Dave The Diver: Best Staff [Top 10]

Learn the best strategies for the best staff in Dave the Diver so as to run the virtual sushi bar & maximize your under-the-sea business.

Hiring the best staff in Dave the Diver is crucial for you as it gives you ample time to hunt the best Trevally fish or regular ones for your sushi business. Moreover, a great staff could also give you some free time to relax as your workers will take care of the restaurant.  So, in this article, we’ll give you the names of the best workers you can recruit for your business in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Hiring the best staff in Dave the Diver is crucial for efficient business operations and allowing the player some relaxation time.
  • The best staff members have diverse skills, from cooking and serving to procurement and appeal.
  • Certain staff excel in specific areas, such as Masayoshi in procurement or Raptor in serving.
  • Skills such as Cocktail Serving, Wasabi Refill, and Dispatch Master can significantly enhance a staff member’s effectiveness in their role.
  • It’s beneficial to have staff members who can multitask, such as Billy, who can clean while serving customers.
  • Identifying staff members’ strengths and assigning duties accordingly is important to enhance their effectiveness and level up.
  • Training staff members to unlock their full potential is vital in Dave the Diver.
  • Recruiting staff members involves completing certain quests and tasks in Dave the Diver.

The Best Dave The Diver Staff

Here is an overview of all the best staff members showcased, along with individual stats & skills:

10Masayoshi786253814378Ingredient Prepping Expert, Dispatch Master
9Raptor304910770194Wasabi Refill, Cocktail Serving
8Mitchell84701483567Drink Serving, Serving+
7Jandi66507375441Wasabi Refill, Tip Master
6Billy308616310442Cleaning Master, Tip Master
5Charlie1573318778135Cooking+, Ingredient Prepping Expert
4Tohoku1294440660264Cooking+, Cooking++
3El Nino1321033769901Drink Serving Master, Cleaning Master
2Maki2100332020Cooking+, Cooking++
1Yone1752330794132Cooking++, Ingredient Prepping Expert

10. Masayoshi

Masayoshi [Image Credits: eXputer]
Masayoshi786253814378Ingredient Prepping Expert, Dispatch Master

Masayoshi is a character that truly stands out in Dave the Diver, and his exceptional dispatch abilities are a simple reason for that.

As a staff member, you could use Masayoshi in the kitchen, and he would perform admirably. However, his true talent shines when he’s put on dispatch duties. His high level of expertise in the area of procure, particularly at level 20, is unrivaled in Dave the Diver. This makes him the go-to option for dispatch tasks, allowing you to ensure a consistent auto supply of essential ingredients and items in Dave the Diver.

On top of his outstanding procure abilities, he also possesses the Dispatch Master skill. This further reinforces his exceptional ability to manage dispatch duties. The combination of his innate skill and this particular ability make him a powerhouse in procurement, ensuring your operation never runs dry of crucial supplies.

9. Raptor

Raptor [Image Credits: eXputer]
Raptor304910770194Wasabi Refill, Cocktail Serving

The Raptor is an absolute game-changer in Dave the Diver. He has a unique skill set that sets him apart from other staff members in Dave the Diver, specifically, his Cocktail Serving and Wasabi Refill abilities. These skills alone are rare and unique within Dave the Diver, and Raptor is the only character with access to both. This means that he is able to provide a unique combination of services that no other character can offer, which can be invaluable in the often chaotic and fast-paced environment of your sushi bar.

Moreover, Raptor’s service skills don’t stop there. He is also a master at serving, boasting one of the highest Serving skills of any staff member in Dave the Diver. This makes him an invaluable asset, particularly in the later stages when the pace accelerates, and efficient service becomes even more crucial. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each member is key to picking the Dave the Diver best staff for your sushi business.

He can balance delivering cocktails and replenishing wasabi while maintaining top-tier service in your sushi bar. This means that you, as a player, can focus more on other strategic elements, knowing that Raptor has the serving side of things well covered.

8. Mitchell

Mitchell [Image Credits: eXputer]
Mitchell84701483567Drink Serving, Serving+

As an owner of the food business, your focus is always on the kitchen, but have you ever thought about who would serve the customers with a bright smile? That’s where someone like Mitchell plays his part. He has the second-highest serving rating in Dave the Diver, as he lies in the bronze category. This indicates that you can easily acquire him without worrying about heavy ads.

Mitchell also appeals to the customer’s satisfaction as he has a good score when it comes to appealing to the visitors. So, you would want to get him quickly so that one area of your restaurant is covered.

7. Jandi

Jandi [Image Credits: eXputer]
Jandi66507375441Wasabi Refill, Tip Master

Jandi is one of those workers who can unlock lots of new abilities as his level goes up. However, you need to work on his skills so that he levels up quickly. Once his level is at level 20, his stats improve considerably, making him a great staff member. His specialty is handling the wasabi single-handedly. He’s also great at getting tips from customers. This means he can do numerous jobs for you simultaneously.

