Dark and Darker Wizard Class: Perks, Spells & Tips

Learn everything there is about the Wizard class in Dark and Darker.

The Wizard class specializes in mid-long-range combat and can dish out heaps of damage at the cost of low defense and high close-range vulnerability. Wizard’s magical Staff or Spellbook allows him to use a variety of spells that can take care of enemies from a distance, and that is the most effective way of using this class. With the right perks and spells under the belt, Wizard is more than capable of keeping his enemies at bay.

Key Highlights

  • Wizard is a mage-like class that specializes in utilizing spells to finish off enemies from a safe distance.
  • Out of the 4 total slots of perks, only one of them is unlocked at level 0 and the rest of them are unlocked at levels 5,10, and 15.
  • The perks available to the Wizard class are Quick Chant, Fire Mastery, Arcane Specialization, Arcane Mastery, Ice Shield, Mana Surge, Melt, Sage, and Reactive Shield. Quick Chant is the recommended perk for starters.
  • There are 2 slots of skills and 4 total skills available to the Wizard class, Both slots are available from the start.
  • The skills are Spell Memory 1 & 2, Meditation, and Intense Focus. Spell Memory and Meditation are the recommended skills as they allow the user to cast spells and replenish spells respectively.
  • Wizard can cast 11 different spells that are divided into different tiers. There the number of the tier indicates the cost of the spell.
  • The spells that the Wizard cast in Dark and Darker is Zap, Light Orb Ignite, Slow, Ice Bolt, Magic Missiles, Haste, Lightning Strike, Invisibility, Fireball, and Chain Lightning.
  • The tips for playing as Wizard class include: keeping your distance, maintaining a good movement speed, and focusing on magic-related attributes and armor.

Wizard Playstyle in Dark and Darker

Mage Class
Selecting Wizard Class [Image Captured by us]
Wizard has three available skill trees in a class category which are named: Skill, Perks, and Spells. Perks and Skills are under the same category in the latest build and a new category ‘training,’ is also there, which is currently unavailable and is locked behind the message ‘coming soon.’

So as of now, skills, perks, and spells are what you have to build Wizard according to your liking. More spells, perks, or skills could be added in future updates, but here are all the skills, perks, and spells that are currently available:


The tree for Perks & Skills [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
All 9 perks that Wizard can equip are available from the start, although the amount of slots is limited. At level 0, there is only 1 slot for perk, but as you progress and level, more slots will be made available. The slots for equipping more perks are unlocked after every 5 levels, meaning, additional slots will unlock at levels 5, 10, and 15.

Perks serve the same purpose in Dark and Darker as in any other RPG, which is, providing passive buffs that enhance the player’s playstyle. 

  • Quick Chant: Quick Chant is the recommended starter perk for any Wizard build, as it increases the spell-casting speed by 20%. Casting spells in Dark and Darker can take quite a while as you are required to completely charge the spell before unleashing it, and the reduction in the casting time can save your life in a lot of unfavorable situations.
  • Fire Mastery: Provides a 5% damage increase to fire spells and extends the duration of burn status inflicted upon the enemies by 2.5 seconds. As a Wizard, one of the spells you’ll have in your inventory is Fireballs, which is not only an extremely powerful skill at early levels but also at high levels as well. So if you plan on using Fireballs, which you should, Fire Mastery is a must-have perk.
  • Arcane Specialization: It increases your casting speed and damage by 1% each time you cast a spell. This effect stacks up to five times which means you could potentially raise your damage and casting speed by 5% if you play effectively.
  • Arcane Mastery: It increases your damage by 5% and casting speed by 1 second. Another skill that raises your casting speed and damage, but unlike Arcane Specialization, this perk doesn’t stack.
  • Ice Shield: It increases Wizard’s armor rating by +20 and grants him a special type of shield that inflicts a Frost effect upon the enemy after being hit for 0.5 seconds. As someone with very low health and high close-range vulnerability, any type of extra protection and special buffs are welcome.
  • Mana Surge: It increases the Wizard’s magic damage bonus by 5%. 
  • Melt: Enemies attacked with Fireball will have their armor reduced by 10%.  The effect of this perk isn’t very noticeable in solo but may be noticeable for teammates who are engaging enemies in close quarters.
  • Sage: It increases Wizard’s knowledge by 10%. Knowledge is one of the attributes in Dark and Darker that affect spell casting speed, spell count and item identification speed.
  • Reactive Shield:  Grants you a shield that activates whenever you get hit and absorbs 10 damage for a duration of 10 seconds. The shield has a brief cooldown period after every use.


Unlike perks, Skills are buffs that are activated during combat to give the user either some sort of edge or replenish his spells or health. Wizard class has a total of 4 skills and 2 skill slots. The skill slots are available from the start and don’t require any progression to unlock.

  • Spell Memory 1: Allows you to cast spells. While this shouldn’t really be a skill because, without this skill, this class has no point, so Spell Memory is a mandatory skill you should have equipped at all times unless you don’t want to cast spells.
  • Spell Memory 2: Spell Memory 2 opens up more spell slots for the user. It is a great skill to have if you want to have access to a plethora of spells in any given run.
  • Meditation: As the name suggests, this skill puts the Wizard in a meditation animation and lets him replenish his used spells at a rate of 40 spell costs over 10 seconds.
  • Intense Focus: Basically allows you to instantly cast your next spell. While on paper it is great but due to only 1 actually usable skill slot, this spell is not worth it over Meditation since replenishing your spells without Meditation can be quite a hassle.


