Cuphead DLC Secret Boss: Code & Boss Fight

Solving The Graveyard Puzzle To Unlock The Secret Boss in the Cuphead DLC

Cuphead’s latest DLC, The Delicious Last Course, comes with exciting additions to the game. With an entirely new island, Inkwell Isle IV, to explore, there’s much to do in the game. There are new bosses such as the Moonshine Mob and Doggone Dogfight. But more importantly, there are new secrets and secret bosses that can be unlocked. That is why this guide will discuss the Cuphead DLC secret boss code and how to defeat the boss!

Key Takeaways
  • The secret boss in Cuphead DLC is unlocked by solving the graveyard puzzle.
  • To solve the puzzle, you need to first purchase the Broken Relic from Porkrind’s Emporium.
  • Get the code from the climbers by talking to them and taking note of their directional clues based on their positions in a local climbing competition.
  • Interact with the tombstones in the graveyard using the clues from the climbers, starting from the middle one in order of the climbers’ positions.
  • After solving the puzzle, you will be given the option to take a nap and face the secret boss in an arena.
  • The boss has two giant characters, an angel and a devil, that can shift directions and their attacks change based on the direction you are looking at.
  • The devil will always appear on the side you are looking at and both the devil and angel shoot out projectiles.

Cuphead DLC Secret Boss Code

The first step of getting to the hidden boss is acquiring and decoding a code. The code in question is actually the graveyard puzzle that we’ve also covered here: Cuphead Graveyard Puzzle: Broken & Cursed Relic. But to make things simpler, we’ll cover the steps here as well.

There are a few things that you’ll need when attempting to solve the code/complete the graveyard puzzle. Firstly, you’ll need the Broken Relic. Only then you’ll actually be able to use the code. Then you’ll need to get the code from the climbers and decode it. Finally, you can use it at the tombstone to unlock the secret boss in Cuphead!

Getting The Broken Relic

Cuphead DLC Secret Boss Code
Cuphead – Broken Relic

As we mentioned earlier, before completing the puzzle, you actually need to buy an item first. It can be purchased from the Porkrind’s Emporium and is known as the Broken Relic.

You’ll need 1 coin to purchase it, which you can get from anywhere with ease. If you’ve completed the game once, you can get it from the paper boy right next to the bridge that crosses over to Porkrind’s shop. If you haven’t, then worry not, as there is also another coin behind the shop on a secret pathway.

When you have the coin, go to Porkrind’s Emporium and purchase the Broken Relic from him. It is a charm, but you don’t need to equip it. You only need to have it in your inventory as it’s necessary for you to interact with the tombstones that are part of the puzzle.

Talking To The Climbers

The next part of the secret boss code solution in the Cuphead DLC is to actually acquire it. You can get the code from the climbers that are stationed opposite to Porkrind’s shop. They will be standing on pedestals according to the positions that they got in a local climbing competition.

Talking to the climbers will let you hear their unique stories about how the competition went for them. But within these dialogues will be the code disguised as directional clues. For example, one of the climbers might say something like: “It ain’t right! I trained too hard only to come in third!”

The clue in the mentioned dialogue is “right.” When you’re interacting with the tombstones later, you’ll need to trigger the right tombstone for the code to work.

However, you need to be careful while trying to decode the dialogues as the climbers might also say something like, “I got up right at the crack of dawn just to come in second!?” Over here, you might think that the clue is “up,” but it’s actually “up-right.” You need to consider the words around the directional adjective as well to get the complete code.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the exact directions because the code is different for each save/playthrough. Best we can do is guide you exactly on how to decode the secret boss code in the Cuphead DLC.

Talk to all three of the climbers and note down their directional clues alongside their position in the competition (indicated by the height of the pedestal, the middle one is first, the left one is second, and the right one is third).

When you have all of the directional clues, head over to the tombstones that are just ahead of the climbers.

Using the Code

Solving the Cuphead DLC Secret Boss Code
Cuphead – Graveyard Puzzle

Once you’ve got the clues from the climbers, you can use them by interacting with the graves at the tombstones in the graveyard. There will be 9 different tombstones with a ghost lurking behind a tree.

