Dark And Darker Best Classes & Guide

Learn what the best classes are while also learning while classes may fit a specific role the best for players!

Dark And Darker offer a collection of 6 classes as of its recent developments, and players are able to choose the class according to their needs. Each class has its own pros and cons, alongside its own perks and abilities, therefore figuring out what the Dark And Darker Best Classes are might be difficult to figure out for players! 

Note: The information listed below is based on the Alpha Test as of December 2022, and it’s all STC. 

Key Highlights

  • There are a total of 6 classes that players can access In Dark And Darker, amongst which are the Wizards, Rogue, Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter as well as the Ranger. 
  • There will be different classes that might suit one player but might not suit the other, therefore the preferences for one best class is upto the player!
  • The ranged class will be best for players who want to stay at a safe distance and experiment with rangers! 
  • The main benefit of playing a class will be that players will be able to familiarise themselves with the playstyle and see what fits them best. 
  • Meta isn’t all there is to the game, and the most important thing is that players enjoy the class that they play!


Wizard Class
Wizard Class (Image Credits

Kicking things off, let’s introduce the Wizard Class, which is described to be one that is able to bend the limits of reality. Wizards are known to be able to hone the ability to call forth the power of magic as per their own preferences. 

They are able to cast down destruction unto their enemies while also being able to disappear into thin air as they please, making them incredibly useful for hiding. They are also able to cast down a fireball which can be detrimental to enemies, while also being able to come and go as they please. 

Knowledge 12
Will 33
Agility 20
Strength 5
Resourcefulness 5
HP 75


There will be a total of 3 advantages that players might be able to encounter: 

  • As a wizard, payers will be able to excel at spells, giving them the ability to cast absolutely broken spells as they please. 
  •  Alongside that, they are also able to take magical weapons into their arsenal, making them feel like an absolute wizard, which they quite literally are. 
  • Lastly, they are also able to meditate, which then further grants them ability to cast self-refreshment spells unto themselves. 


As for the disadvantages, there will be 3 main ones that players might face, making it not fit into the Dark And Darker Best Classes

  • Wizards won’t be all that good at interaction speed, making them on the lower end. 
  • They also won’t be able to output high damage, making them weaker as a DPS. 
  • They will also be extremely squishy since their overall health pool will be low. 

All Wizard Perks 

Moving on, let’s discuss the perks that players might be able to encounter when they are using the Wizard Class

Perks Perk Description
Reactive Shield Grants players an arcane reactive shield that will last for 3 seconds anytime you take damage, and the shield itself can also intake 10 damage. 
Sage The player’s knowledge is enhanced by a 10%
Mana SurgeWith the surge mana, players will be able to have their overall magic damage bonus enhanced by 5%
Melt Anytime the player launches fire damage to an enemy, the overlal physical reduction damage for the enemy will be decreased by 10% for a total of 5 seconds. 
Quick Chant Overall spell-casting speed is enhanced by 20%. 
Arcane Mastery The overall magic damage output of the arcane spells is enhanced by 5% and the overall casting time for the arcane spells is decreased by one second. 
Arcane Feedback Anytime damage is done using an arcane spell, the magic damage as well as the spell casting speed is enhanced by 1% base off of each stack and can be stacked by 5 times
Ice Shield The armor rating gets enhanced by 20 and will apply the frostbite on targets that have been hit by melee for about 0.5 seconds. 
Fire MasteryThe overall damage output of fire spells is enhanced by 5%, while the duration of the burn status being applied is increased by 2.5 seconds. 

All Abilities 

Lastly, let’s discuss a little bit about the wizard abilities that players can use. The abilities will include a total of 4 to choose from, including Meditation, Spell Memory, Spell Memory 2, and Intense 

Abilities Ability Description
Meditation Wizards will go into the meditative mode, and their spells will be revived at about 40 spell cost rates for a time of 10 seconds. 
Spell Memory Spells can be memorized that will come in handy in the dungeon
Spell Memory 2Even more spells can be memorized for dungeons. 
Intense FocusThe overall casting time of the following spell will be decreased by 0.1 seconds. 


Barbarian Class
Barbarian Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s discuss the Barbarian Class, which will basically live up to their name pretty well. They will always rage with anger, and they will always be ready for a fight no matter 

They are known to have immense amounts of HP, making them excellent for defensive stances in combat, while being able to convert their temper into damage output which will decimate any enemy that dares cross them. They never fear anyone and are always ready for a battle. 

Knowledge 6
Will 18
Agility 11
Strength 30
Resourcefulness 10
HP 130


Next up, let’s discuss the advantages that players might be able to encounter when they use the Barbarian class. 

