Dark And Darker Best Solo Class: Tips, Abilities, & Playstyle

Learn what the best class is if players want to play as solo character in Dark And Darker.

Dark And Darker is a game that is best known to be played as a team. Still, considering that players are going to want to test out their strengths, the High-Roller allows players to go solo, which is where players might need help figuring out what the Dark And Darker Best Solo Class might be and might need assistance in how the overall playstyle runs, abilities and more!

Key Highlights
  • The best solo classes for fighting will contain two main classes, the Rogue and the Ranger
  • A class that will be a pretty solid option for soloing that will not require a lot of fighting will be the Cleric class.
  • Players will need to have access to invisibility and healing options if they want to survive for longer periods of time during their solo play. 
  • It is important to know what abilities and perks will work best if players are to choose a class to solo.
  • Players are advised to stay away from being a Barbarian, Fighter, or Wizard if they want to dare to play solo!

Let’s have a look at the comparison between the Dark and Darker Classes:

Class NameStatsPerksSkills
RogueStrength: 0
Agility: 35
Will: 5
Knowledge: 12
Resourcefulness: 15
Health: 84/84
- Creep
- Hidden Pockets
- Ambush
- Backstab
- Dagger Expert
- Pickpocket
- Trap Detection
- Stealth
- Lockpick Expert
- Poisoned Weapon
- Hide
- Smoke Bomb
- Rupture
- Weakpoint Attack
RangerStrength: 10
Agility: 20
Will: 10
Knowledge: 10
Resourcefulness: 25
Health: 90/90
- Ranged Weapons Expert
- Kinesthesia
- Enhanced Hearing
- Nimble Hands
- Crossbow Mastery
- Tracking
- Trap Expert
- Sharpshooter
- Spear Proficiency
- Quickshot
- Field Ration
- Quick Fire
- True Shot
- Multishot
ClericStrength: 13
Agility: 11
Will: 30
Knowledge: 12
Resourcefulness: 8
Health: 96/96
- Brewmaster
- Advanced Healer
- Perseverance
- Kindness
- Blunt Weapon Mastery
- Requiem
- Undead Slaying
- Protection From Evil
- Spell Memory
- Smite
- Holy Purification
- Judgment


Rogue Class DD
Rogue Class DD (Image Credits Exputer)
Strength Agility Will Knowledge Resourcefulness Health
0 35 5 12 15 84/84

Now, one of the first things that players should keep in mind is that there aren’t a lot of classes that can solo the High-Roller modes; since the difficulty of the game mode has already been amped up, players need to be careful with the classes that they pick out whenever they are diving head-first into solo-playing

Players will have to choose carefully if they want to go for an onfield fighting style or if they simply want to rat away their game, and classes will be categorized according to the preferred playstyle. 


Now, when it comes to the overall playstyle of the rogue class, players who decide to go as a rogue will be able to take advantage of their invisibility. Rogues can take forth a deceptive look, being able to slip through other players without letting them know of their existence to carry out their deeds. 

The invisibility allows for ultimate stealth gameplay, and players won’t have to hide out consistently if they dare to go solo. There’s a reason why the rogue is described as a sly assassin; they’re literally able to move between the cracks without making too much sound and can easily get through any fight or situation. 


When it comes to the skills that the rogue class has to offer

  • Hide: With the hide skill, players will be able to become invisible, which allows them to stay hidden whenever they are playing solo, and players will also be able to change their equipment if they have it while they are invisible. 
  • Smoke Bomb: With a smoke bomb in hand, players can launch a smoke grenade, which will instantly launch a smoke screen. With that benign there, the smoke screen will last for a total of 20 seconds and will cover an overall radius of 7.5 meters. 
  • Rupture: As for the third skill, any attack launched after this one will cause enemies to bleed based on about 20 physical damage for about 5 seconds. 
  • Weakpoint Attack: Lastly, if the next attack is successful, it will carry out about 50% of the weapon damage as bonus weapon damage to the enemy in front. If the attack is made properly, the enemy’s defense decreases by 50% for about 5 seconds. 


Moving onto the perks, players will be able to use the following perks: 

  • Creep: With the perk in hand, players can hear their footsteps less whenever they move around. 
  • Hidden Pockets: As for Hidden Pockets, players can have any of the items they wear in their utility slots simply not show up on their waist. 
  • Ambush: If you launch an attack within 3 seconds after getting out from being in stealth, it will deal 50% of your bonus damage as base damage. 
  • Backstab: The overall physical damage bonus will be buffed up by 30% if you are attacking any opponent from behind their backs. 
  • Dagger Expert: The overall physical damage bonus will be boosted by 5% if a dagger is used. 
  • Pickpocket: Players can easily steal an opponent’s belongings from them.
  • Trap Detection: Any traps that are nearby will be highlighted. 
  • Stealth: If players are hiding, this perk will be excellent for solo play since players can move about 10 steps while crouching. 
  • Lockpick Expert: Players can pick out locks without using a lockpick. 
  • Poisoned Weapon: The next successful attack will be able to apply poison to enemies that will carry out 4 magic damage over 4 seconds. 


