Dead Island 2: Curtis Safe Key Guide

Discover how to find the Curtis Safe Key in Dead Island 2 by completing essential missions and defeating unique zombies

Curtis Safe Key Dead Island 2 is essential for unlocking a powerful reward from Curtis’ Valuables Safe after surviving the zombie apocalypse. One of the key places to find valuable loot is Curtis Sinclair’s Bel-Air mansion. I have uncovered hidden resources, weapons, and other secrets throughout HELL-A by delving into Curtis’ side quest and exploring his lavish mansion. So follow my steps to find the Curtis Safe Key.

Key Takeaways
  • To obtain Curtis’ Safe Key, you must complete specific missions and quests, including “Plumbing the Depths,” defeating a Screamer, and finishing “The Death of the Party” side quest.
  • In the “The Death of the Party” side quest, you assist Curtis Sinclair in clearing his Bel-Air mansion of zombies, which allows you to explore and find valuable items within his residence.
  • After completing the prerequisites, return to Curtis Sinclair’s mansion and locate Crystal the Lawyer, a powerful zombie guarding the key.
  • Defeat Crystal, the Lawyer, to obtain Curtis’ Safe Key, which may require multiple attempts as the key might not drop on the first interaction.
  • Use the key to unlock Curtis’s safe and collect the rare Tactical Heavy Revolver, a powerful weapon that can significantly impact your gameplay experience.
  • Dead Island 2 features unique zombies guarding safe keys across the map, making it essential to defeat these special zombies to access valuable loot.

Where To Find Curtis Safe Key Dead Island 2?

Here is all the necessary information for Curtis Safe Key in Dead Island 2:


I was required to complete the following missions and quests to be eligible for obtaining the Curtis Safe Key Dead Island 2.

  • Complete the “Plumbing the Depths” mission
  • Defeat your first Screamer
  • Complete “The Death of The Party” side quest

Plumbing The Depths

Plumbing the Depths is a crucial mission in Dead Island 2, serving as the eighteenth primary quest. In this mission, you will embark on a search for Bob, a hotel janitor who has gone missing, while awaiting Dr. Reed’s return. This challenging mission features a detailed walkthrough, complete with any boss battles and additional side objectives you will encounter.

Killing Screamers

Screamers represent a unique variety of zombie types who possess the power to unleash an ear-splitting scream. This scream can disrupt a player’s vision and cause their character to stumble or become temporarily immobilized while covering their ears. I was required to kill a screamer in the mainline to get the key.

The Depth Of The Party

In Dead Island 2, the initial side quest encountered in the Bel-Air District is called “The Death of the Party.” In this mission, players assist Emma’s neighbor, Curtis Sinclair, in ridding his home of invading zombies. By choosing to aid Curtis, players can discover valuable items in his residence that will be useful in further combats.

Steps To Obtain The Key

After completing the above-mentioned missions and quests, I followed the following steps to obtain the key.

Return To Bel-Air Mansion

  • After completing the required missions, head back to Curtis Sinclair’s mansion in Bel-Air.
Curtis House Map Dead Island 2
Curtis Mansion – [image credits eXputer]

Locate Crystal The Lawyer

  • Explore the mansion and find Crystal the Lawyer, a powerful zombie.
  • The mansion will be infested with various zombies, but focus on finding and defeating Crystal.
crystal the lawyer Dead Island 2
Crystal The Lawyer – [image credits: eXputer]

Battle Strategy

  • Crystal, the Lawyer, can use the powerful Echo Attack.
  • Employ a powerful melee weapon to deal significant damage quickly.
  • Be cautious and avoid its Echo Attack.

Collect Curtis’ Safe Key

  • Defeat Crystal, the Lawyer, who will drop Curtis’ Safe Key upon defeat.
  • Pick up the key and proceed to locate Curtis’s safe.
  • Crystal might not drop the keys on the first interaction. So, I would need to let it respawn.

Unlock Curtis’s Safe

  • Use the obtained key to open Curtis’s safe.
  • Collect the rare Tactical Heavy Revolver found inside.

Dead Island 2 features unique zombies guarding safe keys across the map. To access the necessary keys, I was to defeat these special zombies. Curtis’ Valuables Safe may be discovered early in Dead Island 2, but access to the mansion and key is only granted after completing the required missions.

Tactical Heavy Revolver

Revolvers in Dead Island 2 serve as a powerful handgun choice with damage similar to heavy pistols and remarkable accuracy. They are well-suited for a marksman role and are effective in taking out single Walkers, Infected, and Thugs while conserving ammo. So, to achieve remarkable accuracy while conserving ammo, the tactical heavy revolver is an excellent choice.

Tactical Heavy Revolver In Dead Island 2
Tactical Heavy Revolver Dead Island 2 – [image credits – eXputer]

Summing Up

In Dead Island 2, acquiring the Curtis Safe Key is vital for unlocking a powerful reward from Curtis’ Valuables Safe, which can significantly impact your gameplay experience. By engaging in Curtis’ side quest and exploring his luxurious Bel-Air mansion, I uncovered hidden treasures and powerful weapons that will aid us on their journey.

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