Cuphead Divine Relic: What It Does & How To Get

Learn How To Turn Your Cursed Relic Charm Into The Divine Relic Charm

The latest Cuphead DLC lets players explore new islands in a familiar run-and-gun fashion. As you explore Inkwell Isle IV, you’ll get to face new bosses such as the Doggone Dogfight or the Moonshine Mob. But besides just new bosses, there are new puzzles that you can solve and get charms to help you in your battles. This guide will help you get the Cuphead Divine Relic, which is potentially one of the strongest charms in the game!

Key Takeaways
  • To unlock the Divine Relic in Cuphead, you need to buy the Broken Relic from the Porkrind Emporium for 1 coin.
  • Talk to the climbers at the graveyard to get the instructions for solving the tombstone puzzle.
  • Follow the directional clues given by the climbers and interact with the tombstones to solve the puzzle.
  • Defeat the secret boss to turn the Broken Relic into the Cursed Relic.
  • The Cursed Relic curses you by putting restrictions on your health and shooting abilities during boss fights.
  • To turn the Cursed Relic into the Divine Relic, you need to defeat all bosses in the game with the restrictions imposed by the Cursed Relic.

How To Get The Divine Relic In Cuphead?

The Cuphead Devine Relic is a charm that you can only unlock after solving a puzzle, defeating a boss, and then completing another near-impossible task. In short, to unlock the Divine Relic, you need to acquire the Broken Relic and turn it into the Cursed Relic. Then you can take that Cursed Relic and turn it into the Divine Relic to benefit from its charms.

If all of this sounds too complicated and you’re just getting started, consider reading: Cuphead Tips For Beginners. To achieve all of this, you will need to complete the graveyard puzzle and beat a secret boss. We have discussed the process of turning the Broken Relic into the Cursed relic here: Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle.

But we will also briefly highlight the steps here and then continue onwards with explaining how to turn the Cursed Relic into the Divine Relic.

Buy The Broken Relic

Cuphead Divine Relic
Cuphead – Porkrind Emporium

The first step will require you to buy the Broken Relic to unlock the Cuphead Divine Relic. It can be bought from the Porkrind’s Emporium at the beginning of the DLC. You will need one coin, which you can get from behind the shop on a secret path. 

You don’t need to equip the Broken Relic as it has no effect. However, you will need it to interact with tombstones which will be a vital part of getting the Cursed Relic.

Talk To The Climbers

The next step is preparing yourself to solve the graveyard puzzle. You will need a set of instructions that you need to follow while interacting with the tombstones. Those instructions will be given to you by the climbers that are standing on pedestals.

These pedestals are marked from 1st position to 3rd, which is a vital part of the clue. Talk to the climbers who will give you directional clues in their dialogue ranging from instructions like “left” or “right” to “left-down” or “up-right.”

The clues are different in each save file, so we cannot just give you the answers directly and only guide you on how to decode the clues. The one piece of advice we can give you is to be careful while observing the clues, as sometimes the clue isn’t just “left” or “right” but can be “left-down” as well. Look for the words surrounding any directional adjective.

Note the clues down in the order of the climber’s position. The first-place climber’s clue will come first, and the third climber’s clue will be last.

Solving The Tombstone Puzzle

When you have the directional clues, you’re ready to solve the Tombstone Puzzle. If you go a little bit further from where the climbers are, you’ll come across 9 tombstones with a ghost lurking behind the tree.

Stand at the middle tombstone and follow the directions from that point. So, if the first clue is left, interact with the middle left tombstone and so on. Remember, you’ll need to have the broken relic with you to interact with the tombstones.

As you interact with the tombstones, ghosts will begin to appear above them. After interacting with all three tombstones (and if they’re in the right sequence), you’ll see a beam of light appearing on the middle tombstone. That will solve the puzzle and give you the option to nap. Press yes, and you’ll be led to a secret boss fight.

Secret Boss Fight

Secret Boss Fight
Cuphead – Secret Boss Fight

After you solve the puzzle, you’ll need to defeat a secret boss in order to turn the Broken Relic into the Cursed Relic. The boss fight will consist of the devil on one side and an angel on the other. Although we’ll briefly cover what the fight will be about, you can read more about it here: Cuphead DLC Secret Boss.

The Angel throws out attacks, but they’re transparent and can’t hurt you. But the devil’s attack can harm you. The twist is that whenever you change directions, the devil shifts to wherever you’re facing, and the attacks also switch; harmful ones become transparent, and the transparent ones become harmful.

