How To 100% Cuphead: All Trophies & Achievements

Learn to 100% Cuphead's DLC By Unlocking Every Trophy & Achievement in the Game

The latest Cuphead DLC follows the adventure of Cuphead and Mugman alongside Ms. Chalice as they try to hunt down the recipe and ingredients for a Wondertart to bring back Ms. Chalice. There are new bosses, weapons, and puzzles! But more importantly, there are new trophies and achievements that you can unlock. Therefore, this guide will discuss how to get 100% Cuphead DLC!

100% Cuphead DLC All Achievements & Trophies Explained

How to 100 Cuphead
Cuphead The Last Delicious Course DLC

The DLC adds 14 new trophies and achievements. Some of these are story-based tasks that you’ll unlock as you progress. But others are just challenges such as defeating bosses with certain relics or testing your skills such as the parry.

But you can also expect some speed runs and unlocking secret bosses and charms along the way. Trying to unlock 100% Cuphead progression is not easy; there is a lot of grind up ahead, so let’s dive in and break down each trophy/achievement.

A Vacation In The Wilds

The first achievement on the list is quite straightforward and unmissable if you’re attempting to complete the whole game. A vacation in the wilds requires you to defeat every single boss in Inkwell Isle IV.

There are 5 new total bosses, and as they appear according to the story progression, you’ll most likely defeat them in this order:

  • The Moonshine Mob
  • Esther Winchester
  • Glumstone The Giant
  • Mortimer Freeze
  • The Howling Aces

But at times, certain bosses can be available simultaneously, such as the Moonshine Mob and Esther Winchester, so you can choose who you want to take down first. We’ve actually made a guide on defeating the Howling Aces that you can check out here: Cuphead Doggone Dogfight Guide.

You can defeat the bosses as Cuphead, Mugman, or Ms. Chalice; it doesn’t matter who. As long as you defeat all 5 bosses, you’ll unlock the achievement!


Ranger is quite similar to the previous achievement but slightly trickier. You need to defeat all bosses in Inkwell Isle IV with an A-Rank.

A-rankings are unfortunately not that easy to get. You need to defeat the boss in under two minutes, and that too on Regular difficulty with at least 3HP left. But that’s not all; you will need to land three parries and six special attacks.

That’s the general criteria for getting an A-Rank. But lucky for you, you can usually miss one (sometimes two) of the requirements. However, you need to defeat all the DLC bosses, meaning even the 2 secret ones. Additionally, you cannot use the Djimmi to get more HP as that will not count towards the achievement.

Alive And Kicking

How to 100 Cuphead using Ms Chalice
Cuphead – Ms. Chalice

Alive And Kicking is perhaps the most straightforward trophy when trying to get 100% Cuphead progress using Ms. Chalice. You need to defeat a single boss with Ms. Chalice simply.

You will need to equip the Astral Cookie Charm, allowing you to play as Ms. Chalice by switching to her at the start of the boss fight.

If you’re still getting used to playing as her, you can try out the Recipe for Ms. Chalice in the town square. It can be found on a food cart to the right of the bakery. Not only will it give you a coin, but it will also teach you her moveset.


Decadent is the tougher version of “Alive and Kicking.” You need to defeat 10 bosses with Ms. Chalice. But these bosses must be the main bosses; you cannot defeat the Champions in the King of Games or the Inkwell Hell’s mini-bosses.

But you can actually play on Simple difficulty. Equip one of the new DLC weapons as they’re generally stronger and defeat every boss on Inkwell Isle I and II. That should get you the achievement in no time!

The Golden Touch

Ms. Chalice comes with her own Super Arts that you can use during battle. The Golden Touch requires you to defeat a single boss with one of Ms. Chalice’s Super Arts.

You can use Super Art I as it is a vertical beam that can be lined up with the bosses easily. The easiest boss to defeat with the Super would be the announcer snail from the Moonshine Mob Boss, as it just takes one hit, so you’re sure to finish it off with the super. And as it is right at the end of the fight, you’ll likely have your super art ready by then!

The Latest Sensation

The new DLC was not short on adding new weapons. And if you want to know how to unlock 100% of Cuphead trophies, the secret is in the new weapons. The new weapons can help make a lot of the trophies easier, but more importantly, you need to use at least one of them to complete The Latest Sensation.

To unlock this achievement, you need to defeat a single boss with one of Porkrind’s new weapons. Whether it be the Converge, Crackshot, or Twist-up, you just need to use one of them and defeat any boss to get the trophy. As we mentioned earlier, these weapons also come in handy when trying to complete achievements like Decadent, so you’ll likely complete the achievement while trying to do some other one.


