Dark and Darker: How To Get Skeleton Skin

Skeleton Skin is bought from the Shop using Adventure Coins. Find out How To Get Skeleton Skin & Adventure Coins in Dark and Darker!

Skeleton skin in Dark and Darker is bought from the shop using Adventure Coins. There are two Skeleton Skins: Skeleton for 2,250 adventure coins and Elite Skeleton for 5,000 adventure coins.

Key Highlights:

  • Dark And Darker Skeleton skin is available in the shop for 2,250 adventure coins.
  • Adventure Coins are earned by completing an extraction with your loot.
  • Players can extract through Blue Portal.
  • Red Portals are dangerous, sending you deeper into the dungeon with stronger foes.

How To Get Skeleton Skin In Dark And Darker?

Skeleton skin Dark and Darker
Purchasing Skeleton Skin in Dark and Darker – [screenshot captured by Us]
As said, you can buy Skeleton Skin in the lobby from the Shop tab. For that, you will have to collect Adventure Coins. The Skeleton Skin is worth 2,250 Adventure Coins, and the Elite Skeleton Skin (Which is red) is worth 5,000 Adventure Coins.

Moreover, you can even buy The Blue Torch, which is worth 1,500 Adventure Coins, and some other emotes too.

How To Get Adventure Coins?

Players can get Adventure Coins by completing an extraction, meaning successfully getting out of the dungeon with your loot without dying. The reward depends on your activities in the dungeon, like Killing Monsters, Looting Treasures, Shrines, and Portals. However, if you die in the game, you will lose all your loot too.

To successfully leave or extract the dungeon, you must find a blue portal activated through Blue Headstone. However, be wary of the Red Portals, as they will send you deeper down in the dungeon, leaving you with stronger enemies. You will lose your Adventure Coins and have to grind more for the Skeleton Skin in Dark and Darker.

Moreover, only one person can go through the Blue Portals, leaving your teammate behind. Also, Blue and Red portals often spawn close together; check before entering one!

Therefore, you must safely extract through a dungeon with all your loot to get Adventure Coins and Skeleton Skin in Dark and Darker.

Wrap Up

From this Reddit post, some players have confused Adventure Coins for Blue Points. To clarify things, the color of Adventure Coins is only blue. Moreover, it is observed from the same post that you can’t expect that anything in the game will be transferred between tests. You may even lose things during tests.

Dark and Darker is currently doing an Alpha Test on PC in Steam. With its ruthless enemies, players tend to die quickly, so why not read our Dark And Darker Classes guide and find the best class for you?

You may even have low health at some point and will need to heal. Using Campfire will allow you to heal yourself and your teammates.

However, for now, that’s it in our guide on How To Get Skeleton Skin in Dark And Darker.


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