  • Barbarians will have excellent magic resistance, which makes their survivability a lot higher in combat. 
  • They have insane health, which makes them excellent defending units, and it means that they will probably never die while in battle. 
  • They also receive a damage bonus while wielding any 2H weapons that they might have. 


With their high damage and insane health, they are sure to have a few disadvantages that prevent them from becoming overpowered: 

  • Barbarians have insanely slow attack speed, making it take longer to carry out attacks due to their nature and build. 
  • Barbarians are also not the fastest at movement, since they have lower movement speed. 
  • Barbarians overall interaction speed is also known to be on the lower end. 

All Barbarian Perks 

Next up, let’s discuss all perks that come with using the Barbarian class. There will be a total of 9 perks from which players can use 4 at any given 

Perks Perk Description 
Carnage The overall strength of the player is enhanced by 10% for a total of 4 seconds anytime an enemy has been killed.  
Berserker The lesser HP you have, the more your melee attack power increases
Iron Will The overall magic resistance rating is enhanced by 100. 
Axe Specialisation A total of 10 weapon damage will be added to your attacks 
Smash Players will be able to break through doors with ultimate ease, and the overall impact that is caused by your attacks is increased by 1. 
Savage The overall physical damage bonus is enhanced by 10% if you are not wielding any chest armor. 
Toughness Overall HP gets enhanced by 10%
Two-Handed Weapon Expert The overall physical attack power gets enhanced by 5%, anytime you are launching an attack using a two-handed weapon. 
Morale Boost If a player has been murdered, a total of 10% HP will be regenerated for the player. 

All Abilities 

Lastly, let’s discuss the four abilities that will come with the Barbarian class which will be Rage, Savage Roar, War Cry as well as Reckless 

Abilities Ability Description 
Reckless Attack The next attack you carry out will ignore a total of 75% of the opponent’s defense, and the overall armor rating will be decreased by 55. 
Savage RoarFor about 6 seconds, any enemies that are present inside a 7.5-meter radius will be frightened and their physical damage bonus will be decreased by 25%. 
Rage Overall strength gets enhanced and movement speed is also upped by 15%, but the defense will be decreased by 20%. 
War Cry The overall HP will be enhanced for your allies too by 25% for about 7 seconds. 


Ranger Class
Ranger Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, let’s discuss the ranger class that players will be able to choose as well. They are known to be a class that will never miss a target no matter what, and they are also known to excel at surviving in combat.

With an agile and quick on their feet, they are able to take control of most situations with ease and for players that want to experiment with having a ranged character then this might be one of the Dark And Darker Best Classes for them. 

Knowledge 10
Will 10
Agility 20
Strength 10
Resourcefulness 25
HP 90


There will be quite a few advantages that players wll be able to experience while playing as a ranger, and they will be from the following: 

  • Pakyers will be able to set traps with little to no difficulty, making it easy to trap enemies. 
  • They are also able to start a campfire with ultimate ease, making their overall survival easy and they will be able to fend for themselves with ease. 
  • Even though it’s quite self-explanatory, rangers will be excellent at being quick at using bows
  • They are also able to track down players that are in the opposing party. 


As for the disadvantages, there will really only be two main cons that players might face with the ranger class: 

  • Rangers will be unable to equip melee weapons, or at least even if they do, they won’t have all that much choice. 
  • If they do end up wielding any melee weapons, their damage output will be low

All Ranger Perks 

Moving on, let’s take a look at the perks that will be available to players whenever they are using the ranger class. 

Perks Perk Description 
Kinesthesia Anytime you’re moving around while having your bowstring drawn, the overall movement speed will be enhanced by 10%. 
Crossbow Mastery Anytime a crossbow is being used,d the physical damage bonus will be enhanced by 5%, and the overall reload speed will also be enhanced by 50% as it goes for movement speed too. 
Nimble Hands Whenever a bow is being used, the overlal shooting will be sped up by 15%
Enhanced Hearing Players will be able to take note of enemy footsteps and hear them while being far away. 
Spear Proficiency If a spear is being used, the overall physical strength is enhanced by 10. 
Ranged Weapons Expert The physical attack is increased by 5% if you are wielding and using a ranged weapon in combat. 
Tracking Players will be able to take note of enemy footsteps. 
Sharpshooter The overall headshot damage output will be enhanced up by 15% if you are using a long-ranged weapon. 
Trap Expert The time taken to install traps will be reduced. 