Moving on, let’s talk a little bit about why players might want to choose the Rogue class in the first place, and their pros are listed below: 

  • Players can take advantage of the incredible movement speed that the class is blessed with, instantly putting them in the Dark And Darker Best Solo Class
  • The overall attack speed of the class is also pretty commendable, which allows for attack after attack to be launched against an enemy without needing to put in too much effort. 
  • Perhaps this might be the best advantage for a solo player; rogues can move around more silently, saving them from being caught. 
  • Players can figure out where traps might be kept and will be able to easily disable them whenever needed so that they’re able to progress further. 
  • Interaction with objects and lockpicking fall into one of the pros that the class has to offer. 


While the class is pretty good at being solo, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its cons

  • Players will have to deal with having a low damage bonus if they want to go as a rogue in solo-play
  • The class will also have an overall low health, making their survivability a little higher. 


Ranger Class
Ranger Class (Image Credits Exputer)
Strength Agility Will Knowledge Resourcefulness Health
10 20 10 10 25 90/90

Another class players might want to try out as going in solo-play will be the ranger. While it might not be the Dark And Darker Best Solo Class, it still holds credibility as a pretty solid alternative. 


With the ranger being your chosen option, players will be able to make use of the surviving capabilities since the main reason that players might even go for a solo-play as a ranger is simply being able to stay at a safe distance and sniping enemies from as far away as possible without needing come face to face with them. 

Players can also set their eyes on their enemies, seeing where they are coming from, and tracking all the more easier, making the ranger class a pretty solid option if you are daring to go as a solo player

As for the select weapons, players will simply be able to use any ranged weapons on hand to play as anger. 


Moving onto the skills that are offered for the rangers, they are going to be as follows: 

  • Quickshot: With a quick shot in the hand, players can take hold of 3 arrows as depicted by the skill icon, and they can fire out arrow after arrow without needing to change their stance. This makes it pretty useful while being in solo-play. 
  • Field Ration: Players will be able to forage for food a lot easier, and they will be able to gain back about 25 HP. 
  • Quick Fire: Another solid skill that players can use for their solo play is a quick fire which grants them the ability to take their bow in hand, and with that, they will be able to have their overall action speed increased up 50% for at least 5 seconds. 
  • True Shot: With the true shot skill, it will simply up the projectile’s overall flight speed
  • Multishot: Another solid skill will be Multishot which grants players the ability to take in hand their arrow, and while that is being down, they will be able to target any enemy and be able to shoot out five arrows in the same direction. 


As for the perks for the ranger class, they will be as follows: 

  • Ranged Weapons Expert: Players can have their overall physical attack power be upped by 5% anytime they use their bows. 
  • Kinesthesia: Another solid perk that players might want to have with them will be known as Kinesthesia, which simply allows players to increase their overall movement speed by 10% anytime they have their bowstring. 
  • Enhanced Hearing: A pretty solid option whenever you are in solo-play will be Enhanced Hearing, whereby payers can sense and hear their opponent’s footstep sounds even when they are quiet at a distance. 
  • Nimble Hands: If you are wielding a bow, you will have your shooting animation changed in such a way that players can shoot out their arrows about 15% faster, making it all the easier to shoot out the arrows one by one. 
  • Crossbow Mastery: The physical damage bonus will be upped by about 5% whenever players are wilding the crossbow, and the reload speed can also be expected to be increased by at least 50%. 
  • Tracking: One of the best perks to have you in solo-play while playing the Dark And Darker Best Solo Class for ranged will be Tracking since it allows for easier footsteps hearing if they are recent. 
  • Trap Expert: If you are setting up traps, it reduces the total time it will take to install the traps so that enemies can fall prey to them faster. 
  • Sharpshooter: Players can expect their headshot damage to be enhanced by 15% if they use a bow or any ranged-type weapon. 
  • Spear Proficiency: Players can expect to gain about ten physical strengths if they are attacking using a spear. 


If you’re going to be a solo player and want to commit to it, then players should know why they might want to choose it: 

  • First things first, Rangers will be able to become incredibly good at figuring out where enemy players are, meaning tracking becomes all the easier, and it makes figuring out the position and placement of enemy players even easier, allowing for an even higher catching ability for rangers. 
  • Players will also be incredibly inept at wielding bows simply because they are rangers, and the weapons they would always excel at will be bows. Therefore it allows players to take control of ranged weapons and be destructible with them. 
  • Other than that, setting traps becomes even easier since rangers can place down traps that might catch unsuspecting enemies who are unfortunate enough to fall into the traps. 


