How To Get The Cursed Ring In Crisis Core FFVII Reunion

Learn everything there is about the Cursed Ring and How to get it in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The Cursed Ring in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is one of the game’s accessories that you can equip on Zack Fair to alter his stats or abilities. The accessory in question here is literally found during the opening of the first chapter of the game but it has a unique perk, to say the least. It isn’t necessarily something you will need to acquire for 100 percent completion nor to help you in combat but it does help you grind for exp and levels as quickly as possible in the early stages of Crisis Core Reunion.

Key Highlights:

  • Crisis Core FFVII Reunion contains a plethora of accessories that players can equip on Zack, one of them being the illusive, Cursed Ring.
  • The Cursed Ring is essentially a secret unlockable item in the first chapter of the game.
  • It restricts the DMW system and stops Zack from leveling but in turn, they can endlessly farm Exp and level up multiple times after unequipping it.
  • The Cursed Ring also grants players a boost in all stats which can immensely help in the early going of the game.
  • Despite its functionality, players can also use the Cursed Ring to make things extra challenging if they so wish since it negates leveling and the DMW system.

The Explanation Of The Cursed Ring

crisis core cursed ring
The Cursed Ring (Image captured by Us)

The effects of the accessory itself are a little tricky to explain, especially if you’re someone who’s new to the game or doesn’t understand the mechanics of it. But for now, need to trace our steps to the DMW system because the Cursed Ring (when equipped) will remove the effects of that mechanic during combat.

If you’re not familiar already, the DMW (Digital Mind Wave) is basically the spinning slots on the top left corner of your screen during combat. Just like any other actual slot machine, it will produce three different images and upon successful combinations, will provide our hero, Zack with Limit Breaks, buffs, and other bonuses to aid him against enemies or bosses.

One of the effects in the DMW system includes rewarding players with the ‘777’ combination which allows you to level up Zack using the stored Exp from defeating enemies. The system works in a way where the more exp you have stored, the better the chances of the DMW system landing on a ‘777’ combination. So hence why by equipping the Cursed Ring, you will negate the effects of leveling up, and store as much EXP as you want.

It is one of the few ways to steer the DMW system to work in your favor as after unequipping it, you will increase the odds of the ‘777’ in the DMW, allowing more level-ups to occur and thus skyrocketing Zack’s overall level which can make you insanely overpowered if done correctly right in the early chapters of the game.

Lastly, the ring also grants a +10 in all stats for Zack so it does offer a bit of compensation for disabling the DMW system but aside from farming EXP using it, there is hardly any incentive to equip it other than if you’re looking to add another layer of difficulty to the game for yourself.

How To Unlock It The Cursed Ring

Crisis Core supply pods
The Supply Pod introduction in the intro of Chapter 1 (Image credit: eXputer)

The process of unlocking the Cursed Ring is fairly simple, but that can easily be missed thankfully if you’re not that far into the game progress-wise and have a save file right at the beginning of Chapter 1, then you’re in luck.

During the Intro of Chapter 1, Zack will be introduced to the basics of the game by his friend and fellow SOLDIER operative, Kunsel, such as opening and checking mail as well as the Side Missions feature. However, our main focus here will be the Supply Pods, which as told by Kunsel, will provide you with a useful item once in a while whenever you interact with it at the Shinra HQ.

Crisis core Kunsel chapter 1
Unlocking the Cursed Ring (Image Captured by us)

It is here where the secret to unlocking the Cursed Ring begins and the entire procedure is simple enough as once Kunsel gets done explaining the Supply Pods and you receive the first item from them. The next step to unlocking the accessory itself is that you need to interact with the empty supply pods 20 Times in total which will trigger a unique dialogue from Kunsel where he will hand you the Cursed Ring as shown in the image above.

You’re probably wondering if this can be done in later sections of the game but we assure you, this is only possible here right at the beginning of Chapter 1. As your are repeatedly tapping the interact button on the pods, Kunsel will keep repeating the dialogue “There’s a limit to the free stuff you get you know. The Company’s not that generous.”

crisis core reunion suuply pods
Receiving the Cursed Ring (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

However, upon the 20th interaction with the pods like we mentioned, he will give up and say “Fine, Fine, If you want more, I’ll give you what I got today”. Upon saying this, he will reward you with the Cursed Ring, which you can then equip to disable the DMW system, and in turn of course, negate the leveling mechanic for Zack.

The Wrap-Up

According to a GameFAQ Forum Post on the Original Crisis Core, we can deduce the fact that the cursed ring is only unlockable in Chapter 1 so unfortunately, if you want it that much, you will probably need to start the game over unless you have a backup save file of the first chapter.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a remaster done right. It not only shows that Square Enix is still passionate about their classic fan-favorite titles but that with a game polished and revamped such as this, it will usher in a whole new audience of players to experience Zack Fair’s rollercoaster journey. The remaster is stellar, from the combat to the characters, which you can learn all about more in detail with our Review of Crisis Core Reunion.

The bosses in the game such as Bahamut Fury will probably give you a tough time, especially on the harder difficulties but later on, once you receive the iconic Buster Sword, it will make a whole new difference in combat. Furthermore, if you’re trying to grind out the Platinum Trophy/100 Percent Completion for the game then consider checking out our detailed guides for the Mako Recovery and Good Match For Aerith Trophy.

For now though, this concludes our guide on how to acquire the Cursed Ring in the game. If you enjoyed reading it then be sure to let us know about your experience with the game down in the comments below. If there is any question you may have regarding the topic or anything that we missed, then let us know so we can point you in the right direction as soon as possible!

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