All Abilities 

Last but not least, we will discuss the five ranger abilities that players will come across which will be from Quick Fire, Qucikshot, True Shot, Field Ration as well as Multishot 

Abilities Ability Description 
Multshot If players are using a bow, then they will able to fire out 5 arrows at any angle at once. 
Quickshot Take hold of 3 arrows that you can shoot out and fire them out at the same time. 
Quick Fire If you are using a bow weapon, then the overall action speed is enhanced by 50% by about 5 seconds. 
True Shot The overall flight speed of the projectiles being used by the player will be enhanced significantly. 
Field Ration You will be able to forage for food as well as gain back 25 HP. 


Rogue Class
Rogue Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Another class that you might not want to miss out on will be known as the Rogue class, which is a class that will excel at being able to move within shadows with ultimate ease. They will be able to be practically invisible and be able to carry out their disastrous deeds without needing to worry about being caught by anyone. 

Knowledge 12
Will 5
Agility 35
Strength 8
Resourcefulness 15
HP 84


As far as the advantages are concerned while choosing the rogue class, players will be able to experience quite a few advantages: 

  • Players will have a quicker attack speed
  • The rogue will also be able to move quickly from one end to the other. 
  • Apart from that, interaction with objects will also be done a lot faster. 
  • Players will be able to disable traps while also recognizing any upcoming traps in their path. 
  • They are also able to pick apart locks without any difficulty. 
  • They also don’t make noise while moving. 


As for the disadvantages, they are going to be your typical ones now: 

  • Lower HP pool 
  • Lower overall damage output
  • The magic resistance will also be quite low. 

All Rogue Perks 

Let’s take a look at the 10 perks that are going to be available and up for grabs if players end up playing as the 

Perks Perk Description 
Creep The overall sound of footsteps will be decreased if you are walking or crouching. 
Ambush If you launch your first hit when you’re being released and within 3 seconds from being in stealth, then 50% of your bonus weapon damage will be considered normal weapon damage. 
Dagger Expert Your overall physical damage bonus is enhanced by 5% if you’re using a dagger. 
Backstab The physical damage bonus gets enhanced by 30% if you’re backstabbing an enemy. 
Hidden Pockets Items that are being worn in the utility slots will not be appearing on your waist. 
Pickpocket An enemy’s items can be taken from the dungeon
Poisoned WeaponIf you are able to successfully carry out any attack, then it will apply poison to enemies that will then carry out 4 magic damage over a time period of 4 seconds. 
Trap Detection All traps close by will be highlighted
Stealth If you are in hiding, then you will be able to take about 10 steps if you are crouching. 
Lockpick Expert Self-explanatory. 

All Abilities 

Let’s finish off this class by mentioning the four abilities that players can use two at any given time. These will range from Rupture, Hide, and Smoke Bombs as well as Weakpoint 

Ability Ability Description 
Rupture The next attack being launched out will cause the opponent to bleed for 20 physical damage ranging over a time period of 5 seconds. 
Weakpoint Attack If the next attack is successful, then it will outlaunch 50% bonus weapon damage to the enemy. And if it is successfully carried out, then the enemy’s defense gets decreased by 50% for about 5 seconds. 
Hide The skill allows you to go invisible
Smoke Bomb Launch out a grenade that will become a smoke screen that lasts for about 20 seconds and covers a radius of 7.5 meters. And if an enemy enters, their movement speeds decreased by 15%. 


Fighter Class
Fighter Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, the Fighter class will probably be one of the Dark And Darker Best Classes, especially if players want a well-rounded experience. Fighters are known to be adept in all areas of fighting as well as battles. They can wield anything and will literally be able to extremely 

Knowledge 15
Will 15
Agility 15
Strength 15
Resourcefulness 15
HP 100


Let’s consider the advantages that they are able to bring to the table while being the chosen class for players: 

  • They are able to make use of pretty much any weapon, and they can also wear any kind of armor that is presented to them. 
  • Alongside that, they will also be able to sprint, which most classes will not have the ability to do. 
  • All of their stats have to be one of the most balanced ones that are present in the game. 


Let’s take a look at the few cons that players might experience if players are using the fighter class: 

  • Fighters will be extremely dependent on equipment that is being presented to them. 
  • They will not be able to cast any magic spells, which isn’t really all that much of a downside. 

All Fighter Perks 

Moving on, let’s see the 9 perks that fighter mains can interact and use in combat and how it affects their overall gameplay!