Casting a Spell
Using Staff to cast Fireball [Image Captured by eXputer]
In the current build of Dark and Darker, Wizard can wield 7 different weapons, with only 4 of them having magical capabilities. So for our guide, we will be discussing the weapons that suit the Wizard Class, as using weapons that can’t cast spells doesn’t really make much sense.

  • Spellbook: It is by far the best weapon for the Wizard class since it enhances the best parts of the Wizard class, which are spell-casting speed and faster movements. Spellbook isn’t capable of dealing physical damage, but then again, you won’t need to do that anyway when you are firing magical missiles from a distance.
  • Wizard Staff: This is the weapon you’ll have by default and is capable of both physical attacks and magical attacks. But you really shouldn’t expect this weapon to give you some great melee advantage, as it won’t be of great use outside of killing small insects. And its casting speed is slower than Spellbook, making it a Jack of all trades, master at none.
  • Crystal Sword: If you are really looking for a hybrid option, then you might as well go with the Crystal Sword. It is capable of stabbing and slashing opponents while also allowing you to cast spells. So if you want something to protect yourself during melee combat, Crystal Sword is your weapon.
  • Crystal Ball: It is comparable to Spellbook, although its slow casting speed doesn’t make it a sensible choice when an already superior option (Spellbook) is available.


The menu of Spells [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
The real meat of the Wizard Class, Spells. At the moment, Wizard Class has access to a total of 11 spells with unique effects, costs, and cast timings. The spells in Dark and Darker are divided into 6 tiers based on their spell cost. In simple words, the tier number corresponds to their spell cost.

  • Zap (Tier 1): It deals magic damage and inflicts burn status that lasts for 1 second.
  • Light Orb (Tier 1): It is basically an illumination spell that lights up your surroundings. Upon casting Wizard creates multiple floating spheres that light up the surrounding areas and let you observe environments and see any incoming threat more clearly.
  • Ignite (Tier 1): It sets the weapon of your target on fire, deals 5 magic damage, and inflicts a burn status effect.
  • Slow (Tier 2): Slows down the movement speed for the selected target by 40% for 2.5 seconds.
  • Ice Bolt (Tier 2): Upon a successful hit, Ice Bolt also slows down the movement speed of the target by 15% for a duration of 1 second. The damage inflicted by Ice Bot is 48 per headshot and 32 on the body.
  • Magic Missile (Tier 3):  This spell charges up to 10 homing missiles, and each deals damage equal to +12. Be careful when casting, though, since movement can interrupt the spell.
  • Haste (Tier 3):  Selected target gains movement speed and an action bonus of 14% for 12 seconds. The spell is cast onto oneself if there is no valid target in the area.
  • Lightning Strike (Tier 4):  Upon activation, a bolt of lightning strikes the targeted area after 4 seconds, causing AoE damage. Its cast time is 1.25 seconds.
  • Invisibility (Tier 4): This spell makes the target invisible and grants them 10% movement speed for 4 seconds. The effect is directed onto oneself if there is no valid target. An excellent spell for escaping enemies and other players.
  • Fireball (Tier 4):  Unleashes a Fireball that has 30 direct damage and 20 splash damage and also knockbacks enemies upon hit. One of the best Wizard spells in the game that can be used for inflicting status effects and having crowd control. The spell has a cast timing of 1.25 seconds.
  • Chain Lightning (Tier 6): A chain spell, that electrocutes through multiple enemies and extends to a radius of 400m. The electricity passes through only once per target and can affect the caster as well. Its cast time is 1.5 seconds.

Tips For Wizard Class

  • As a Wizard Class user, it is advised to keep your distance from the enemy. The low health bar, long casting animations, and ill-equipped close-range weapons put the Wizard in a highly vulnerable state at close range.
  • Aside from the obvious spell attacks, Wizard is capable of providing support to his allies as well in the form of speed (Haste) and damage boost (Ignite), so make sure you don’t neglect those spells during the combat.
  • As a Wizard the attributes you should be focusing on are Knowledge, Magical Power, Max Health, Spell Capacity Bonus, Additional Magic Damage, Buff Duration, and Will. 
  • As far as the Armor is concerned, look out for any Armor set that boosts any of the aforementioned stats while not tanking your movement speed too much.
  • Speaking of movement speed, you should never have any sort of gear equipped that makes Wizard too slow. While the extra health is good, it won’t last long when you are taking hits upfront, and with no means to defend yourself in melee combat, you’ll die a quick death. 


Dark and Darker directly throw players into the game without explaining some of its key mechanics. The lack of tutorials can lead to confusion as your initial hours will be spent just figuring out everything. To save yourself from that trouble, consider going through our guides on Extract & Portals, Campfire, Dual Wield, and Golden Key.

This concludes our guide on Wizard in Dark and Darker. Let us know your queries in the comments below:


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