Dark And Darker Best Classes & Guide

Learn what the best classes are while also learning while classes may fit a specific role the best for players!

Dark And Darker offer a collection of 6 classes as of its recent developments, and players are able to choose the class according to their needs. Each class has its own pros and cons, alongside its own perks and abilities, therefore figuring out what the Dark And Darker Best Classes are might be difficult to figure out for players!

Key Takeaways
  • Classes in Dark And Darker: Wizards, Rogue, Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger.
  • Preference for the best class depends on the player.
  • Ranged class suits those who prefer distance.

Here is a quick look at the Dark and Darker class comparison:

ClassesKnowledge Will Agility Strength Resourcefulness HPAbilities
Wizard, Spell Memory, Intense Focus
Barbarian Attack, Savage Roar, Rage, War Cry
Ranger, Quickshot, Quick Fire, True Shot, Field Ration
Rogue, Weakpoint Attack, Hide, Smoke Bomb
Fighter Wind, Sprint, Taunt, Rush, Victory Strike
Cleric, Spell Memory, Holy Purification, Smite


Wizard Class
Wizard Class (Image Credits

Kicking things off, let’s introduce the Wizard Class, which is described to be one that is able to bend the limits of reality. Wizards are known to be able to hone the ability to call forth the power of magic as per their own preferences. 

They are able to cast down destruction unto their enemies while also being able to disappear into thin air as they please, making them incredibly useful for hiding. They are also able to cast down a fireball which can be detrimental to enemies, while also being able to come and go as they, please. 

Knowledge  12
Will  33
Agility  20
Strength  5
Resourcefulness  5
HP  75


Barbarian Class
Barbarian Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s discuss the Barbarian Class, which will basically live up to their name pretty well. They will always rage with anger, and they will always be ready for a fight no matter 

They are known to have immense amounts of HP, making them excellent for defensive stances in combat, while being able to convert their temper into damage output which will decimate any enemy that dares cross them. They never fear anyone and are always ready for a battle. 

Knowledge  6
Will  18
Agility  11
Strength  30
Resourcefulness  10
HP  130


Ranger Class
Ranger Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, let’s discuss the ranger class that players will be able to choose as well. They are known to be a class that will never miss a target no matter what, and they are also known to excel at surviving in combat.

With agile and quick on their feet, they are able to take control of most situations with ease, and for players that want to experiment with having a ranged character then this might be one of the Dark And Darker Best Classes for them. 

Knowledge  10
Will  10
Agility  20
Strength  10
Resourcefulness  25
HP  90


Rogue Class
Rogue Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Another class that you might not want to miss out on is known as the Rogue class, which is a class that excels at being able to move within shadows with ultimate ease. They will be able to be practically invisible and be able to carry out their disastrous deeds without needing to worry about being caught by anyone. 

Knowledge  12
Will  5
Agility  35
Strength  8
Resourcefulness  15
HP  84


Fighter Class
Fighter Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, the Fighter class will probably be one of the Dark And Darker Best Classes, especially if players want a well-rounded experience. Fighters are known to be adept in all areas of fighting as well as battles. They can wield anything and will literally be able to extremely 

Knowledge  15
Will  15
Agility  15
Strength  15
Resourcefulness  15
HP  100


Cleric Class
Cleric Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s finish things up by introducing the Cleric class which will simply be a class that will hone an immense amount of will and faith, and they will be able to use their sacred bonds in order to act like a guardian angel, mainly placing their focus into protecting and guarding the player against any enemies. 

Knowledge  12
Will  30
Agility  11
Strength  13
Resourcefulness  8
HP  96


And there we have it! An overview of all the classes that are available and where they might fit best and into which role, and with that, we will wrap up our Dark And Darker Best Classes guide~ If players want to learn how to dual wield in-game, then our Dark And Darker Dual Wield guide will be optimal for you!

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