Dark And Darker: All Bosses & How To Defeat Them

Learn how to fight the two main bosses in the game and how to strategize and counter their mechanics!

Players will encounter two main bosses in Dark And Darker: Lich and the Ghost King. Players might have difficulty facing the two Bosses. Therefore, it is crucial to know the correct strategies. 

Key Takeaways
  • Players will be able to encounter two main bosses that they can fight multiple times and get the hang of how the bosses work. 
  • The Lich will be one of the easier bosses to fight, but players must still steer clear of most of its mechanics. 
  • The Ghost King will require a proper team, such as having a Cleric, Ranger, and another member, to take it down properly. 
  • Both of the bosses will be available to fight whenever players reach the Inferno dungeon!
  • The main benefit of fighting both bosses will be that you can gain more loot while also getting a better experience!

Here’s all the information on the bosses:

NameTierLocationHow to Defeat
Cave TrollCommon/Elite/NightmareGoblin CaveUse your strongest spells and weapons to defeat this boss
Ghost KingCommon/Elite/NightmareInfernoStay mobile and avoid its attacks to defeat this boss.
LichCommon/Elite/NightmareInfernoUse your potions and resistance to defeat this boss.

The Lich 

The Lich
The Lich (Image Credits Exputer)

Starting things with the Lich Boss, players will be able to encounter it when they head over to the Inferno area. There will be a stone door that players will need to open to make their way into the dungeon area where the Lich resides. 


  1. Ensure your team is well-geared, especially since Dark And Darker Bosses can be tough.
  2. Consider using a blue potion before the fight.
  3. Stick together with your allies during the battle.

Battle Strategy:

  1. When you first encounter The Lich, it will raise its staff and wrap itself in a purple aura. This is your opportunity for the first melee strikes.
  2. After hitting The Lich, step back to avoid its retaliation.
  3. Avoid the skeletons that The Lich spawns, as they can swarm and overwhelm you.
  4. The Lich will launch purple projectiles; dodge them by moving to the side.
  5. Rotate around the room’s edges with your allies to avoid projectiles while staying close to the walls.
  6. Whenever The Lich raises its staff to summon another projectile, approach it and attack.
  7. Keep moving at all times to avoid getting hit by attacks.
  8. If you need to heal, choose a moment when The Lich is not targeting you or is vulnerable.
  9. Continue rotating, attacking, and dodging projectiles.
  10. Eventually, The Lich will become vulnerable, and you can finish it off.

Getting Loot 

Looting The Lich
Looting The Lich (Image Credits Exputer)

After defeating The Lich, walk over to the corpse to access the loot in the Treasure Box inventory. Look for valuable drops like the Fox Pendant, legendary items like a turn shoe, or unique weapons such as a Rondel Dagger. Check the item rolls for desirable stats.

Getting The Treasure Hoard 

Head to the Treasure Hoard, located toward the end of the room, to obtain additional loot. You can sell excess items for cash.

  • Head to the Treasure Hoard, located toward the end of the room, to obtain additional loot. You can sell excess items for cash.

Chances Of Drops 

Now, let’s take a look at the chances of drops that the players will be able to get: 

  • Weapon Drop: 38.76%
  • Jewelry Drop: 11.24%
  • Armor Drop: 50%

Ghost King 

The Ghost King
The Ghost King (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, when it comes to the Dark And Darker Bosses, the second boss will be known as the Ghost King, and players will be once again able to encounter it in the Inferno. 

Defeating The Boss 

Lava Monsters
Lava Monsters (Image Credits Exputer)

Battle Strategy:

  1. Start by focusing on the lava monsters to eliminate the ongoing AoE damage they cause.
  2. Have the ranger in your team target the lava monsters from a distance using arrows to avoid getting too close to them.
  3. Engage the Ghost King once the lava monsters are dealt with.
  4. The Ghost King can apply a debuff to players he targets, slowing them down. This debuff stacks every 10 hits, further reducing movement speed.
  5. Watch out for the Ghost King’s jump attack. He will jump into the air and slam down, causing AoE damage and launching players into the air.
  6. The Ghost King may teleport around the arena and target random allies, dealing AoE damage upon appearing.
  7. The cleric in your team is crucial for healing, especially during the boss’s draining mechanic.
  8. The boss can grab an ally or you, draining HP for 8-10 seconds. Clerics should focus on healing during this period.

Looting The Ghost King 

Looting The Ghost King
Looting The Ghost King (Image Credits Exputer)

Looting: After defeating the Ghost King, approach its corpse to access the loot in the Treasure Box inventory. While the boss may not drop many legendary items, you can find epic rarity loot that can be sold for cash or kept in your inventory.


And there we have it, the two main bosses that players can fight! And with that, we will wrap up our Dark And Darker Bosses guide! While you’re at it, why not read up on our Dark And Darker All Stats guide to gain an insight into how each stat operates in-game?

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