Cuphead Hidden Coins: 40 Base Game & 16 DLC Coins 

This Cuphead Hidden Coins guide will showcase both all 56 coins that are present in both games!

Cuphead is a game that was released, and it ended up being inspired by 1930’s older cartoons, whereby it was a run-and-gun shooting-based game, and the entire plot of Cuphead is simply paying off debts after being in a deal with the literal Devil. With the new DLC being also revealed recently, I thought it would be an excellent time to figure out how to get your hands on all the Cuphead Hidden Coins, both from the original game and the newest DLC!

Key Takeaways

In Cuphead, players can collect hidden coins for various rewards and achievements:

  • Collecting all hidden coins grants a special achievement.
  • These coins can be used at Porkrind’s Emporium to purchase upgrades, earning another secret achievement and bonus score.
  • A tutorial coin is obtained after completing the starting tutorial level.
  • Three gold coins can be acquired from an orange NPC after finishing the tutorial.
  • In the Forest Follies dungeon, players can gather 30 coins by defeating enemies and completing Run and Gun levels.
  • These levels feature 8 different enemies, including Acorn Maker, Deadly Daisy, Terrible Tulip, Murderous Mushroom, Toothy Terror, Bothersome Blueberry, Spiky Bulb, and Aggravating Acorn.

Original Cuphead 40 Coins 

Collecting coins is an essential part of the game, and they can be used to purchase various items and upgrades from Porkrind’s Emporium. Here’s a breakdown of where to find the original 40 coins in the game:

  1. Tutorial Coin: Found at the end of the tutorial level. Simply complete the tutorial to collect it.
    Cuphead Tutorial Coin
    Tutorial Coin
  2. 3 NPC Coins: After crossing the bridge at the beginning of the game, speak to the orange NPC standing at the end of the bridge. Completing his dialogue will reward you with three coins.
    Cuphead 3 NPC Coins
    3 NPC Coins
  3. 30 Forest Follies Coins: These coins can be found in the Forest Follies Run and Gun level. You can obtain a total of 30 coins in this level by defeating enemies, parrying objects, and progressing through the level.
    Cuphead Forest Follies Coins
    Forest Follies Coins
  4. Donut-Faced Girl NPC Coin: In World 2, follow the rainbow bridges and caves until you reach the first rainbow bridge. Cross left and then cross the second rainbow bridge. Go down the steps, and you’ll find an NPC with a donut for a face. Complete her request to receive a coin.
  5. Juggler NPC Coin: Also in World 2, go to the right end of the rainbow bridge and descend the white marble stairs. Speak to the Juggler NPC, and he’ll ask you to achieve four parries without touching the ground to earn a coin.
    Cuphead Juggler NPC Coin
    Juggler NPC Coin
  6. Remaining Four Coins in Open World: The last four original Cuphead Hidden Coins are located in the open-world areas. In World 1, find an NPC in front of some trees, and he’ll move to reveal a coin hidden in the trees. In World 2, go to the center of the playground and find a turquoise trailer with a coin embedded in it. In World 3, go up the docks and head behind the Porkrind’s Emporium area. Behind a small hut, you’ll find another coin. The last coin is located behind the wall on the left side of the casino.

Collecting all 40 coins will not only allow you to purchase upgrades and items from Porkrind’s Emporium but will also unlock special achievements for your character.

DLC Coins 

Next up, now that I have completed the 40 Original Cuphead coins, let’s take a look at some of the coins that will be featured in the newest DLC that was just recently released. It was released on 30th June 2022, and there seemingly seem to be tons of upgrades to levels and new bosses. 

As for the coins, there will be about 16 coins that players can get hands-on, and you will discover just how to get them! The coins will allow players to go to the Porkrind’s Emporium and get weapons and upgrades. 

  1. Chalice Recipe Coin: To acquire this coin, complete the tutorial for clearing the recipe for Ms. Chalice. Follow the tutorial, perform a double jump off the ground, and jump onto the blue platform. The coin is located at the top right corner of the page.
    Cuphead Ms Chalice Coin
    Ms. Chalice Coin
  2. Overworld Island Coins (Newspaper Boy Coins): After completing the main game, visit the newspaper boy on the overworld map. He will reward you with 3 gold coins as a thank you for clearing the islands of bad guys.
    Cuphead Newspaper Boy Coins
    Newspaper Boy Coins
  3. Secret Overworld Coin: There is a hidden coin in the overworld. Go over the bridge next to the newspaper boy, and behind the area of Porkrind’s Emporium, you’ll find a hidden path. Follow it to discover a small coin that you can collect.
    Cuphead Secret Overworld Coin
    Secret Overworld Coin
  4. Final 11 Coins: These coins can be obtained by completing the “King’s Leap” side missions. Defeat various bosses to earn coins. Each boss you defeat rewards you with 2 coins, except for the queen, who grants you 3 coins. The five bosses featured in this quest include Pawns, Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Queen.
    Cuphead Final 11 Coins
    Final 11 Coins

Collecting these DLC coins will allow you to access more powerful weapons and upgrades to help you overcome the challenging new content in “The Delicious Last Course.”

With that, I will wrap up my Cuphead’s Hidden Coins guide! Here’s a full-fledged guide on Cuphead trophies and achievements guide and learn how to achieve 100% in the game.

40 Original Cuphead Coins Credits: Make91Productions on Youtube

16 New DLC Coins Credits: Maka91Productions on Youtube

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