Cuphead Hidden Coins: 40 Base Game & 16 DLC Coins 

This Cuphead Hidden Coins guide will showcase both all 56 coins that are present in both games!

Cuphead is a game that was released, and it ended up being inspired by 1930’s older cartoons, whereby it was a run-and-gun shooting-based game, and the entire plot of Cuphead is simply paying off debts after being in a deal with the literal Devil. With the new DLC being also revealed recently, we thought it would be an excellent time to figure out how to get your hands on all the Cuphead Hidden Coins, both from the original game and the newest DLC! Make sure to read up on our Cuphead DLC Secret Boss Guide to find out how to defeat it!

Key Takeaways
  • Original Cuphead 40 Coins: To get the coins and the rewards, players must grind for all the Cuphead Hidden Coins in the original game.
  • Special Achievement: Collecting all the coins will grant players a special achievement that can be logged into their archives.
  • Porkrind’s Emporium: The coins can be used in Porkrind’s Emporium to purchase upgrades, which will grant players a secret achievement and bonus score in the game.
  • Tutorial Coin: Players can obtain a tutorial coin by completing the starting Cuphead tutorial level.
  • 3 NPC Coins: After passing through the tutorial, players can obtain three gold coins from an orange-colored NPC by exhausting his dialogue.
  • 30 Forest Follies Coins: Players can obtain 30 coins from a dungeon named Forest Follies by killing enemies and completing the levels.
  • Forest Follies levels: The levels are known as Run and Gun levels, with platforming elements.
  • 8 different enemies: The Forest Follies levels feature 8 different enemies, including Acorn Maker, Deadly Daisy, Terrible Tulip, Murderous Mushroom, Toothy Terror, Bothersome Blueberry, Spiky Bulb, and Aggravating Acorn.

Original Cuphead 40 Coins 

Starting with the original game, let’s dive deeper and figure out just how you can get your hands on the coins and what rewards players in Cuphead might be able to get from them. 

Whenever players are brave enough to grind for all the Cuphead Hidden Coins in the original game, they will be able to get a special achievement that can be logged into your archives. While it doesn’t physically give any extra rewards, it does feel good to have it in your archives. 

Apart from getting the achievement, it will also give players the ability to make their way over to the Porkrind’s Emporium, a location on the open-world map. 

The shop will take these coins to sell you some certain upgrades, and if you manage to collect all the upgrades, it will grant you a secret achievement and offer up a few bonus scores in the game. 

Tutorial Coin 

Cuphead Tutorial Coin
Tutorial Coin

One of the first coins players can get is by playing through the starting Cuphead tutorial, whereby the coin will be present at the end of the level. To complete the level itself, players will need to jump over obstacles, run through and over square blocks, and read through the instructions in the tutorial itself. 

Towards the end of the tutorial, cuphead players might encounter a grey-shaded square bloc, on top of which there will be a yellow gold coin located, which they can jump up from the square block to get. 

3 NPC Coins 

Cuphead 3 NPC Coins
3 NPC Coins

After passing through the tutorial stages of the game, whoever players are crossing through the bridge at the beginning of the actual game will have an orange-colored NPC standing towards the end of the bridge. Exhausting his dialogue, he will tell you that you are in the game fully now and have many adventures ahead of you! 

After getting through the dialogues, players will be able to achieve three gold coins, and once again, these will bring players a step closer to getting all the coins that are present to be spent in the Emporium shop in Cuphead. Make sure to read up on our Cuphead Hearty Achievement guide so that you can get to know how to get the achievement and get a little closer to fully completing the game!

30 Forest Follies Coins 

Cuphead Forest Follies Coins
Forest Follies Coins

Next up, one of the biggest collections of coins that players will get from the open world is through going through a dungeon named Forest Follies, which will essentially grant players 30 coins. Essentially it requires killing tons of enemies, and eventually, players will be able to get their coins which they can then spend as they desire. Let’s take a run-through of how these levels operate. 

Each level will offer up a total of 5 coins, and 30 Cuphead Hidden Coins in Forest Follies are to be acquired with the levels. 

Forest Follies are essentially known to be a Run and Gun level. They also feature certain platforming levels whereby players will need to jump u and over them, and the dungeon is present in the general area of Inkwell Isle one. 

The level will first start by being in a forest entrance, whereby certain mushrooms, tulips, and several other enemies will continue to attack the player. Several levels will feature parryable trees and branches to get a coin, followed by dangerous acorns that will also danger the player trying to pass through them. 

Enemies Featured in Forest Follies

The 8 different enemies in Cuphead that will be featured will include the of: 

  • Acorn Maker: A machine that seems extremely intimidating (and guess what, it is.) that will continue to deal out Aggravating Acorns, and it will continue to make the player’s life hell as they are trying to make their way through the Forest Follies levels. A Deadly Daisy powers the machine, and its hit points are 125 HP. 
  • Deadly Daisy: Flowers that are green with orange-colored petals, and they have feet, meaning that they can probably continue to follow the player and harass them until their HP is depleted and they die. The good thing is that they can be defeated by one single hit; therefore, go crazy and murder them to get your Cuphead Coins in Forest Follies!
  • Terrible Tulip: As the name suggests, these terrible tulips will continue to launch out purple seeds that will explode upon reaching the ground, and they have a hitpoint of 4 HP; therefore, they can be defeated easily too. 
  • Murderous Mushroom: As mushrooms can be, they will have little red and yellow colored caps, and they will sometimes come out of the ground to launch out spores colored pink or purple, but they have a hitpoint of 2 HP. 
  • Toothy Terror: Flowers with big teeth and black and yellow spots all over them. Their main focus is on terrorizing the players in Cuphead by appearing out of nowhere, continuously biting down on the player, and then simply descending back down to the ground. 
  • Bothersome Blueberry: Annoying little slimes that won’t leave you alone and will keep being revived no matter how many times you kill them; therefore, it’s best to just avoid them. 
  • Spiky Bulb: Simple pink bulbs that are just annoying will continue o float up and down, and players will need to avoid them. 
  • Aggravating Acorn: Another enemy that can be avoided and fought, and with a hitpoint of 2 HP, it’s easy to defeat. 