Perks Perk Description 
Combo Attack The overall physical attack power will be enhanced by 10% wth every melee attack that you are successfully able to carry out. 
Defense Expert Any AR that the player gets from armor will be enhanced by 10%. 
Barricade While you are in defense mode, the overall defense rating bonus will be increased by 5%. 
Dual Wield Player’s attack speed is enhanced by 7% if you are dual-wielding a weapon. 
Counterattack A defense that is done successfully will enhance the movement speed as well as the attack speed by a total of 10%. 
Shield Expert The overall movement speed will be bumped up by 5% if you’re in defense mode. 
Swift The normal speed reduction that you would get from using armor will be decreased by 20%
Projectile Resistance Incoming damage taken from projectiles is decreased by 10%
Weapon Mastery All weapons will be made available to fighters. 

All Abilities

Finally, there will be 6 abilities for the fighter class, ranging from Brekathrouhg, Sprint, Taunt, Victory Strike, Second Wind as well as Adrenaline Rush. 

Ability Ability Description 
Breakthrough If there are any debuffs that reduce your movement speed, they will be removed
Second Wind Over a time period of 12 seconds, players regain 50% of their base HP
Victory Strike The following attack is being carried out y you will deal a total of 20% bonus weapon damage. And if the enemy ends up dying from this, then you regain 5% of your HP back. 
Rush Your overall attack speed is buffed by 25% for about 6 seconds. 
Taunt The overall aggravate value that is dealt to enemies within a radius of 7.5 meters will be enhanced up by 50% and your overall defense rating bonus will be buffed by 10% for 7 seconds too. 
Sprint Movement Speed is buffed for some time. 


Cleric Class
Cleric Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s finish things up by introducing the Cleric class which will simply be a class that will hone an immense amount of will and faith, and they will be able to use their sacred bonds in order to act like a guardian angel, mainly placing their focus into protecting and guarding the player against any enemies. 

Knowledge 12
Will 30
Agility 11
Strength 13
Resourcefulness 8
HP 96


Starting off with the advantages, there will be quite a few to get through, such as the following: 

  • Clerics are able to use blunt weapons pretty amazingly. 
  • They are also able to carry out extra damage against enemies that are classified as undead. 
  • They are able to use their healing spells on players to basically act as protectors during a deadly fight. 
  • They are also able to use plate armor


As for the disadvantages, they will be from the following: 

  • Clerics’ overall attack speed will be slow
  • The damage output will also be on the lower end. 
  • The interaction speed will be quite abysmal. 

All Cleric Perks 

There will be about 8 perks that players will be able to come across, and they will be as listed below. 

Perks Perk Ability 
Perseverance All incoming damage from the enemy’s end is decreased by 3. 
Advanced Healer The magical heal is enhanced by 5
Brewmaster If you end up drinking alcohol, then you won’t appear drunk
Kindness You can heal yourself by 15% based on the total heal amount that is made available for the spell if you are healing anyone else. 
Blunt Weapon Mastery The overall physical attack is enhanced by 5% if you are using a blunt weapon. 
Undead Slaying Your overall physical damage bonus is enhanced by 20% if you are attacking any undead enemies. 
Protection From Evil The overall duration of any harmful effects is decreased by 20%. 
Requiem  If you are able to make an ally alive again, then you can use 25% of your own hp instead of needing to use a sliver of life

All Abilities 

The abilities that are made available for the class will be as follows. 

Ability Ability Description 
Judgement After instantly focusing for about 0.5 seconds, players can outlaunch 30 magic damage to any enemy and have their movement speed decreased by 20% for about 2 seconds. 
Spell Memory Spells can be learned to use in dungeons. 
Spell Memory 2Same as above. 
Smite You are able to cast out an extra 10 magic damage to any enemy that you hit within a time period of 7 seconds. 
Holy Purification Applies 100 base magic damage to undead enemies. 

Cleric Spells 

Now, clerics will also have a few cleric spells  that will split off into their own tiers, with their being tier one, tier 2, tier 3, 5, and 8 and their limits are listed below. 

  • Holy Purification: 5 casts limit at tier one. 
  • Judgement: 5 cast limit at tier one. 
  • Divine Strike: 5 cast limit at tier 2. 
  • Lesser Heal: 4 cast limit at tier 2.
  • Cleanse: 5 cast limit at tier 2. 
  • Bind: 4 cast limit at tier 3. 
  • Holy Light: 4 cast limit at tier 5. 
  • Resurrection: 1 cast limit at tier 8.  


And there we have it! An overview of all the classes that are available and where they might fit best and into which role, and with that, we will wrap up our Dark And Darker Best Classes guide~ If players want to learn how to dual wield in-game, then our Dark And Darker Dual Wield guide will be optimal for you!

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