Remember that mechanic as you move around the arena and dodge all attacks. Keep shooting and the devil, and you’ll eventually defeat the boss. You’ll be transported back to the main graveyard when the fight is over.

When you return, you’ll notice that your Broken Relic has turned into the Cursed Relic, and you can finally be on your way to empowering it to acquire the Cuphead Divine Relic.

Turning The Cursed Relic Into Divine Relic

Cuphead Divine Relic
Cuphead – Cursed Relic Getting “Eyelashes” From Its Transformation

To turn the Cursed Relic into the Divine Relic, you must first know what the Cursed Relic charm does. As per the name, it curses you by putting certain restrictions on you as you fight the bosses in the game.

These restrictions include taking your health from 3 or 4 to just 1 during each boss fight. And also, anytime you shoot, you will get a random gun. There is no way of knowing which gun you’ll get, and it is all a completely random process.

Now here’s the challenging part and what you actually need to do to get the Cuphead Divine Relic. You need to equip the Cursed Relic and beat 7 bosses in the game with it.

Lucky for you, you can defeat any 7 enemies of your choice; whether they’re from the DLC or the main game, the choice is all yours. Ideally, you want to go after the easy bosses, such as the carrot from the main game.

As you defeat these enemies, if you take a look at your Cursed Relic, you’ll notice that eyelashes start appearing on it after you defeat a boss. These will continue to increase as you continue to defeat the bosses. Eventually, you’ll defeat 7 bosses, and the Cursed Relic will turn into the Divine Relic! You’ll also be awarded the Paladin achievement.

You can learn more about the achievements in Cuphead here: How To 100% Cuphead Trophies & Achievements.

Use The Djimmi For Help

If you’re struggling to defeat 7 bosses with just 1HP, then there is a little bit of help that you can get. And that is through the in-game Djimmi. If you move around in circles, it will spawn the Djimmi, who’ll grant you either 3 wishes or infinite wishes, depending on if you’ve completed the game before or not.

You can use it to get 1 extra HP. So, whenever you face off against a boss, instead of 1HP, you’ll have 2HP. It is not a huge increase, but for a game like Cuphead, that one extra HP can be a game-changer!

What Does The Divine Relic Do?

Cuphead Divine Relic Charm
Cuphead – Divine Relic

The Cuphead Divine Relic is actually not that different from the Cursed Relic. When you equip it, you won’t be restricted to just 1HP. Instead, you’ll have your max HP.

However, you can still switch weapons as you shoot and get granted any random weapon. This might seem like a disadvantage, but actually, you can now go into battle with all the weapons that you have.

Some boss phases have weapons that work exceptionally well against them which might not work as effectively in the other phases. The Divine Relic can solve that problem by letting you switch your weapon during battle, something that you couldn’t have done before. Additionally, it can be useful for speed runners as well.

With that, you know everything about the Cuphead Divine Relic. It is a useful charm that you can use to switch weapons during fights. But getting it can be quite tedious and requires you to be really patient. The reward is definitely worth the hassle, though!

Update September 2022: Given user feedback, we have now added Buffs of the Divine relic as well. 

Buffs Of The Divine Relic 

By now you will know that when you equip the cursed relic your HP will go down by one. Switching between charms and weapons each time you dash will make the game more harder. Therefore it is important that you convert the Cursed Relic into the Divine Relic. It has several buffs to it and the benefits of equipping are endless. 

By using the divine relic you will not be limited to an HP of one. However, you will still randomly swap between weapons and charms whenever you dash in the game just this time the charms will actually not have annoying debuffs. 

The first effect that you will get by using the Divine Relic is the Heart Ring effect. Using the effect you will be able to get one HP every time you successfully parry on the 1st, 3rd, and 6th party dash or when you’re going for a regular parry. It is important for the players to not let the pink objects slide while parrying. 

The Second great effect that you will get is the whetstone that you can use to damage your enemies whenever you are parrying. 

Furthermore, will also get a Smoke Bomb that will help you avoid and dodge any damage that comes your way while you are performing a dash. You will also get a watered-down Coffee. Using it you will be able to fill your meter around about 2% which can be very beneficial for you in the end game. 

The Divine Relic is a very powerful charm that can buff your character and increase your damage per second rate as well by randomizing your weapon. It is important to note that you will get the power of four other charms like Smoke Bomb, Whetstone, Heart Ring, and Coffee with the divine charm all at once. 

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