Cuphead Doggone Dogfight: Boss Fight Guide

How to Beat Phase 1-3 of the Doggone Dogfight and Get the Secret Phase

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course is the newest DLC of Cuphead and offers a lot of new content. And with that new content comes various challenges and bosses that are ready to crush your soul! But worry not, as we’re here to help you through each challenge that might await you. In this guide, we will be discussing Doggone Dogfight and how to get past each of its phases!

Key Takeaways
  • The Doggone Dogfight is a level on Inkwell Isle Four where players battle The Howling Aces.
  • The fight consists of three phases: a muscular dog/bull in the first phase, puppies in the second phase, and a robotic dog controlled by The Howling Aces in the third phase.
  • Equipping the spread shot and Heart Charm is recommended for an easier fight.
  • Players are positioned on top of an airplane piloted by an NPC and have limited space to move.
  • The first phase features the Bulldog with three attack moves: tennis balls, boomerangs, and a yarn ball.
  • The second phase involves four smaller puppies that fly around the player and attack with alphabet projectiles.
  • The third phase showcases The Howling Aces’ robotic dog, which grabs the player’s plane and attacks with laser guns and missiles.

How To Beat Doggone Dogfight Phases

LocationPhasesRecommended StrategyWeapons
Inkwell Isle FourPhase 1: Features three moves, tennis ball
attack, a boomerang attack, and a ball of yarn
Phase 2: features 4 smaller dogs that attack
with alphabet projectiles
Phase 3: features The Howling Aces’ robotic
dog that attack with laser guns and missiles
Platform Maneuvering
Projectile Dodging
Precise Parrying
Proper Aiming
Phase 1: Roundabout, Twist Up, Crackshot or Chaser
Phase 2: Crackshot, Chaser or Spread
Phase 3: Twist Up, Crackdhot or Chaser

The Doggone Dogfight in Cuphead is a level on Inkwell Isle Four. It is the area where The Howling Aces is fought and is represented on the map by an airplane.

There are 3 phases in total, with the first having a muscular dog/bull, the second phase containing puppies, and the third one being a robotic dog controlled by the Howling Aces. That is why the Doggone Dogfight is also known as The Howling Aces boss fight as well.

Follow these tips for each phase:

Phase 1:

  • Equip the Spread shot for an easier time.
  • Look out for Bulldog’s attacks:
    • Tennis Ball Attack: Watch out for puppies throwing tennis ball projectiles.
    • Boomerang Attack: Dodge the boomerang bones, and parry the pink ones if needed.
    • Ball of Yarn Attack: Avoid the yarn balls.
      Attack using the yarn balls
      Cuphead Doggone Dogfight – Yarn Ball Attack
  • Destroy the Fire Hydrants.
    First Phase of the Doggone Fight
    Cuphead Doggone Dogfight – First Phase

Phase 2:

  • Focus on shooting and dodging.
  • Use the Spread shot for easier targeting.
  • Watch for gray smoke on the dogs to know their health is low.
  • Clear all 4 smaller dogs to end this phase.
    Cuphead Doggone Dogfight
    Cuphead Doggone Dogfight – Second Phase

Phase 3:

  • Dodge the metallic laser guns by following the dashed energy lines.
  • In the second laser round, parry pink lasers if possible.
    Cuphead Doggone Dogfight
    Cuphead Doggone Dogfight – Third Phase
  • Deal with screen rotations:
    • Red dog bowls slide beneath you; jump to avoid.
    • Yellow bowls pass above your head.
  • After screen rotations, deal with lasers again.
  • Repeat rotations and attacks until you defeat the boss and obtain the Pineapple Mint ingredient.
    Cuphead Doggone Dogfight
    Cuphead Doggone Dogfight – Third Phase Shifted Screen

Doggone Dogfight Secret Phase

Secret Phase
Cuphead Doggone Dogfight – Secret Phase

There’s a secret phase that’s easier than the regular phases. To initiate it:

  1. In the second phase, when the jetpack dogs’ smoke turns gray, don’t let any of them die yet. Target another dog while the gray smoke dog is still alive.
  2. Get all 4 dogs’ jetpacks to smoke gray.
  3. The Robot Dog/Dog Chinook will eat the jetpack dogs, starting the secret phase.

In the secret phase:

  • There are no screen rotations or lasers.
  • Jetpack dogs continuously throw parryable pink pineapples at you.
  • Focus on shooting the dogs to end the phase quickly.
  • The Saluki occasionally appears and orders the Chinook to shoot Fire Hydrant missiles, which you can shoot down.

The secret phase may seem longer but is generally easier than the regular third phase.

With that, you know everything about the Doggone Dogfight! It can be tricky, especially in phase 3, but if you get the secret phase, you will have an easier time. If you can dodge all incoming attacks and use your spread shot, you’ll get through with ease! 

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