You need to start using the directions from the middle tombstone and go in the order of the climber’s positions. Meaning, that if the first position climber said something like right, choose the middle right tombstone and so on.

As you interact with the tombstones, ghosts will appear above them, and upon successfully inputting the code, all three ghosts will fly up, and a beam of light will shine on the middle tombstone. Congratulations! You’ve solved the puzzle and can move on to the boss fight.

Cuphead DLC Secret Boss Fight

Secret Boss Fight Cuphead
Cuphead – Secret Boss Fight

After completing the graveyard puzzle by using the clues from the climbers, you’ll be given the option to take a nap. If you press yes, you’ll be led to an arena where you can face off against a unique boss.

The boss fight will have two giant characters lurking over your head. One will be an angel while the other will be a devil. There is only one phase of the fight, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while trying to defeat the secret boss in Cuphead DLC. Let’s break down each one by one.

The Boss And Attacks Will Shift Directions

The first thing that you need to be cautious about is the fact that the boss can change directions as you look left or right. Essentially, whichever direction you’re looking at is where the devil will always appear. So, if you’re looking left, the devil will be on the left side, but as soon as you turn right, it will also appear on the right side.

But the shifting means that all the attacks that get sent out also change in nature. The devil and the angel both will shoot out projectiles at you. The angel’s attacks will be transparent bubble-like (and can’t harm you), whereas the devil will throw harmful fireballs at you. As soon as you change your direction and the bosses shift places, the attacks will also change. The fireball will now be transparent, and the transparent attacks will become fireballs.

That’s why, whenever you’re moving around the arena, you need to be aware of all the projectiles that are approaching you. Sometimes you can even avoid attacks by changing directions. But if you’re not careful, changing directions can cause you to walk right into an attack that might’ve been harmless. But when you understand this concept then the Cuphead DLC secret boss moveset will seem quite easy to you!

Beam And Floating Cloud

We already mentioned one of the attacks that the boss dishes out, the fireballs. But there are two more attacks that you need to be on the lookout for.

Either the angel or the devil can shoot out a vertical beam that stretches across the entire screen and moves from left to right or vice versa. You cannot dodge it, and the only way to avoid it is to change your character’s direction so that the beam becomes harmless. Needless to say, if the attack is coming from the angel’s side, it’ll already be harmless, and if it’s from the devil’s side, it’ll be a fiery tornado-like attack. Therefore, counter it accordingly.

Another thing that you need to consider that can harm you is the floating cloud that sways from side to side in the arena. It will constantly have a lightning beam underneath it, which you need to avoid. The best tactic would be to actually get on top of the cloud, as it’ll help you move around the arena without changing directions and also avoid the lightning attack!


If you’re wondering which equipment for the secret boss fight is the best, then we’ve got you covered! Although you should go with whichever weapon, you’re the most comfortable with, we’d recommend using the tracking shot.

You’ll already have so much to deal with while trying to dodge the projectiles and switching attacks that aiming your attacks will only feel like a hindrance. Despite being one of the lowest damage-dealing weapons, you can end the fight in a decent time with the tracking shot.

As for dodging all the attacks, you can either equip the Smoke Dash or play as Ms. Chalice and use her invincible ground roll. But do bear in mind that the roll does not work in the air.


Cursed Relic
Cuphead – Cursed Relic

Secret boss rewards in the Cuphead DLC are actually quite interesting. There is only one reward, to be specific, and it has to do with the Broken Relic that you bought earlier while solving the code.

The Broken Relic that you used earlier will not be turned into the Cursed Relic. If you equip the charm, your health will be restricted to 1HP, and whenever you shoot, the bullets will be from a random weapon.

However, if you want to unlock the Paladin trophy, you need the Cursed Relic. You’ll need to use it on 7 bosses to turn it into the Divine Relic, which is one of the best charms in the game. Divine Relic lets you switch to any of your weapons during the game but without the 1HP restrictions. If you want to find out more about the trophy or any other achievements, check out: How To 100% Cuphead: All Trophies & Achievements 

With that, you know everything about cracking the secret boss code in the Cuphead DLC! It can be quite confusing due to the climber’s mixed signals. But if you have a general idea of how to approach the puzzle, you’ll be able to solve it with ease! 

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