Dark and Darker: Extract & Portals [Explained]

Learn everything you need to know about portals and extraction in Dark and Darker.

It is important to know how to extract and what is the purpose of portals in Dark and Darker. After every mission, players will need to extract from the mission their loot, and that is where this in-game feature comes in handy. 

The game consists of multiple floors, and as you move to the lower level, the enemies will get more and more difficult, and it also gradually gets more difficult to extract from the dungeon.

Key Highlights:

  • Extracting” is a fancier word used for exiting the dungeon with your loot without dying in Dark and Darker.
  • Players can extract from the dungeon through blue portals, which can be activated after interacting with the Blue Headstone that is found randomly in the level.
  • Be wary of the red portals, as they can send you deeper into the dungeon instead of extracting you from there. They often spawn close to the blue portals.
  • Players can find the red portals much more frequently in the High-Roller Dungeons.

What Is Extracting And How To Do It?

extract and portals in dark and darker
Blue Portals for Extraction [Image Captured by eXputer]
Once you have collected everything you need from the dungeon, then it is time to escape. The general idea of “Extracting” is to exit the level without dying (with all the sweet loot you collected, of course).

The only way players can extract from the mission is through blue portals. These portals will appear in front of the player after interacting with Blue Headstone. The location of these Headstones is random on each level, and they only appear a few minutes after the mission starts, so there is no way to pre-determine the location of the Blue Headstones.

A few things to remember about the blue portals is that they do not despawn, meaning that once you have activated them, you are not forced to extract the dungeon at that particular moment. Instead, you can move ahead and return to the portal later.

One thing to look out for is that only one person can go through the blue portal before it is deactivated. So if you were to go through the portal that was activated by your friend, then that would be pretty close to betrayal.

The last thing to remember is that blue portals and red portals often spawn close together, so be sure to double-check before you get into a portal.

What Are The Red Portals?

As we stated previously that red portals would often spawn close together with blue portals. The only advice we can give about them is to stay wary of them because if you are still new to the game and accidentally went inside the red portal, then you can kiss your loot goodbye.

Instead of extracting you from the mission, as blue portals do. The red portals send you deeper into the dungeon, where tougher enemies reside. Players can interact with both the blue portal and the red portal by pressing the “F” key.

Players can find the red portals much more frequently in the High-Roller Dungeons. However, those dungeons have 70 gold fees to enter.

Wrap Up

That neatly wraps up our guide on how to extract and what are the red portal and blue portals. We hope our guide helped you out. In case you are going to be using the Wizard class, then do consider reading our guide on All Cleric Spells and how to use them in Dark and Darker.

Darker and Darker is the latest hardcore fantasy FPS dungeon game that players can enjoy with their friends. Of course. The game is set for release in Q3 2023, as the developers are currently hosting a playtest for it on PC through Steam. In case you wish to stay up to date with all the recent patches and updates that this playtest may receive, then here is the link to their official discord. In any case, do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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