Dark And Darker: The BEST Barbarian Build

Learn How To Build Your Own Absolute Powerhouse Of A Barbarian To Obliterate Your Foes In Dark And Darker!

The Dark And Darker Barbarian Class is a very powerful but slow one that can eliminate a monster or enemy in one or two hits aimed at the head of the opponent. However, if you want to go for a Barbarian Class, then there are a few things that you should be aware of.

Key Takeaways
  • The Barbarian is one of the best classes in Dark and Darker. 
  • It is the class that deals the most amount of damage with a single hit and, unfortunately, is also the class that is the slowest among the 6 classes.
  • To understand and build a barbarian class, you need to know all of his perks and abilities. Also, you should be able to judge which is best suited for your barbarian build.
  • It is a wonderful class to try out in the game as it can mostly 2 shot every enemy if you have him maxed out. So we highly recommend you try to build him up in Dark And Darker.

The Barbarian Class In Dark And Darker

Barbarian class
A Barbarian In Dark And Darker [Image Credit: eXputer]
The barbarian is a heavy hitter of the game specializing in two-handed weapons that are normally heavier than the other weapons available. However, one of the best weapons for the barbarian, and the one he starts with, is a two-handed axe that is good for him.

Furthermore, because of the strength and heavy nature of the barbarian, he is also one of the slowest classes available in Dark And Darker. He is slow in movement speed, and as well as his attack speed is much slower than the other classes. However, the enemy suffers huge damage if you can land a single headshot with that slow attack. 

Complete Barbarian Build Details: 

- Savage Roar
- Rage
- Smash
- Axe Specialization
- Morale Boost
- Iron Will
AxesAny armor of choiceAnything that buffs damage

Advantages And Disadvantages

Also, with any class in any game, there are some advantages and disadvantages of a particular class. This is done so that all the classes are much more balanced with each other. And it promotes fair play and balance between every player that plays the game.

Additionally, this is also the case for our beloved barbarian in Dark And Darker, as he has many advantages, which are paired with a few disadvantages as well. The advantages and disadvantages are as the following for the barbarian class.

The barbarian is a typical brute class that is strong and built with lots of muscle and sturdiness, which gives him an automatic boost in HP and strength, which means that others would not be able to take him down that easily.

Also, with his enormous amounts of strength, he can easily defeat an enemy in one or two shots, given that they land on their heads. This is because headshot damage in Dark And Darker is very powerful in taking down enemies quickly as it deals large amounts of damage.

As for the disadvantages of the barbarian class, there is one primary con that will make this class a bit weak, in our opinion. That is the barbarian’s speed, as mentioned before; his size and muscular build are what gives him the advantage, but that is also a disadvantage for him.

Due to his huge bulky build, he lacks the speed to move and attack quickly. And speed is also another key element in Dark And Darker which decides the game in sticky situations.

All Barbarian Perks And Abilities In Dark And Darker

Perks And Abilities Of Barbarian
The Perks And Abilities With Stats Of The Barbarian [Image By: eXputer]
Now, as with any build or class, you should first be aware of all his perks and abilities. So that you know where the class can excel and how you can build him up to be a powerful foe for other players; furthermore, we will now proceed to list all of the barbarian’s perks and abilities, so you can have a better understanding of how you would like to build him. However, we also have a few pointers to help you build an even stronger build with the barbarian.


  • War Cry: Through the war cry ability, you can increase your and your teammate’s health by 25% for a short time.
  • Rage: Now, this perk will allow you to increase your movement speed and also your strength for a short time, but in return, it will decrease your defense capabilities by a whopping 20%.
  • Savage Roar: it is essentially a fear tactic that enables you to decrease an enemy’s defenses by 25%, which is quite valuable for tricky situations.
  • Reckless Attack: After activating the ability, your next hit will ignore 75% of the enemy’s armor, which could lead to an instant kill if the attack is aimed at the enemy’s head.