Other than that, with pros also come the cons of rangers, which will be a few

  • Players will not be able to wield melee weapons, or at least if they can; the main thing that players need to keep in mind is that they won’t have a wide variety of options to choose from, leaving them having to choose ranged options. 
  • Suppose players are somehow able to get their hands on a melee-type weapon. In that case, they can forget being able to dish out great damage at all since the overall damage output from wielded melee-type weapons will be disappointingly low. 


Cleric Class
Cleric Class (Image Credits Exputer)
Strength Agility Will Knowledge Resourcefulness Health
13 11 30 12 8 96/96

Last but not least, we have the cleric class, which won’t be a class where players prioritize doing great damage or being in front of the enemy players. Still, it will rather be the Dark And Darker Best Solo Class if you want to focus on rat-type gameplay rather than going head-on. 


The cleric class can take advantage of its faith to be excellent healers, especially when you are playing solo. Players want to keep in mind that if you want to play as a cleric and carry out rat-type gameplay, then you want to have quite a few invisibility potions on hand. 

The main way that players will want to play as a cleric is that if you can hear any enemies come in close to you, then you should be able to pop an invisibility potion and simply go invisible for a set period until you let them pass. 


There will be a total of 5 abilities that players will be able to use whenever they are playing as a cleric

  • Spell Memory: Players can memorize spells whenever they are in the dungeon, and the same can be said for Spell Memory 2. 
  • Smite: Upon using the Smite ability, players will be able to cast out a bonus of 10 magic damage to enemies that have been hit while being under a timer of 7 seconds. 
  • Holy Purification: Players will be able to deal about 100 base magic damage to enemies that are the undead type if they are present in a general range of 7.5 meters. 
  • Judgment: After being able to focus for about 0.5 seconds, Clerics will be able to instantly dish out 30 magic damage to any target, which will cause the movement speed of the target to be decreased by 20% for 2 seconds, and the ability can only be used if the target is within a 4.5-meter radius. 


When it comes to the perks for the cleric class, they are going ot be listed as follows: 

  • Brewmaster: When drinking alcohol, players will not show any signs of being drunk. 
  • Advanced Healer: Players can have their overall magical heal increased by 5. 
  • Perseverance: If any damage is coming your way, it will be decreased by 3. 
  • Kindness: Whenever you’re healing another person, the spell will also heal you 15% of the total amount that the spell can heal, which makes this perk practically useless for soloing. 
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery: The physical attack power will be upped by 5% if you carry out attacks while wielding a blunt weapon. 
  • Requiem: If a fellow ally has been revived, they will be revived at 25% HP instead of using up a sliver of life. 
  • Undead Slaying: The physical damage bonus will be increased by 20% if undead-type enemies are attacked. 
  • Protection From Evil: All harmful effects from the enemy’s end will decrease their duration by 20%. 


Players will also be able to make use of a few cleric spells, which will belong to different tiers as follows: 

  • Judgment: Any target that the spell is used on will gain 3 strengths and agility for about 30 seconds, but players can also use it on themselves if no one else is found. 
  • Holy Purification: shield will be made specifically for the player who uses the spell to negate physical damage that will be equivalent to 20 for 20 seconds. 
  • Bind: Any target the spell is used on will have to be bound for at least 0.75 seconds. 
  • Divine Strike: The weapon damage output will be increased by 10 for a period of 20 seconds. 
  • Lesser Heal: A target will have 15 health regained back to them, but players can also use it on themselves. 
  • Cleanse: Any dangerous magic placed down a target from enemies will be removed with the help of this spell. 
  • Resurrection: If any ally has been killed, they can be resurrected with this spell. 
  • Holy Light: An ally can be healed for about 30 HP worth of base health. 


Apart from that, clerics will also be able to have quite a few advantages that players will be able to take advantage of: 

  • Players can cast quite a bit of healing and spells that will consistently allow them to stay alive no matter what, and players won’t need to worry about dying out. 
  • With the cleric class, players can also use blunt weapons, which gives them access to a higher weaponry option than a few other classes, allowing them to take advantage of the blunt weapons in question. 
  • Apart from that, players will also be able to wield plate armor, which might not seem all that great, but it can further assist players in increasing their overall survivability. 


With the few advantages that the cleric class has, there’s a reason why players are advised not to play and fight if they are soloing as a cleric since the cons will be as follows: 

  • The overall attack speed will be quite slow, which quite literally doesn’t matter since players won’t move around all that much, and players will engage in battles when they are soloing
  • Regardless, another con will be that players will not have a high damage output, and their overall interaction speed will also be pretty slow. 


And there we have it! Three classes that players can use while soloing, and with that, we will wrap up our Dark And Darker Best Solo Class guide! If you are completely new to the game, you might want to read up on our Dark And Darker Tips And Tricks guide, which will give you a rundown of the best starter tips players should follow to progress further!

You might also want to check out our Dark And Darker Best Classes guide, which will give you an in-depth showcase of how all classes operate!

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