Dark And Darker: Pickpocket Perk [Explained]

Learn how the Pickpocket Perk operates, and how it works to strengthen the Rogue class that players can use!

The Pickpocket perk in Dark And Darker is available from the get-go for the Rogue class, allowing the class to steal items from targets sneakily. Players might have issues figuring out how the perk operates and, therefore, might require assistance. 

Key Highlights: 

  • The Pickpocket Perk can be used in order to steal items off of any target’s back and add them to your own inventory. 
  • The perk is only made available to players who choose the Rogue class out of the 6 available. 
  • Players will not be able to see the items that they are looting while they are stealing them, but rather when it has been added to their inventory. 
  • The main benefit of using the perk is that it allows players to expand their inventory and item collection. 
  • The best way to steal off of targets is by using the perk sneakily and aiming not to get caught. 

Pickpocket Perk Explained 

Now, when it comes to the pickpocket perk, one thing that players should keep in mind is that they will not be able to use it if they are playing any other class other than Rogue. The other classes do not have any perk that grants payers the ability to pickpocket, nor do they have any abilities that allow players to do so. 

In essence, the main aim of the pickpocket perk is to: 

  • “You can steal an opponent’s item from the dungeon.”

Whenever players are busy in a dungeon, or they are running from one end of the dungeon to the other, there might be times when you might see their enemy have an item that they want, or you might simply want to loot off of them, which might be unethical but who cares this is a game. 

With the pickpocket perk, players will be able to take note of any enemy that is closeby to them and simply take items off of them and have them instantly added to their inventory, and the enemy will not be able to get their items back no matter what. 

  • Once the perk has been activated, all the player needs to do is wait for an enemy to cross them by. 
  • You could be standing in a corner and awaiting an enemy to open up one of the dungeon gates and then cross through it, and this might be your chance
  • When you see the person that you want to steal from approaching you or crossing you by, their entire body will be highlighted, and if you are playing on a PC, then there will be an option whereby you can click F on your keyboard, which will instantly activate the stealing mechanic

The second you activate the perk, you will be able to sneak up on your enemy while they have their backs turned on you, and there will be a small bar that appears on the bottom of your screen that indicates that you are continuing the stealing process. The hand motions will simply be you picking the item off the enemy’s back and them not noticing you. 

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to carry the perk out again to steal for a second time from the same person, basically meaning that you might be able to loot them until they have nothing valuable in their possession practically, and it becomes all yours. 

  • Now, one thing that players should know is that you will not be able to see what you are stealing as you are stealing it. Rather, you will only be able to see the items you stole once it has been added to your inventory, and from there, you can open it to see whether you have something valuable or not. 
  • If the items you looted are valuable, then keep them; if not, get rid of them. 

The perk is incredibly fun to use if you know how to utilize it well, and it can make you rich in resources pretty viably. 

Why Is Rogue The Best Starter Class? 

Rogue Class
Rogue Class (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at the rogue class itself and what it presents to players that end up choosing it between the other 5 classes that are available. The other 5 classes that are made available as of now are your generics like wizard, ranger, fighter, cleric, as well as a barbarian class

  • Now, when it comes to the rogue class, they are described to be one that will be on the sly side. They like to lurk within the shadows, and they truly like to go, rogue when they’re hiding from every person in sight. They don’t like to be seen, and they certainly don’t like to be caught by anyone

They are known to be The Sly Assasin for a reason, and they will continuously hide anything that they do since most of their deeds will not be safe to be revealed to anyone. 

The rogue itself is known to be extremely experienced, and they will be able to deceive any person that dares to cross paths with them. No one is safe from the rogues, and no one can dare be a witness to their deeds

  • The main aim of the rogue itself will be to carry out his evil deeds without being caught by anyone, and they will mainly be responsible for any loot that goes missing since they are incredibly attracted to treasure and will do anything that they want to get their hands on it, which is why the Dark And Darker Pickpocket perk comes in handy so much. 
  • If there is a building that is locked, even that cannot deem itself to be safe, since the Rogue is insanely good at lockpicking, which allows them to head into any building or dungeon that they want, and loot the insides clean until there is no more treasure left to discover or own by its residents.
  • Alongside that, rogues are also known to be excellent at disabling traps. What this means is that if there is ever any traps that are set up specifically to catch a rogue in action, it will be of no use since any rogue that passes by will be able to take sight of it, head up to it and simply get rid of the lock and go about their business like nothing ever happened. 
Pros And Cons
Pros And Cons (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the rogue class, considering each class will have its pros and cons based on the player’s overall needs and preferences. 