  • Two-Handed Expert: You will deal 5% more damage with your two-handed weapons.
  • Smash: The ability to obliterate chests, doors, and other breakable objects.
  • Savage: Due to this ability, you will have 10% more armor given if you do not have a chest armor piece equipped.
  • Morale boost: You will gain 10% more HP after eliminating an enemy.
  • Toughness: A basic buff to your health by 10% extra HP.
  • Axe Specialization: A good perk that increases your axe damage by +10 for all axes.
  • Carnage: After eliminating an enemy, you will gain a buff for 4 seconds that grants you +10 damage.
  • Berserker: If you have less health, then you will deal more damage which makes it a risk-and-reward situation. The boost is up to 18% more damage.
  • Iron Will: Through the perk, your magic resistance is increased by an astounding 100 points.

Recommended Perks And Abilities To Choose For The Barbarian Class

Dark And Darker Barbarian
Barbarian Class In Dark And Darker [Image Taken By: eXputer]
Now, depending on your barbarian’s level, you will be able to pick the perks and abilities. To make it clear, at the start of your game, when your level is 0, you will have a single perk. However, after every 5 levels, you will gain an extra perk slot until you max out at 4 slots

Now, if you are just starting the game, then we recommend that you go with Axe Specialization as your perk, given that you will probably start with an axe. However, it is totally up to you which perk you want to choose and which suits your playstyle.

Furthermore, as for the two abilities, we highly recommend that you go for Savage Roar and Rage as they are the most useful ones among the four. Or you could go with Reckless Attack because that could give you an edge over an enemy with a good armor set.

And if you have maxed out the barbarian, then we recommend you choose Smash, Axe Specialization, Morale Boost, and Iron Will as your perks. This is because we believe that they are the best you can go for a barbarian build. However, it is up to you whether you want these perks.

Additionally, as for your abilities, we recommend keeping those the same as Savage Roar and Rage. And again, you can choose the Reckless Attack ability if you fear that the foes have a lot of armor when you enter a game.

Tips And Tricks To Play As A Barbarian In Dark And Darker

Barbarian's Savage Roar
Activating The Savage Roar Ability In Dark And Darker [Screenshot Taken By: eXputer]
Now, the primary key to this build is that you time your abilities and attack, as they will be your most effective tools in battle. And as you know, your barbarian will be slow in the game, so you will need to counter that with your strength and abilities.

Now, if you are against an enemy with a lot of health, we recommend that you use the Savage Roar, as that will weaken his defenses. Also, you should remember that the Savage Roar has an AOE attack that affects a huge amount of people near you.

And as for your Rage ability, that will come in handy when you are trapped in a sticky situation and the foe is faster than you. This is because through the Rage ability, you will move faster, and through that speed, you will be able to counter your foe or create distance between him and yourself so that you can devise a strategy. 

Furthermore, as we mentioned before, aim for the head. We can not emphasize enough the fact that headshots are what decide a fight in Dark And Darker. If you are able to land two to three headshots, your opponent is done for.

Gear To Use

Now, as for the gear that you could possibly use, we recommend that you go for axes as we find them quite useful because if you pair them with the Axe Specialization perk, you will deal even more damage. And as for the armor, we can say anything about that as that solely depends on your choice, as anything can go with a barbarian class.

However, as for the enchantments of the armor, we will recommend going for anything that could potentially increase your damage, as that is the main goal of this build. 

Except for that, we would also like you to add enchantments and items that you struggle the most against. If you struggle against basic attack damage, increase your defenses by upgrading your armor or getting an enchantment that could possibly reduce damage.

However, if you want to learn more about the barbarian class from others’ experience or want to learn about Dark And Darker in general, then take a look at this Reddit Page.

Dark And Darker is a game where you are offered different classes that you can build according to your playstyle. And if you want a class that can deal a lot of damage in a single hit, then the Barbarian Class is for you.

And with this, we bring our Dark And Darker Barbarian Class guide to an end. We thoroughly discussed in our guide how you could build a perfect and balanced barbarian build so that you can handle Dark And Darker a bit easier than before. However, if you believe we could have made it even better, please let us know in the comment section below.

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