Dark and Darker Lich Bossfight: Moveset & Tips

Learn everything there is to know about Lich; the hardest enemy encountered in Dark and Darker.

In addition to PVP and PVE, Lich in Dark and Darker is a boss fight that can be found in the hell level of the game, which can be accessed by interacting with the Red portals. Unlike blue portals, Red Portals send you deeper into the dungeon with much tougher enemies.

Key Highlights

  • Lich is located in the depths of hell, which can only be accessed by interacting with the Red Portal.
  • Red Portals spawn near the Blue Portals and require a Red Headstone to access.
  • The spawn timing of both the Headstones is random and appears any time after a couple of minutes have passed.
  • The chances of finding the Red Portal and Headstone can be increased by selecting the High-Roller Dungeon instead of the normal one.
  • Lich has four total moves, of which 2 of them are debuff spells, one is a summon spell, and one is a basic attack spell.
  • The recommended strategy against Lich is to rotate around him continuously and attack him using ranged weapons.


Red Extraction Portal
Press ‘F’ to access the Portal [Image Captured by eXputer]
As mentioned above, Lich is found in the depths of the dungeon, which can only be accessed by interacting with the Red Portal. Red Portals spawn close to Blue Portals and require a Red Headstone. The location of the headstones and portal is random and changes with every dungeon run, but one thing that is certain is it spawns near the end of each run.

Another strategy players can use to increase their chances of finding the Red Portal is by selecting High-Roller Dungeons instead of the normal ones at the beginning of each run. High-Roller Dungeon is basically the hard mode of this game, which is only recommended for skilled players and features much tougher monsters. 

  • The entry fee for High-Roller Dungeons is 70 gold. 

Lich Moveset

Lich bossfight [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  • Skeleton Summon: As soon as you enter the room Lich is in, he’ll summon 6 skeletons. 4 of them will be normal skeletons, and 2 of them will be archers.
  • Purple Orb: It is a basic spell attack that that Lich casts from time to time to inflict basic damage upon the players. However, the attack shouldn’t be taken lightly since Lich inflicts extremely lethal damage.
  • Purple Wave Debuff: Amidst the battle, Lich will cast a purple-colored debuff on players. This debuff increases the damage intake of the affected player and creates a purple-colored circle around him. Standing in the circle created around the player will reduce the damage intake.
  • Blue Wave Debuff: Another debuff spell Lich casts during the fight is the Blue Wave Debuff. This debuff decreases the speed of the affected player and creates a blue-colored circle around him. Joining the player in the circle will cause a further reduction in speed.

Tips & Tricks

Lich conquered in combat [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • It is best not to engage with the skeletons at the beginning of the fight, as diverting attention away from Lich will make you vulnerable to any casts and spells it will use on you.
  • The best way to avoid the skeletons and keep your focus on Lich is to rotate around the room. In this way, the spawned skeletons will keep chasing you, the archers will keep missing their shots, and Lich won’t be able to catch you off guard.
  • The recommended combat approach for the Lich boss fight is ranged battle. This strategy allows you to keep in view everything that is happening in the arena and counter accordingly.
  • Melee combatants must be extra careful during the fight since they must get close to inflict damage while avoiding the skeletons. In that case, there should be at least one party member continuously providing support to melee combatants in the form of heals and other buffs.
  • Lastly, every party member should use the protection portion before the fight. Lich’s damage shouldn’t be underestimated, as many of its attacks are capable of instantly killing the player.
  • Don’t forget to loot the golden chest as well as the other fallen enemies after the battle is over.


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This concludes our guide on the moveset and tips for the Lich boss fight in Dark and Darker. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below:


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