When it comes to the pros for the rogue class, they will be listed as follows: 

  • With the rogue class, players will be well assured that they will be able to move at high speeds, making them extremely agile and allowing them to move from one end to the other with ultimate speed without needing to fear being caught by any other player. This makes them all the more viable for fast travel too. 
  • Another pro that players will be able to experience with the rogue class will simply be that they will be able to interact with objects pretty quickly as well, which allows them to use the environment to their advantage. 
  • As far as the next advantage is concerned, their attack speed will be incredibly fast too, which is always a plus when you’re in the heat of a tough battle and need to consistently launch attack after attack that is required to take down the opposing party that you are facing. 
  • Alongside being able to take advantage of the Dark And Darker Pickpocket perk, players who choose to go rogue will also be able to pick on locks without needing to use a specific lock pick. This makes it incredibly easy for them to break into buildings and dungeons that would otherwise be too tough to get into, and it also makes the process of looting a lot easier. 
  • Another thing that players will be able to take note of when they’re playing as a rogue will be that they will be able to move around silently. As compared to other classes, rogues will not make as many sounds when they are moving around, making them incredibly difficult to be detected and caught. 
  • Last but not least, rogues will also be able to disable traps with utmost ease, without needing to get into the trap itself. This makes them even more difficult to get caught, therefore allowing them to move ahead faster. 


Moving onto the cons, they are going to be the following: 

  • Players who decide to play as a rogue will have to suffer from having lower health, which makes them weaker in combat, and if they do end up being detected, then their health will be at risk. 
  • Players will also have to suffer from low magic resistance, which makes them even more vulnerable to taking in increased magic damage from the opposing party, which makes their survival all the more difficult. 
  • Lastly, the overall damage bonus will be low as well, which doesn’t make the rogue a DPS-viable class. 

Last but not least, let’s discuss the perks and abilities that players will be able to get access to when they are playing as a rogue, alongside the pickpocket perk. 

All Perks Available

Perks (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off with the perk, they will be as follows: 

  • Ambush: The first attack that is launched by players within 3 seconds after getting done with their stealth mode will deal a total of 50% extra weapon damage as normal damage. 
  • Backstab: With Backstab in hand, players will be able to get an increase in their overall physical damage bonus by 30% anytime they attack the enemy from behind. 
  • Creep: As the name suggests, you will be able to become a literal creep, allowing you to gain reduced sound of the footsteps whenever you are moving around normally or when you’re crouching so that you don’t get detected all that easily. 
  • Dagger Expert: As far as dagger expert is concerned, it will enhance your physical damage bonus by a total of 5% anytime you are using a dagger to attack the enemy that is present in front of you. 
  • Hidden Pockets: Anytime you are wearing any items that are present in the utility slot, they will not be visible on your waist, and the main reason why this perk might be useful is simply so that you don’t have your items looted by other players such as other rogues. 
  • Lockpick Expert: As we mentioned before in its pros, rogues are insanely good at lockpicking, and this is made possible due to this perk, which allows them to get through any lock that is present on a door without needing to put in a lot of effort. 
  • Pickpocket: Probably one of the most useful perks that you can have as a rogue, it is simply there so that you can steal an opponent’s item from the dungeon with ease. 
  • Poisoned Weapon: If you can successfully attack an enemy, it will go ahead and apply poison onto them, which will then deal a further 4 magic damage over a time period of 4 seconds. 
  • Stealth: Players are able to move a total of 10 steps without being noticed by anyone in the opposing party since they will be hidden from them. 
  • Trap Direction: As we mentioned before, in the pros, again, being able to use this perk to disable traps makes it all the more useful. 

All Abilities 

Abilities (Image Credits Exputer)

Lastly, let’s discuss the four abilities that players can use as rogues: 

  • Hide: With Hide, players will be able to become invisible simply, and they will still be allowed to change any equipment that needs to be changed; the payer’s identity will be revealed if they end up performing an action. 
  • Rupture: The next attack that is launched by the player will cause the enemy to bleed and take 20 physical damage over a 5-second time period. 
  • Smoke Bomb: A smoke screen is launched after a grenade is thrown out, blurring everything and lasting for 20 seconds, and it will have an overall range so f7.5 meters. 
  • Weak point Attack: Anytime the next attack is launched, it will deal a total of 50% bonus weapon damage to the enemy, and if the attack is carried out successfully, then the overall defense of the enemy will be decreased by 50% for 5 seconds. 


And there we have it! A detailed explanation of the pickpocket perk as well as the class that is associated with it, and with that, we willow rap up our Dark And Darker Pickpocket guide! While you’re at it, you might want to read up on our Dark And Darker Cleric Spells in order to know all about the spells!


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