Donut-Faced Girl NPC Coin 

The next coin in Cuphead that players can obtain will be through venturing into World two, whereby there will be a few rainbow bridges, a few caves, and some basic shops. Players must make their way over to the first rainbow bridge, cross left and then cross the second one. 

Upon making their way there, they will encounter some steps through which they can go down and find an NPC with a donut for a face. She will ask you to connect a few bridges and complete some puzzles. Upon completion, a coin will be obtained. How about reading up on our Cuphead Moonshine Mob guide!

Juggler NPC Coin 

Cuphead Juggler NPC Coin
Juggler NPC Coin

Another coin can be obtained after going to the Juggler NPC, which will be located at the right end of the rainbow bridge, and by making their way down the white marble stairs, the dialogue with the NPC can be started. He will simply ask you to achieve four parries without touching the ground. 

Remaining Four Coins in Open World 

As for the last four original Cuphead Hidden Coins, they can be located in the open-world area. 

Upon going into World one, there will be an NPC in front of a few trees, and he will move to make space for you, and the coin can be found in the trees. In world 2, go into the center of the playground, there will be a turquoise trailer with a coin embedded into it, and players can simply grab it. 

In world 3, go up the docks, and make your way over to behind the Porkrind’s Emporium area, and behind a small hut, the coin can be found. The last coin will be present behind the wall on the casino’s left-hand side. If you’re finding it difficult to find the Doggone Dogfight, then our Cuphead Doggone Dogfight guide should be of great help!

DLC Coins 

Next up, now that we have completed the 40 Original Cuphead coins, let’s take a look at some of the coins that will be featured in the newest DLC that was just recently released. It was released on 30th June 2022, and there seemingly seem to be tons of upgrades to levels and new bosses. 

As for the coins, there will be about 16 coins that players can get hands-on, and we will discover just how to get them! The coins will allow players to go to the Porkrind’s Emporium and get weapons and upgrades. 

Chalice Recipe Coin 

Cuphead Ms Chalice Coin
Ms. Chalice Coin

The first coin that players can get will be acquired by following the entirety of the tutorial that is mandatory for clearing the recipe for Ms. Chalice in Cuphead. Players must first parry, double jump off the ground to fling themselves into the air, and then jump onto the blue platform to get this particular coin. 

There will be a pink feather where they will need to double jump to grab it, and the gold coin will be located on the top right corner of the page. 

Overworld Island Coins 

Cuphead Newspaper Boy Coins
Newspaper Boy Coins

Making our way to the overworld, a newspaper boy will be standing near the white bridge overlooking a waterfall. However, there is a catch as to speaking to the newspaper boy, players will need to have completed the main game, and without it, they will not be able to interact with him. 

Once clearing the game, go back to the newspaper boy, who will pass on his thanks for clearing the islands of bad guys; and for your reward, you will be able to get 3 gold coins. 

Secret Overworld Coin

Cuphead Secret Overworld Coin
Secret Overworld Coin

Apart from the three gold Cuphead Hidden Coins that players can get from the newspaper boy, there is also one hidden in the actual overworld whereby players do not need to complete any specific tasks or solve any puzzles to acquire it. 

Go over the bridge that is next to the newspaper boy, and go behind the area of Porkrinds Emporium; there will be a small path that is seemingly hidden from everything else. After players keep following it, towards the end, there will be a small coin that you can grab. Our Cuphead Guide for Beginners will be sure to allow newer players to get the hang of the game faster!

Final 11 Coins 

Cuphead Final 11 Coins
Final 11 Coins

The last 11 coins can be acquired whenever players want to complete the “King’s Leap” Side missions. There are a few levels, each with a boss that players will need to defeat to get the required coins. For each boss that has been defeated, the player will reward them 2 coins. However, the queen will grant you a total of 3 coins for completion. The five bosses that will be featured include: 

  • The Pawns: Starting off with the pawns, they will be wearing a red and yellow uniform, and their heads will be glowing pink as if they are furious. To defeat them, players simply need to do parries on top of parries on the pawn’s heads, and they will be murdered. 
  • The Bishop: For the next chess piece that players in Cuphead DLC will need to defeat, it is the Bishop. The simple way to defeat these annoying enemies is to blow out the candles that have been lit up, and after doing so, they can do a parry slap on top of the enemy’s head to defeat them/ 
  • The Knight: The next series of enemies will include a bunch of knights, which is a donkey-shaped Knight opponent. It is pretty to defeat them as well, as the only thing that the player needs to do is to a couple of parries slaps on the mane of the Knight. 
  • The Rook: The rook can be murdered after the player successfully attempts a parry slap on the rook’s head, which will instantly defeat them. 
  • The Queen: The cannons need to be obliterated in order to murder the Queen piece and gain victory. 

With that, we will wrap up our Cuphead Hidden Coins guide! Here’s a full-fledged guide on Cuphead trophies and achievements guide and learn how to achieve 100% in the game.

40 Original Cuphead Coins Credits: Make91Productions on Youtube

16 New DLC Coins Credits: Maka91Productions on Youtube

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