6. Billy

Billy [Image Credits: eXputer]
Billy308616310442Cleaning Master, Tip Master

You need someone who can keep the area clean and Billy is best suited for this job, as he’s a cleaning master. He also has the ability to talk to the customers and, in return, could get huge tips. Although not as high as Mitchell’s level, he has got decent serving numbers, which could come in handy for you as he can perform dual roles. Moreover, he can also please the customer with his lovely attitude, making him one of the best staff in Dave the Diver.

Overall, he’s a versatile worker who excels in several ways. So, you should get this man as early as possible.

5. Charlie

Charlie [Image Credits: eXputer]
Charlie1573318778135Cooking+, Ingredient Prepping Expert

You need someone excellent at cooking in the kitchen. After all, the taste matters for the visitors, and Charlie’s cooking skills are excellent. With him at the helm of affairs in the kitchen, customers are sure to be satisfied. However, he’s a silver-tier employee, so recruiting won’t be easy.

First, you need to spend many hours in Dave the Diver, and secondly, you’ll have to spend a lot on your ads to get him. Once you have him on your team, you’ll be at ease with your restaurant work. However, he has no other abilities besides excellent cooking skills. So, he’s pretty much a one-dimensional worker.

4. Tohoku

Tohoku [Image Credits: eXputer]
Tohoku1294440660264Cooking+, Cooking++

Tohoku’s name always comes to mind when it comes to cooking some delicious seafood. His cooking skills are extraordinary; they can touch 1300 at level 20. Plus, both of his special cooking skills also enhance his cooking expertise. He is easily the best staff in Dave the Diver because he can easily cook many dishes.

He can run the kitchen independently if you don’t want to hire anyone else. However, to do that, you need to train him and make him reach level 20 quickly. He also has high serving ratings alongside his cooking skills. Apart from these, he doesn’t have any flashy, unique skills.

3. El Nino

El Nino
El Nino [Image Credits: eXputer]
El Nino1321033769901Drink Serving Master, Cleaning Master

El Nino’s appearance is something that attracts customers as well as players. He looks like a mysterious masked wrestler who isn’t easy to recruit. He’s in the diamond tier, and therefore, it makes him extremely difficult to acquire.

You have to be extremely deep in Dave the Diver to get him. Once the restaurant has good traffic of visitors, you can hire him as he is going to be pretty useful. His forte is his serving ratings which are the highest in Dave the Diver, sitting at 1033 once he reaches level 20. Plus, he can easily procure ingredients for the cooking staff, and serve drinks. He also has the cleaning master skill. Overall, he’s an all-rounder.

2. Maki

Maki [Image Credits: eXputer]
Maki2100332020Cooking+, Cooking++

Sometimes, you don’t have the resources to hire the best workers. But that’s not the case with Maki, you can get her for free after ending the Reticent Girl side quest. She’s a top-notch chef at level 20 and her kitchen knowledge is infinite.

Although her stats aren’t impressive in other categories, she could add great value to your kitchen at her best level. Her score is almost 2100 at Level 20 which is the highest of any staff member. That’s what makes her one of the top employees in Dave the Diver.

1. Yone

Yone [Image Credits: eXputer]
Yone1752330794132Cooking++, Ingredient Prepping Expert

One of the members who is quite difficult to get is Yone. She’s a well-rounded employee who excels especially at her cooking skills. At level 20, her stats are only second to Maki for cooking. The great thing about her is that she has got cooking++ skills as well as ingredient-prepping expertise. 

Considering all of Yone’s stats, it makes her the best staff in Dave the Diver. Moreover, Yone also has the ability to increase the number of plates that are to be registered on the menu, which is a handy advantage.

How To Recruit The Best Staff In Dave The Diver?

To get the workers for your restaurant, you have first to unlock the Not Enough Workers quest in Chapter 1. Once it’s unlocked, complete this quest as it requires you to bring a shark’s head and catch a Whitetip Reef Shark.  

Once you have the shark’s head, cook it with olive oil. Then, go back to the restaurant and search for a new dish recipe from the Research tab. Now cook it up for Yoshie and your task is done. When all this is done, you can recruit workers.

The people you hire also need to be trained by you. For this, dispose of their duties around specific areas. That said, some are good at cooking while others excel at waiter jobs. So, you need to identify who is good at what. However, as you train them, their level will go up and they’ll unlock their full potential.

In conclusion, your success hinges on assembling the best team in Dave the Diver. From procurement pros like Masayoshi to serving experts like Raptor and top-notch cooks like Maki, the right staff can transform your business. They help with different tasks, allowing you to focus on other important parts of Dave the Diver. So, understanding the strengths of each staff member and training them to reach their full potential is crucial.

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