10 BEST Cult Of The Lamb Traits

This guide covers all the best and the worst followers' traits in Cult of The Lamb.

Cult of The Lamb involves training your flock and embarking on a quest to explore the secrets of different mysterious regions. In this game, the traits of the followers are everything, and we can call them the backbone of the game. We have covered the guide on Cult of The Lamb Traits so that you can learn about all followers’ good and bad traits.

Key Highlights

  • Natural Skeptic is a negative trait that causes a follower to lose 10 Faith upon recruitment.
  • Against sacrifice is a negative trait that can cause issues with faith levels and dissent among followers when sacrifices are made.
  • Terrified of Death is a negative trait that can significantly impact faith levels and lead to dissenting followers every time there is a death in the cult.
  • Good Die Young is a negative trait that can cause a loss of 20 Faith when elderly followers die due to reasons other than sacrifice.
  • Sloth is a negative trait that causes tasks to be completed 10% slower and does not significantly impact faith levels.
  • Belief in Sacrifice is a positive trait that prevents dissent among followers when sacrifices are made.
  • Faithfulness is a positive trait that increases devotion and helps the cult’s growth.
  • Zealous is a positive trait that prevents dissent among followers by converting non-believers into believers.
  • Grass Eater is a positive trait that increases devotion and helps the cult’s growth, as well as providing sustenance for the cult.
  • Gullibility is a positive trait that allows for easier manipulation of followers and can be useful for persuading them to join the cult.

What Are Traits In Cult Of The Lamb?

cult of the lamb traits
Cult Of The Lamb Traits

All followers come with their own sets of traits; they can have various combinations of good and bad traits. These traits can either be gained naturally by converting followers into your cult or through rituals. 

The usefulness of the follower is highly dependent on the traits it possesses. A follower with good traits means less trouble. On the contrary, a follower with more bad traits means more trouble for the cult. 

All Followers Traits In Cult Of The Lamb

We have covered a complete list of all the followers’ traits that you will notice throughout the playthrough. 

All traits in cult of the lamb
All Followers Traits In Cult Of The Lamb

Negative Traits

An explanation of the negative traits is as follows.

SlothWork and devotion generation speed is reduced by 10%
Cynical15% harder to level up
Natural Skepticlose 10 Faith when recruiting a new follower
Terrified of DeathLose 5 Faith by the death of another follower
Sickly15% slower healing when sick and on bed rest
Faithless15% slower devotion generation
GermaphobeLose 10 Faith when falling ill
Against SacrificeLose 5 Faith whenever a follower is sacrificed
Good Die YoungGain 10 Faith whenever an elder follower is murdered, sacrificed, or consumed, but lose 20 Faith by the natural death of an elder follower.
Belief in AfterlifeLose 5 Faith instead of 20 when a follower dies

Positive Traits

An explanation of positive traits is mentioned below.

Substances EncouragedGain 20 Faith in the performance of the Brainwashing Ritual 
CannibalGain 5 Faith when a follower eats a meal made of follower meat
IndustriousIncreases work speed by 15%
ImmortalWill never reach old age
Grass EaterNo Faith is lost when a follower eats a grass meal
Sacral ArchitectureGain 5 Faith in the construction of the new building
Belief in AbsolutionGain 10 Faith for every day that begins without a follower in prison
Belief in SacrificeGain 20 Faith whenever a follower is sacrificed
FaithfulGenerates devotion 15% faster
Naturally obedientImmediately gain 10 Faith upon recruiting this follower
ProhibitionismIncrease work speed and devotion generation by 10% after the Brainwashing Ritual, but 50% chance of followers becoming sick after the ritual is performed
MaterialisticGain Faith when building better sleeping quarters
CoprophiliacGain 10 Faith when falling ill
ZealousIgnores Dissenters when they preach
Gullible15% easier to level up
Respect your eldersGain 5 Faith when a follower reaches old age in your cult
Belief in Original SinReduced loss of Faith when putting a follower in jail who is not dissenting against the cult
DevoteeGain additional Faith when delivering a daily Sermon
Strong ConstitutionWill heal 15% faster when sick and when on bed rest
False IdolsGain additional Faith when placing a decoration building

Top-Tier Follower Traits In Cult Of The Lamb

top traits in cult of the lamb
Top Followers Traits In Cult Of The Lamb

Now, you have an idea of all the traits that can be expected during the playthrough. However, it is important to know about the top traits in detail. We have covered the top 5 negative and top 5 positive traits in detail.

