Cuphead Hearty Achievement: All Methods

Unlock The Cuphead Hearty Achievement Using Two Different Methods

Cuphead Delicious Last Course is the latest DLC for Cuphead, a run and gun shooter by Studio MDHR. Plenty of new content has been added with the DLC, such as bosses like the Doggone Dogfight that can keep you busy for days. Among the new content is a new set of achievements/trophies that you can unlock. This guide will teach you how to get the Cuphead Hearty Achievement so that you can be on your way to collecting every single achievement in the game!

The Hearty Achievement sounds quite simple. You need to have 9 HP at a time to complete it. It might sound complicated because, at a time, you might have just 3-4 HP, depending on whether you’re playing as Ms. Chalice or not.

However, there are various methods that players try out, and some are even glitched. But we will give you two methods that you can try out, which will ensure that you get the achievement with ease! Before reading further, why not go through our Cuphead Beginners tips guide. 

Using The Genie/Djimmi For Hearty Achievement

Cuphead Hearty Achievement
Cuphead – Game Djimmi

The first method is one that many players tend to try out because it seems like the most obvious way. There is a charm known as the Twin Hearts charm that lets you have nine hearts at a time.

Twin Heart Charm And Djimmi

Twin Heart Charm
Cuphead – Twin Heart Charm

To get the Twin Hearts charm, you need to go to Porkrind Emporium, where you can buy it for five coins. If you’re struggling to get coins, you can find one on a secret path behind the shop and also from the paper boy near the bridge towards Porkrind’s shop.

After you’ve got the Twin Hearts, you need to spin around in circles. You can either use the arrow keys or just move your joystick in circles quickly to do so. Once you do that, the Game Djimmi will appear, saying that it will grant you infinite/3 wishes (depending on whether you’ve completed the game once or not). If the genie did not appear, try going to the Inkwell Hell and repeating the same steps.

Overcoming The Glitch

If you’ve got the Twin Hearts charm equipped, you will basically receive 9HP in all Regular and Easy modes while fighting a boss. However, here is the part where it glitches. If you face off with any boss, you will have 9HP, but you might not get the achievement.

To solve the issue, you will need to head over to King Dice in Inkwell Hell on regular difficulty. Roll the dice such that it lands on one of the boss’ fights with a heart on top. It essentially means that after you clear the boss fight, you’ll be given an extra heart. Many players have reported that the second number boss, which is the stack of chips boss, has worked for them the most.

When you’re in the boss fight, you need to ensure that you get hit once and only once. That will make it, so you have 8HP. When you clear the fight, you won’t get the achievement just yet. You’ll need to roll the dice once more to go into battle with another “heart up” boss who will take your HP to 9. As soon as you start the boss fight, you should get the Cuphead Hearty achievement, even if you don’t beat the second boss.

Using The Heart Ring For Hearty Achievement

Cuphead Hearty Achievement
Cuphead – Heart Ring

The second method is quite tricky, but it’s the one that is guaranteed to work if the first method isn’t working for you. We’d recommend that you should definitely try the first method first because getting the Hearty achievement with Heart Ring requires a lot of precision as you cannot get hit even once in Cuphead.

Crackshot And Heart Ring 

So, here’s what you’ll need for the tactic. First of all, as suggested by the name, you’re going to need the Heart Ring charm that grants you 1 HP on your first, third, and sixth parry.

Then you’re going to need the Crackshot. The Crackshot has a special that sends out a turret. The good thing about the turret is that you can actually parry it as it is pink. So essentially, you can combine the Heart Ring charm and the Crackshot special to get 3 HP.  

Playing Against King Dice 

King Dice
Cuphead – King Dice

As for the remaining 3HP, you will need to get them from King Dice in Inkwell, similar to the first method. Parry the dice such that it always lands on the Heart Up bosses and take them down without getting hit even once. The bosses can vary each time, but if you’ve got the Dominos or the Chip boss, then the fight will be relatively easier for you.

It’s best that you don’t use the special in the middle of the fights and store them for when you’re in the dice rolling area. Then you can peacefully use your special, parry it and get your heart. But, if you’re getting to the point where your bar is getting full (all five are filled), then it’s best that you use the special mid-battle and get that parry because you’ll need six total parries to get all the hearts from the Heart Ring charm.

Additionally, you only need to ensure that you don’t get hit in the first two boss fights. That is because as soon as you roll the dice to land on the heart up boss, you’ll get the heart immediately. So even before the third boss fight begins, you should get the 9th heart and unlock the achievement.

With that, you know everything about unlocking the Hearty Achievement while playing Cuphead. There are two methods, with the Djimmi method being the simplest. But if that does not work out for you, we’ve also mentioned an alternate method that is guaranteed to work!

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