Cult Of The Lamb Follower Skins: How To Get All

Our Cult Of The Lamb unlock Follower Skins guide breaks down process of all skins players can unlock in the game and progress smoothly.

You have the capacity to change the appearance of your followers into whatever form or shape you like, thanks to the abilities granted to you by the mysterious god. During the process of initiating new members into your cult, you have the power to transform them into a variety of different animals. Our guide will go through the many follower skins available in Cult of the Lamb as well as the process of unlocking them so that you can better understand how your followers may transform into different forms.

Key Highlights
  • Cult Of The Lamb has a game mechanic where you are a leader of a cult and have to increase the followers of that cult.
  • The game allows your followers to be customized into whatever shape or animal that you desire.
  • You can gain followers by either buying them, unlocking them through chests, or defeating bosses.
  • Some of the skins you can change them into are: Fish, Axolotl, Wolf, Star, Poop, Snail, and Monster.
  • You can unlock these forms the more you progress in the game and achieve.

The Cult Followers

Your cult’s strength is in its adherents, who are accountable for the production of devotion as well as the management of resources and a variety of other facets. The fact that Followers are also a resource in their own right is maybe the essential thing about them, as many rituals need that they are depleted completely in order to fulfill their purpose.

You will have the ability to indoctrinate a wide range of followers as you start to build up your cult, but when it comes to picking the individual who will become your next follower, you will have some degree of personalization available to you.

There are things that can be adjusted, despite the fact that prospective cultists all come with a random set of follower attributes that may either be bad or favorable and cannot be altered in any way. You will have the ability to modify not only the name but also the complexion and color of the follower that you choose, in addition to some other characteristics like facial marks.

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How To Unlock Follower Forms In Cult Of The Lamb

In our Cult Of The Lamb Follower Skins guide, you will find a listing of all of the various Follower Forms and Skins that you have access to for your Cultists. In addition to that, you will be shown how to unlock follower forms. You may obtain followers in three different ways: by purchasing them from merchants, discovering them in chests, or completing certain quests. Defeating smaller bosses will unlock certain followers for you to use.

Rat Form

One of the initial skins that you will be able to locate and unlock is called the Rat Follower Skin. After following your master Ratau’s instructions and venturing into Darkwood on several occasions, he will eventually feel that you are on the right track to constructing a respectable cult and will retire to a Lonely Shack, at which point he will invite you to join him there. You will find a teleportation device at the front door of your cult that will take you there.

When you have arrived at The Lonely Hut, check for heaps of firewood immediately to the left of the shack, then rummage around it to locate the Rat Follower Skin that you may pick up.

You are obligated to pay Ratau a visit after he has settled down in Lonely Shack. When you do, search the heaps of firewood that are located close to the left of the hut. This is where you will discover the skin of the rat follower.

Fish Form

fish follower form – Cult of the lamb

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There is just one area in which you may locate the Fish Follower Skin, albeit it is not in a particular spot where it can be collected. After around four trips inside Darkwood, you’ll run across a shady character who suggests you go to a location known as Pilgrim’s Passage. He’ll offer you a reward for doing so. This location has its own fishing minigame, so your followers may always have something to eat.

If you continue fishing for a sufficient number of times, you will eventually catch the Fish Follower Skin and be able to add it to your collection. Although passing on the first attempt is not precisely a guarantee, you should be able to do it with relative ease.

Following the completion of four cycles of entering and exiting Darkwood, you will encounter a fisherman who will provide you access to the fishing minigame and welcome you to Pilgrim’s Passage. What you need to do is keep fishing, and eventually, you will catch the Fish follower skin. This will happen completely at random. There is no predetermined path to obtaining it; one must rely only on chance.

Axolotl Form

Axolotl – Cult of the Lamb follower form

In addition, Pilgrim’s Passage has a Lighthouse, and the Keeper of the Lighthouse may be found within. He will ask you to repair the Lighthouse by providing him with a number of pieces of timber, and he will compensate you appropriately for your efforts.

When you return later, he will ask for more restorations in the form of 25 Crystal Shards, which are unique to the Anchordeep area and can only be obtained by scavenging inside it and causing damage to the environment.

If you can collect enough Crystal Shards to complete the last round of Lighthouse repairs, he’ll give you the Axolotl Cult Of The Lamb Follower Skin as a reward.

Crab Form

Crab – Cult of the Lamb follower form

You will meet a nefarious individual by the name of Plimbo while adventuring around the Anchordeep region. He will encourage you to travel to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary location, which is where he sells items, so that you may purchase them. While you are wandering around the dock, you can see a crab scurrying about in this location. You may get the Crab Follower Skin by giving chase to the creature and capturing it along the pier.

If you are in Anchordeep and Plimbo invites you to Smuggler’s Sanctuary, you may explore the pier in the town, where you will discover a crab trying to escape. Plimbo will ask you when you are in Anchordeep. If you manage to catch this crab, you’ll be able to acquire the Crab follower skin.

