Dark And Darker All Bosses & How To Defeat Them

Learn how to fight the two main bosses in the game and how to strategize and counter their mechanics!

There are two main bosses in Dark And Darker that players will encounter: Lich and the Ghost King. Players might have difficulty facing the two Bosses. Therefore, it is crucial to know the correct strategies. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Players will be able to encounter two main bosses that they will be able to fight multiple times and get the hang of the way that the bosses work. 
  • The Lich will be one of the easier bosses to fight, but players will still need to steer clear of most of its mechanics. 
  • The Ghost King will require a proper team, such as one having a Cleric, Ranger, and another member, in order to properly take it down. 
  • Both of the bosses will be available to fight whenever players reach the Inferno dungeon!
  • The main benefit of fighting both bosses will be that you will be able to gain more loot while also getting a better experience!

The Lich 

The Lich
The Lich (Image Credits Exputer)

Starting things with the Lich Boss, players will be able to encounter it when they head over to the Inferno area. There will be a stone door that players will need to open to make their way into the dungeon area where the Lich resides. Before players get started with the fight, it is crucial to fight with a proper team that has been geared up enough since the Dark And Darker Bosses will be a bit tough if you are under-geared. 

Defeating The Boss 

Now, when you first get started while fighting the boss, there are a few things that players should keep in mind. Before you start the fight, you can go ahead and use a blue potion, and players also need to ensure that they stick together with their allies at all times, no matter what. 

  • When you encounter the boss, he will take note of you, and then he will go ahead and wrap himself in a purple aura while hovering his staff in his hand and raising it above his head. 
  • At that moment, he will be bending down a little bit. Therefore, this is the chance for players to head in for the first melee strikes. When you stab him, he will then immediately face you

From there, he will then start targeting you, and players also need to make sure that they stay clear of the skeletons that the boss spawns, as they will hoard you, and if you’re not quick on your feet, you might end up being ambushed by them

  • Immediately step back from the boss and then head towards a wall and take a health potion if you are getting too low on health. 
  • Call for your allies, and you want to ensure that you stick together at all costs. At that moment, the boss will hurl his staff up into the air and shoot out a purple projectile, and there will be two purple circles that will surround the staff, after which the projectile gets launched out at either you or one of your allies. 

After that, you want to continue sticking together, and as the boss starts to launch out another projectile, you want to start rotating on the edges of the room, basically staying close to the walls and close to your allies and consistently rotating around. At this moment, the boss will target you and shoot out yet another purple projectile at you that you can simply dodge by moving to the side. 

  • The Lich will then take a second to raise his staff and summon another projectile, and this is the moment where you can head in for a few hits alongside your allies. Keep attacking him. 

Another thing that players should always keep in mind is never to stop moving. After you launch an attack, instantly move to the side, keep dodging and keep moving; otherwise, you will get hit no matter what. 

  • After you’re done attacking him, get away by a few feet, and keep rotating around the room while he launches out yet another large projectile at you. He will continue to repeat the projectile throwing, and you will need to heal in between as well. 
  • Rorate a bit more, then charge towards him and carry out a few more attacks. If there is ever a moment during the fight where you need to bandage, make sure to pick a time when he is either not targeting you or he is a bit vulnerable to do so. Otherwise, you will get interrupted by The Lich. 

After you’ve rotated a certain amount, you will notice that the skeletons will start to follow you, so you can go ahead and start rotating in the other direction. While he consistently launches out his projectiles, there will come a time when he will be at his wit’s end, and you can go ahead and simply finish him off. 

Getting Loot 

Looting The Lich
Looting The Lich (Image Credits Exputer)

After you’ve managed to defeat The Lich, you will then be able to gain access to the loot that will be offered to players. To access it, all you need to do is walk over to the corpse and then look at it, which will open an inventory named Treasure Box containing the items you can pick up. 

  • The boss might end up dropping a Fox Pendant, and it will be a good drop. However, it all boils down to the rolls that you get on the pendant. If it’s anything like physical power, agility, movement speed bonus, etc, then you’ve got yourself a good roll and a good piece. 
  • You might also get a legendary drop, such as a turn shoe, but if it doesn’t have good rolls, you can still keep it, but you will need to keep looking for better pieces. 
  • unique weapon might also end up being dropped, such as a Rondel Dagger, and if the rolls include anything like physical power, magic damage reduction, or physical damage reduction, then you’ve got yourself a solid dagger. 

