Dark And Darker: How To Revive Allies [All Methods]

Learn how players will be able to revive their allies while also learning the locations where they can revive at!

Dark And Darker have already begun enticing its players with the exciting gameplay that it offers alongside its classes. However, with weaker classes, it might be common for players to end up dead, and to Dark And Dark Revive the players, it might be a bit of a tedious process if players don’t know how to do it properly!

Key Highlights: 

  • Reviving Allies can be crucial if players want to upkeep their team and ensure that they do not end up succumbing to the opposing party. 
  • There are two main locations where resurrection can occur for allies, which are the Altar of Sacrifice and the Cathedral. 
  • The player who is playing in the Cleric class will be able to heal their ally right then and there as well. 
  • The main benefit of reviving an ally is simply that they can get back up, gain their loot back from you, and rejoin the team. 
  • Players should make sure to grab the dead ally’s loot when grabbing the Soul’s Heart so that the ally doesn’t have to start from the very beginning. 

How To Revive Allies 

Resurrecting (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, when t comes to the process of resurrection, it won’t be all that difficult to carry out. 

  • If there is ever a time when you end up encountering an ally dead somewhere while you’re in the middle of a dungeon, you can get pretty close to them. 
  • From there, the actual process will be quite simple. You will first need to go ahead and open up their inventory. From there, take every item that they have in their inventory, such as loot, potions, and everything in between and simply go ahead and add it to your inventory

The main reason for adding their items to your inventory will be simply because when an ally gets revived, they will start again with zero items. This means that they will practically be empty-handed and will have no loot on them. Therefore, it can be a lifesaver for them if you already have their previous loot and inventory items on hand, and they can just take it off of you so that they don’t have to start from scratch again. 

  • After that, the next thing that players want to do is to go back in the dead persons’ inventory and, from there, take a look at the chest armor and if they are wearing any. If they are, then you need to go ahead and remove the chest armor

The reason that is done is so that you will be able to access their soul. Each person will have a Soul Heart that will be present behind their chest armor, and if players aren’t able to get it, then they won’t be able to Dark And Darker Revive the dead player. 

  • So players simply need to remove the chest armor, which will then reveal the Soul heart, and you can go ahead and take the soul’s heart and add it to your inventory, and preferably add it to your inventory slot where the potions would be placed. 

After you’re done with that, you will then need to head over to The Altar, where you will then have to equip the Soul Heart. It will essentially take a total of 20 seconds, after which the person will be revived and will be revived in the Altar area

Alternate Method Of Reviving

Cleric Class
Cleric Class (Image Credits Exputer)

If you happen to be playing as the Cleric class, then you are in luck since you will be able to make use of a certain spell that will help revive any allies that might have been too unfortunate to die at the hands of an opponent. It will be the Resurrection spell that players can access whenever they gain access to the tier 8 spell.

  • The way that the spell works will simply be that you will be able to target an ally with which you will be able to bring them back from the dead. And to do that, they still need to have a souls heart. Otherwise, it simply won’t work. The main limit for the number of casts will be one cast. 

All Cleric Spells 

Apart from the tier 8 spell, players will be able to access quite a few other cleric spells, such as:

  • Holy Purification: A tier one spell that will cast out a shield that will block out 20 physical damage incoming for about 20 seconds. 
  • Judgment: Anyone the spell is targeted at will get a total of 3 strengths and will as well Agility added to their original stats for about 30 seconds. 
  • Divine Strike: A tier two spell that will enhance the weapon damage output by a total of 10 for about 20 seconds. 
  • Cleanse: All magic effects that were directed at the target from the enemy’s end will be removed with the tier two spell. 
  • Lesser Heal: Regenerate a total of 15 health for the person being targeted. 
  • Bind: The target will end up being binded for about 0.75 seconds. 
  • Holy Light: A tier 5 spell that will heal up a fellow ally and regenerate about 30 HP. 
  • Resurrection: Already mentioned before. 

Location Of Resurrection 

There will be two main locations where players can resurrect their ally or help another player. 

Altar Of Sacrifice

Altar Of Sacrifice
Altar Of Sacrifice (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first places that players will be able to help their allies out will be known as the Altar of Sacrifice. It will be an area that will seem like a dungeon that will be closed off from all ends. 

  • Apart from that, inside the area, there will be a few torches that will be lit all around the room, and the torches will be placed on the ground in their holders while there will also be a few torches that will illuminate the entire room while it will be placed across the walls across from each other. 
  • In the area itself, there will be a few coffins or tombs that will be placed down with little spacing between each other, and on top of the tombs, there will be coffins present. 

If players go toward the end of the room, they will be able to encounter a grey tomb/coffin that will be placed horizontally and at quite a distance from the other coffins. And the altar is going to be the place where players will be able to carry out the actual process of reviving


Cathedral (Image Credits Exputer)

Apart front the altar of sacrifice, another location where players will be able to resurrect their allies will be the Cathedral

  • The cathedral itself is pretty self-explanatory. When you first enter the area, there will be quite a few benches that will be lined in the area as there are in a normal cathedral, and they will be spaced out quite a bit from each other. 
  • The cathedral will also be illuminated using the torches that will be present all around the room, and players will be able to walk around the room if they so wish freely. There will be a few benches that will be haphazardly placed and in no particular order. 

One thing that players should keep in mind is that there might be a few bats lurking around in the cathedral that might be quite annoying to deal with when you’re trying to revive an ally, therefore, it might be best to take them out before they continue to pester you. There will also be an area upstairs in the cathedral that is simply there for show. 

Why Revive Allies? 

Why Revive Allies
Why Revive Allies (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, one of the main reasons that allies might end up needing the help of other players to revive is quite simple. They end up dead in a corner and don’t know how to move forward with their game unless and until someone can come and help them and revive them again

  • Normally, players will always have allies that will support them and help them fight battles against opposing parties that are out to murder them. 
  • If your ally ends up being from a strong class, then the chances of them dying out and depending on you to revive them are pretty low, but there will always be players who end up choosing classes with a lower health pool, which causes them to get one shot pretty much and then need to be revived. 
  • To win, it is pretty common knowledge that you should keep your allies by your side, which is simply the way that you might be able to charge ahead against the enemy in a battle. But when your ally is dead, the chances of winning get highly reduced; therefore, the need to revive occurs

Reviving itself isn’t all that much of a tedious process, but rather it can become a little annoying when your teammate ends up dead in a precarious circumstance. 


And there we have it! The different methods that players can try to resurrect allies, and with that, we will wrap up our ​​Dark And Darker Revive guide! While you’re at it, why not also check out our Dark And Darker Best Classes guide so that you are able to find out what other classes are made available to players?

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