Chess Knight
Cuphead – Chess Knight

The next achievement in Cuphead you need to complete if you want to have a 100% progression requires you to defeat the King’s Gauntlet. The King of Games has 5 mini-bosses known as the champions. These range from the Chess Knight, Queen, Rook, and 2 others.

Normally, you’ll get to take them on one at a time. But in the King’s Gauntlet, you need to take all 5 of them on in a sequence without failing. It is quite similar to King Dice and the Casino mini-bosses. Except if you fail even once, you’ll have to start the whole gauntlet again.

Compliments To The Chef

Cuphead how to 100% the DLC
Cuphead – Chef Saltbaker

If you’re completing the story, then you won’t really have to worry about Compliments To The Chef achievement. It requires you to defeat all five main bosses on Inkwell Isle IV, collect all five ingredients for the Wondertart and defeat the secret antagonist of the game, Chef Saltbaker.

The final boss fight is quite hard, but you’ll have an easier time using the DLC weapons and Ms. Chalice.

Cooked To Perfection

Cooked To Perfection requires you to get an S-Rank on any stage of Inkwell Isle IV. Just like in the main game, the S Rank can only be obtained on the Expert Difficulty. The Expert Difficulty is obtained after you make a deal with The Devil when you finish the main story.

The criteria for getting an S-Rank are the same as A-Rank (3 parries, 3 remaining HP, 6 supers, etc.). You should go after the boss that you find the easier on Isle IV, but most players tend to lean towards the Moonshine Mob.

The High Hat

Playing as Ms Chalic
Cuphead Moonshine Mob – The Various Side Enemies/Minions

You might’ve noticed that in many of the boss fights, there tends to be the main boss and then some side enemies that pop up every now and then to trip you up. A good example of such a case is with the Moonshine Mob, where there’s an entire mob of bugs trying to take you down.

Well, if you want to complete Cuphead with 100% then you’re going to need to defeat The High Hat boss on Inkwell Isle IV without killing any of their minions. The minions in question are those smaller side enemies that appear.

Unfortunately, this task is harder than it sounds because it’s often near impossible not to hit the lower enemies as they try approaching you. But your best shot is against Esther Winchester. He only has one kill-able henchman that you can avoid with ease.


The Hearty achievement requires you to have 9HP at a time. There are various methods that you can use to unlock it. We’ve discussed them all here: Cuphead Hearty Achievement.

But to summarise, you can get the achievement by equipping the Twin Heart charm and summoning the Djimmi to get additional hearts. When you go into a boss fight, you’ll have 9HP.

But if that method is glitched, then you can try out the King Dice’s Casino and land on the Heart Up bosses to get additional HP. You can combine that with the Heart Ring charm to get HP through parries and build up towards 9HP. Just make sure you don’t get hit during the entire process, or you’ll have to restart.

A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

Cuphead Cursed Relic
Cuphead – Cursed Relic

The description of the achievement reads: “survive the nightmare.” It is a secret achievement and can be unlocked by purchasing the Broken Relic charm from Porkrind’s Emporium. It is also necessary for completing the Graveyard Puzzle.


Paladin is yet another secret achievement that you’ll need to unlock to get a 100% trophy or achievement in Cuphead. Its description reads: “obtain great power.” That’s not quite descriptive or indicates what you actually need to do. But the main concept behind the achievement is to turn the Broken Relic into the Divine Relic.

For that, you’ll first need to turn the Broken Relic into the Cursed Relic by solving the graveyard puzzle. Once you do that, you’ll get to face off a secret boss in the DLC, which is a variation of the devil and an angel. Of course, your main enemy is the devil, but the angel also throws out transparent attacks that turn harmful if you change the direction of where you’re facing.

But when you defeat the secret boss, you will get the Cursed Relic. Now you need to use the Cursed Relic and defeat 7 bosses while you have it equipped. However, it will be quite challenging as you will be restricted to 1HP, and your weapon will change randomly as you fire.

When you complete the challenge, you’ll be given the Divine Relic and unlock the Paladin trophy. The Divine Relic is a great charm that removes the HP restriction but lets you switch weapons during battle. Essentially, you’ll be able to go in any battle with more than just 2 guns which can be quite useful for speedrunning or tackling different phases of the bosses.

With that, you know everything about how to 100% Cuphead! There are a lot of achievements to unlock, and it is definitely a challenging journey. But you’ll definitely feel accomplished after acquiring each and every one of those achievements!

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