Star Form

It is possible that after you have traversed all of Silk Cradle‘s areas, you will come across a signpost that allows you to explore Midas’s Cave outside of the context of a crusade. This last region is filled with heaps of riches and figures that have been transformed into solid gold.

You may discover the Star Follower Skin by doing a search behind the gold heaps that are located at the rear of the chamber where Midas’ throne is located.

To summarize, while you are in Silk Cradle, you must make your way to Midas’ cave as soon as possible. From this point, go all the way to the extreme edge of the territory until you approach the throne of Midas. You may get the Star follower skin for any new followers you recruit from this location.

Wolf Form

Wolf – Cult of the Lamb follower form

You will not be able to get the Wolf Follower Skin until you have completed a lengthy questline, which you may commence as soon as you enter Pilgrim’s Passage. Enter the location in the middle of the night and search along the dock for a green crescent until you are able to interact with the surroundings to find a mysterious wolf monster dressed in robes.

You can only find him at night by looking for the crescent sign that is concealed in each location. He has four objectives for you to do in each of the regions that you unlock. You will be asked to do some pretty strange things, and in order to advance his questline, you will need to agree to do so.

When you finally make it to Midas’s Cave and search the far, far right corner for the hiding area he uses as a last resort, he will ask for the ultimate sacrifice. If you do this, you will get the last component of his Holy Talisman as well as the Wolf Follower Skin.

In conclusion, the Wolf follower skin is one of the prizes that may be earned after completing a lengthy questline. Travel through the Pilgrim’s passage at night and take a stroll along the pier thereafter. You’ll notice a green crescent here, and if you interact with it, a wolf will arrive and offer you four missions to finish off.

The wolf will only show his face at night in order for you to carry out his commands. When you have finished all four tasks, you will be able to locate him in the Cave of Midas.

It is at this point that the wolf will make his last request, which is for you to make the ultimate sacrifice. You will get the Wolf Follower skin if you carry out these steps.

Poop Form

Poop – Cult of the Lamb follower form

If you possess the desire for it, obtaining this Cult Of The Lamb Follower Skin is not difficult at all. If you want to win this reward, you are going to have to make a particular number of Bowls of Poop, which implies that the people who follow you are in for an unpleasant experience.

This may imply that you will need to send a large number of Followers to go rest, or you will need to have a large quantity of Camellia Flowers available to treat those who are injured in the sick bay.

Because it doesn’t matter who consumes the food, even if you have the Crown Ability that allows you to consume food on your own, you may still put yourself through this ordeal. When sufficient quantities have been produced, the Poop Follower Skin will immediately become available for use.

To summarize, you will need to make a significant number of Bowls of Poop in order to wear this skin. You may simply continue to use Camelilia Flower to cure your followers or send them to rest whenever you need to. After you have made a certain number of Bowls of feces, the skin will immediately become available for use, despite the fact that it is incomprehensible why you would desire this skin.

Snail Form

This devious Cult Of The Lamb Follower Skin can be more difficult to get than others. There is a secret snail shrine concealed at each of the five distinct locations to which you may shift from the teleport pad at your cult. These shrines are positioned just off to the side of the walkable area, and it is easy for them to get obscured by the backdrop graphics.

Each of them needs a snail shell to be delivered, and you will need to rely on luck as you go on your crusade to discover snails crawling around the ground so that you may collect their shells. Even when they are slain, they do not always seem to drop a shell, despite the fact that they only occur extremely seldom and almost exclusively in Darkwood or Anura.

In conclusion, in order to earn the Snail follower skin, you will need to locate all five secret snail temples located throughout the game. At each of the shrines, you are going to need to carry a snail shell with you. When you are out on a crusade, it is quite unlikely that you will come across any snails, much alone one that you can kill for its shell.

After you have made a donation of a shell to each of the five different snail temples, you will be able to get the snail skin for your followers.

Monster Form

Mad Monster – Cult of the Lamb follower form

This last follower skin has been crafted as a tribute to the game’s creator, Mad Monster. You won’t be able to learn this secret until you find the store of the merchant known as Rakshasa, who sells food beside his enormous snail wife.

Rakshasa, on the other hand, will get enraged if you strike the snail. If you hit it enough times, the merchant will engage in combat with you. Even though he has a decent amount of defense, it is not hard to avoid his assaults.

It is imperative that you locate the merchant known as Rakshasa. Rakshasa is doing business with a woman who specializes in snails. You should get started on defeating the snail as soon as possible. If you hit her sufficiently, Rakshasa will join the battle against you and try to take her down.

The battle will not be simple, but it will not be impossible either. After you have defeated Rakshasa, he will acknowledge that he has been defeated and will agree to conduct business with you on the condition that you keep your hands off of the snail. After that, he will hand over to you the one-of-a-kind Mad Monster ornament.

You have plans to construct this Mad Monster statue in your cult’s base of operations. Once everything is in place, pray to it, and you will be able to give your followers the Mad Monster Skin.

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Unlocking followers is essential towards progression in Cult of the Lamb during mid to late game. Now that you have learned about all Cult Of The Lamb Follower Skins, which was tough to unlock so far? Let us discuss it further or chat about it in the comments section below.

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