Getting The Treasure Hoard 

After you’re done looting the corpses, you can go ahead and head over to the Treasure Hoard that is placed a little bit towards the end of the room. 

  • The main reason why you want to treasure hoard is simply that the chest will be able to provide the players with purple or blue items that the players can simply sell off the excess to get their hands on some cash
  • After you’re done getting rid of the boss, you want to keep looting as much as possible and keep searching, and if you end up having a cleric or an ally who is a cleric that can continue to provide consistent heals, then you can keep up the looting for a good while before deciding to be done with it. 

Chances Of Drops 

Now, let’s take a look at the chances of drops that the players will be able to get: 

  • There is a total of 38.76% chance that the boss will end up dropping a weapon, and more often than not, it will not be a perfect
  •  drop unless the player ends up being extremely lucky. 
  • Other than that, there is an 11.24% chance that you might be able to get your hands on some jewelry, making it one of the smallest drop rates ever. 
  • There will also be a 50% chance that you might be able to access armor, which is the highest drop rate, and there is a higher chance automatically that you might end up finding some good pieces. 

Ghost King 

The Ghost King
The Ghost King (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, when it comes to the Dark And Darker Bosses, the second boss will be known as the Ghost King, and players will be once again able to encounter it in the Inferno. 

Defeating The Boss 

Lava Monsters
Lava Monsters (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, as far as the killing is concerned, when you first head into the arena where the boss is located, players will need to be with a proper team to receive any aid they might require. 

  • When you first start, players will want to head for the lava monsters that will be present instantly, and the main reason for that is simply because the lava monsters will be responsible for carrying out AoE damage that will be on the ground, and it will continue for the entire duration of the fight. 

Players don’t want to get mangled in the middle of the AoE while they’re trying to fight the actual boss as it will only continue to interrupt you and eat away at your HP. therefore, instead of having to deal with them for the entire duration, get rid of them first things first. 

  • For an optimal team comp, you want to go ahead and have three people in your allies, one of them will be a cleric, the other will end up being the ranger, and the other will be a warrior. 

The main reasons for having the ranger will be so that they can take charge of the fight and consistently use their arrows against the lava monster while staying at a distance and easily taking them down without needing to charge right into them and fearing death itself. 

  • After that, you will then want to go ahead and fight the actual boss, who will have a habit of jumping around from place to place, and anyone who the ghost king is targeting will end up receiving a debuff that will end up slowing down the player by quite a lot, making it a lot harder to fight the boss. 
  • The debuff will also stack; for every 10 stacks that the person ends up receiving, they will be slowed down even more to an annoying pace. 

There is yet another thing that the Ghost King will do: jump up high into the air, and then, after a moment, it will instantly slam down into the ground. Once it does that, it will then cause all of your allies and you to go up into the air, and it will cause you to take in a bit of AoE damage from the boss’s end. However, this AoE damage won’t eat away at your HP all that much, but it cannot be avoided or evaded. 

  • Other than that, the boss will also end up teleporting from one place to another, and it will also target random allies and simply appear in front of them, or it might even end up appearing in front of you. When the boss does end up appearing in front of you, it will end up doing some AoE damage as well. 

Now, the main reason that there was a need for a cleric in the party was most likely because of its healing abilities. The cleric s crucial if the entire team wants to stay alive since they will consistently provide heals for the party and ensure that you don’t end up taking too much damage. 

  • The boss will also have a mechanic who will allow it to grab onto an ally or you and start draining your HP, and it will continue to go for approximately 8-10 seconds, during which your HP will continuously get drained. This is another reason why clerics will be so important, so you want them to consistently provide you with heals while this draining is going on. 

Looting The Ghost King 

Looting The Ghost King
Looting The Ghost King (Image Credits Exputer)

Once players kill the boss, it is time to loot it. Most often than not, players will find that the boss doesn’t drop a lot of legendary loot; rather, you will be able to get a few epic rarity loot pieces, which either the player can decide to sell for cash or keep in their inventory. 


And there we have it, the two main bosses that players can fight! And with that, we will wrap up our Dark And Darker Bosses guide! While you’re at it, why not read up on our Dark And Darker All Stats guide to gain an insight into how each stat operates in-game?

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