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Everything You Need To Get Started In Cult Of The Lamb

Indie games of today always bring something new and exciting to the table. These games include amazing storylines and gameplay to help them garner a lot of fanfare and attention. Our Cult of The Lamb walkthrough features a plethora of guides that will help you navigate through the game.

Key Highlights
  • Cult Of The Lamb is an Indie & adventure game with a storyline that came out in 2022.
  • Cult Of The Lamb has many mechanics of its own and the main purpose of the game is to lead a cult.
  • This game also has 5 weapon types and other things like food, money, curses, traits, and tarot cards.
  • Some of the best weapons in the game are Bane Dagger, Bane Gauntlets, Merciless Hammer, and Godly Weapons type.
  • This game has a rule of increasing the followers of your cult and the more you have, the more you need to make buildings.
  • This game also has many mini-games to offer, boss fighting to do and you can also add mods made by the community.

What’s Cult of The Lamb Like?

Cult of The Lamb is a rogue-like action-adventure game. It was developed by the indie game studio Massive Monster and published by Developer Digital. The game was released on 11th August 2022 and quickly became popular among fans and critics alike.

The game follows the story of a possessed lamb that was saved from certain death by a god-like creature. After being saved by the stranger named “The One Who Waits”, the lamb has to repay his debt by forming a cult. Upon the game’s release, it was overwhelmingly positive reviews for its overall story narrative and gameplay.

Cult of The Lamb also includes some amazing features that help the game stand out even more. Throughout your journey in the game, you can encounter different bosses. Defeating the bosses unlocks different upgrades that can help you make further progress in the game.

Additionally, a new piece of DLC was also released for the game in the form of the Cultist Pack. The pack adds new content and features to the game that will keep you busy for a long time. All of this and more makes Cult of The Lamb one of the most impressive releases of the year thus far.

Game Review

A game review can be an amazing guide if you are ever unsure of whether you want to buy a game or not. The risk of buying a game without research is doubled for indie games. Therefore, a well-written review can help you out in making a decision. It is a great way of judging whether a game is a mediocre rush job or something worth getting.

Beginners Guide & Tips

Every new game that is released includes some new mechanics. These mechanics can be difficult to understand and master especially if you haven’t played a similar game before. If you are facing the same issues with Cult of The Lamb, our beginners’ guide can help you out immensely.

The beginners’ guide talks about everything you need to know when you start playing the game. It explains features like community building, dungeons, and everything that these mechanics entail. Going through the guide will help you start on the right foot while playing the game.

Additionally, our Cult of The Lamb walkthrough also includes a tips and tricks guide. The guide talks about everything in the game from buildings to preventing sickness in your cult. These tips and tricks will ensure that you have an amazing overall experience while playing the game.

Best Items Wiki

The Resurrection Crown Upgrade

Cult of The Lambs includes a variety of items that you can acquire in the game. These items can help you grow and improve your character and followers faster. Acquiring these items also helps you get through complex areas of the game with ease.

These items include things like food, traits, tarot cards, doctrines, fleece, crown upgrades, curses, and money. There are a plethora of techniques you can use to acquire these items. Some of these techniques are more effective than others so it is important that you know which one to use at what time.

If you are having difficulties locating or farming these items, you can get help from our walkthrough. We have a plethora of guides that talk about the best items in the game. Additionally, they also discuss the different strategies you can use to acquire these items with minimum effort.

Weapons Walkthrough

The Vampiric Sword

Cult of The Lamb includes 5 different weapon types. These types include swords, daggers, axes, gauntlets, and hammers. The game includes a large variety of weapons that all fall into these categories.

However, picking the correct weapon at the correct time can be difficult as each weapon brings something unique to the table. Therefore, you must have accurate knowledge regarding these weapons so that you can make the best choice. This is where our Cult of The Lamb Walkthrough can come in handy.

Our walkthrough includes a guide that talks about the ten best weapons in the game. We also have a tier list that categorizes every single weapon in the game. The categorization is made based on the weapon’s damage and effectiveness in a given situation.

Buildings Walkthrough

Building An Outhouse in Cult of The Lamb

As you make progress in the game and gather more followers, you will unlock new buildings. Constructing these buildings will unlock newer features. These features will make the game more interesting and give you more things to focus on in the game.

Constructing these buildings is as important as any other aspect of the game. There are different types of buildings that you can construct based on your progress in the game. First up in the game are base buildings.

These include things like sleeping bags, farming plots, lighthouses, stone mines, and much more. You are required to make these buildings towards the start to build a solid base for your followers. The game also includes divine inspiration buildings.

The divine inspiration buildings can be unlocked by accessing the divine inspiration perk. After unlocking the perk, you can construct buildings like the lumberyard, missionary, and prison, just to name a few. Our walkthrough also talks about how you can build specific buildings, as well as a list of the best buildings in the game.

Location & Quest Walkthroughs

Cult of The Lamb includes a variety of missions that you need to complete to make progress. Some of these missions are easy, while others require you to complete a series of tasks. If you are looking for guides to complete these missions, we have got you covered.

Our wiki includes location and quest guides. These guides go into detail about all the steps you need to complete to finish the missions. They also talk about different items and other interesting things you can locate around the map.

Other Important Mechanics

Skull Necklace Follower Gift

In addition to buildings, weapons, and resources, Cult of The Lamb includes a plethora of important mechanics. These mechanics have a direct impact on the main storyline. They can also have an impact on your overall experience of the game.

These mechanics can include minigames like knucklebones. They can also include things like followers, gifts, fishing, cooking, rituals, and much more. All of these mechanics are essential as they can help you keep your followers in the game safe.

However, because of the sheer amount of things to keep in mind, these mechanics can be hard to manage. If you also find yourself in this situation, our Cult of The Lamb walkthrough can help you out immensely. We have guides that talk about all of these mechanics in great detail. They also explain the different strategies in which you can these mechanics to your advantage.

Boss Fight Walkthroughs

The Focalor Boss Fight

As you complete different quests and locate items, you will make progress in the game. After completing a specific amount of quests and finishing an area, you will encounter different bosses. You will then have to defeat these bosses to get access to the next stage in the game.

Similar to most action-adventure games, Cult of The Lamb includes a variety of unique bosses. Each boss has its own set of weaknesses that you can exploit. Our guides talk about all bosses in the game. They explain how you can access these bosses and the strategies you can implement to take them out.

Best Mods

Since the game came out on August 18th, a lot of amazing mods have been released for it. You can easily install these mods to add some unique attributes to your game. Our Cult of The Lamb Walkthrough includes a list of the best mods released for the game. The guide talks about how you can install these mods and the best ones that are available.

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