5 Negative Follower Traits

The top 5 negative traits include Terrified of Death, Against sacrifice, Sloth, Good Die Young, and Natural Skeptic. 

Natural Skeptic

It is an inconvenient trait because you will lose 10 Faith immediately. If you have planned to recruit a follower with the trait, you should know that you will lose 10 faith at once. You will not lose faith every time you recruit other followers in your cult. Although losing 10 faith is not a huge amount, the purpose is to avoid losing faith, and the trait of natural skepticism does not help in this regard.

Against Sacrifice

You should know that sacrifices are a part of the Cult of The Lamb, and at a certain point in the game, these sacrifices become necessary. The trait can cause serious trouble to your faith level, as you do not want your cultists to dissent whenever you plan a sacrifice of the follower. You should be extremely careful while recruiting followers possessing traits “against sacrifice,” as it will be of no benefit to your cult.

Terrified Of Death

Noticing one of your followers possessing the Terrified of death trait means a lot of trouble with your faith. The game is all about deaths, murders, and sacrifices, meaning a very high possibility of the trait impacting your faith. Every time after death, your faith will be affected.

A lower faith in your cult will also lead to dissenting followers. Try not to recruit followers with the terrified of death traits, as it is going to impact the level of faith in your cult severely. 

Good Die Young

It is an inconvenient trait, as you can only sacrifice your elder followers. There is nothing too bad with the trait, as you can keep using Good Die Young trait to sacrifice the elderly followers and prevent losing faith. However, if the elderly followers die due to some other reasons, you will lose 20 Faith. 

You can smartly prevent losing faith due to the trait by sacrificing those followers first who are naturally close to death. In this way, you will not lose faith, and the negative trait will not impact you much.


Sloth is not too bad, but it can be inconvenient at times, as recruiting a follower with the Sloth trait will generate devotion 10% slower than other followers. Just try not to assign any task to the followers with Sloth trait that you need quickly. 

The faith level in your cult will not be affected much by the Sloth trait, but it will reduce the speed of the task. If you are okay with getting a few tasks done slower, the Sloth trait will not be a big problem for you to manage.

5 Best Positive Follower Traits

The top 5 best followers traits include Grass Eater, Gullible, Zealous, Belief in Sacrifice, and Faithful. The explanation of these traits is as follows.

Belief In Sacrifice

It is one of the best traits in the game, and you will come across Belief in sacrifice trait at some point in your playthrough. The trait is your cult’s trait, as you do not want your followers to dissent every time you plan to sacrifice some followers for a greater cause. The trait of belief in sacrifice can be gained by declaring new doctrines


It is important to have more devotion in the cult, as more devotion means more growth, and you can eventually unlock more goodies. The best option is to get your hands on a lot of followers with the trait because you will be generating massive devotion. It will not be wrong to say that the more the level of faith in your cult, the more will be the chances of growth.


Zealous is an amazing trait for the follower. Dissenters have the power to bring the whole cult down with them once they start preaching. Having zealous followers will help because they will not listen to dissenters and remain loyal to the cult. Loyalty will help followers to stick to the cult, and it will also be useful to maintain the level of faith in the cult.


Everyone wants to have strong followers, but the real effort is to make weak followers strong. The gullible trait of followers makes them level up faster than any other followers. Leveling up means getting stronger a lot faster than others. You need to put in a lot of work to toughening up your followers possessing this trait.

Grass Eater

It is one of the popular traits in the game, as you can build massive amounts of grass in the game. The grass generation usually takes place at the start of the game, and grass will not be of much use until the later part of the game, so it is best to have grass eater traits in the early game. It will also provide a great source of food for the followers.


The traits of the followers in Cult of The Lamb are of enormous importance, as they decide the performance of the followers. To judge how good or bad a follower will perform, you need to know all the traits in the game. We have not only covered a list of all the traits but also a list of the top traits of followers in the game. Our guide will help you to judge your follower’s performance.

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