially, if there is any upgrade, you should get it immediately; if there is a meter that is running low such as faith or hunger, tend to it. If your followers need certain resources, make it a priority.

These tasks eventually pile up to a point where you don’t even know what to do first. And as you start falling backward, even dungeons start becoming hard to deal with. So as soon as there’s a task, don’t be lazy and complete it immediately!

Body Pit Can Prevent Sicknesses

Getting a body pit isn’t something you need to invest in right away, but you should eventually look into it. You can get it from the divine intervention menu, and it can help prevent a lot of sicknesses.

The truth is, no matter how good of a leader you are, some of your followers are eventually going to die, whether of hunger, sickness, or just old age. If their corpses are just lying around, they’ll infect the rest of your followers, making them sick and also die. And then there will be even more corpses to spread more diseases.

You’ll Need To Make Sacrifices

sacrificing your own spouse in the game
Cult of the Lamb – Sacrifice Screen

Here’s a tip about resurrection in Cult of the Lamb; you’re going to need dedicated followers for a good sacrifice and an even better resurrection.

Once you’ve unlocked the Resurrection Crown, you’ll be able to resurrect once per run but at the cost of a follower. But the thing is, not all sacrifices are equal. Those with stronger faith will grant you more hearts when you resurrect.

And if you’ve got the wedding ritual unlocked, you can actually sacrifice your own spouse, which will usually lead to the best resurrection out there. So as cryptic as it sounds, you need to marry one of your followers and increase your faith if you keep dying on crusades!  

With that, we wrap up our list of the best Cult of the Lamb tips and tricks to help you get started! The game has a lot of elements and so much to explore, and we wish you the best of luck!

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