Dark And Darker: How To Use Campfire

Learn How To Use Campfire in Dark and Darker!

Campfire in Dark and Darker allows players to regain health while sitting at a beautiful sight in the dark. It also provides back the spells and abilities, which is helpful in the case of the Cleric and Wizard class.

Key Highlights:

  • The Campfire provides healing and restoration of spell charges and abilities.
  • Campfire is bought in the Merchants tab from the Woodsman.
  • Campfire is classified into loot tiers, which determine its duration.
  • The timer of the Campfire will start even if no one is using it.

How To Use Campfire In Dark And Darker

Merchants Tab Woodsman
Woodsman in Merchants Tab Selling Campfire – [Image Credit: eXputer]
Campfire is bought from Woodsman in the Merchants tab and is used in the match to regain health. But be sure to pick up in Stash before entering the game.

Moreover, the Campfire has loot tiers of Grey, White, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Orange. The higher its tier, the more duration Campfire has. After placing the Campfire, the timer starts, even if no one is using it.

Players use the Campfire by using an interact key in Dark and Darker. Once the loading completes after interacting with it, you will be sitting near it. After sitting, some amount of your health will be regenerated per second.

Not only it heals, but the spells and abilities will also be returned if you sit long enough. The longer the duration, the more your spell charges will be returned. Hence, the Campfire in Dark and Darker provides healing and restoration of spell charges and abilities.

Once the duration ends, the fire will be put out, and you will automatically stand up. You can still stand up before that, and the duration of the Campfire will not be affected.

Wrap Up

The Campfire provides Health, Spells, and Abilities. It is bought from the Woodsman in Merchant Tabs. From this Reddit Post, players are confused about how Campfire works, but our guide on How To Use Campfire in Dark and Darker has cleared up everything about it.

Dark and Darker is a first-person game created by the IRONMANCE. Players are thrown into a dank and gloomy dungeon filled with dangerous foes — a relentless hardcore experience for RPG fans.

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