Dave The Diver: How To Increase Best Taste Rating

Learn how to quickly increase your Best Taste rating in Dave the Diver and reach the highest Diamond Rank in the Cooksta App!

In the world of Dave The Diver, elevating the status of your sushi restaurant is crucial for success. Your reputation, popularity, and the progression of your restaurant rely on a ranking system visible in the Cooksta app. One of the key factors that come into play while trying to ascend the ranking ladder in the Cooksta App is the Dave the Diver Best Taste score. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Dave the Diver, your sushi restaurant’s success is tied to its ranking on the Cooksta app, which relies heavily on the Best Taste score.
  • The Best Taste score is a measure of how delicious your dishes are.
  • Dishes crafted with rarer ingredients tend to have higher base scores.
  • Your current Best Taste score can be found under the “Rank Up” tab in the Cooksta app.
  • To rank up, you need a certain Best Taste score: 125 for Gold, 250 for Platinum, and 375 for Diamond.
  • To increase a dish’s Best Taste score, you can enhance it.
  • The process will consume the ingredients used, and the dish doesn’t necessarily have to be served to count toward your score.
  • The selected dish should have a high base taste value and be crafted from easily acquired ingredients. 
  • It is advisable to focus your efforts on enhancing a single dish until its Best Taste score surpasses 125, allowing you to reach the Gold Rank.

Best Taste In Dave The Diver

The Best Taste score is an indicator of how delicious your dishes are. Each dish in your restaurant’s menu comes with a Best Taste score that is represented by a number next to a yellow, tongue-sticking-out smiley face. Dishes crafted with rarer ingredients tend to have higher base scores than those made with common ingredients. 

Identifying Your Best Taste Rank

dave the diver best taste
Your Best Taste Rank [image by eXputer]

To find out your current Best Taste score, simply open the Cooksta app on your virtual phone and check under the “Rank Up” tab. The Gold Rank, which is the first level to necessitate a Best Taste score, requires you to reach 125 Best Taste

Increasing Your Best Taste Score

best taste enhancing dishes option
Option to Enhance Dishes [screenshot by eXputer]

To move from Silver to Gold ranking, you’ll need to achieve a Dave the Diver Best Taste score of at least 125. There’s a handy feature that allows you to enhance the dishes on your menu:

  1. Simply go to your menu at the restaurant, select a dish with a high base Best Taste score, and press Ctrl (or X on a controller) to enhance it. 
  2. Enhancing a dish increases its base stats, thus amplifying its Best Taste score. 
  3. It’s important to note that enhancing a dish will consume the ingredients used for the process. 
  4. Additionally, you’ll know which dishes you can enhance due to the green upward-pointing arrows around their icon.

You don’t necessarily have to serve the dish you’ve enhanced. 

  • Just having a dish with a Best Taste score of 125 on your menu will allow you to reach the Gold Rank
  • Looking ahead, you’ll need a dish with a Best Taste score of 250 for the Platinum level.
  • And you’ll need a 375 Best Taste score for the Diamond level, along with other prerequisites such as follower numbers. 
RankBest Taste Score Needed

Choosing The Right Recipes

Top Right Icon Showcasing The Best Taste Rating [screenshot by us]

Increasing the Best Taste ranking doesn’t have to be daunting if you strategize correctly. The key to progression lies in your ability to pick the right recipes. 

  • Focus on finding a recipe that uses ingredients you can easily acquire during your diving adventures. 
  • Make sure the dish you select for enhancement already has a high base taste value
  • Certain dishes are particularly lucrative when it comes to scoring high on Best Taste. 
  • Some worth considering include: 
    • Tropical Fish Sashimi 
    • Batfish Ricebowl Seagrapes 
    • Jellyfish Sushi Stellate. 

Useful Tips

To increase your Best Taste score to the desired level, it’s advised that you concentrate your efforts on enhancing a dish until its score surpasses 125. 

  • A single dish with a score of 125 or more will help you move up to the Gold Rank on the Cooksta app
  • Once you have a dish with a Best Taste score of 125 or higher, you can serve it at your restaurant, enhancing its reputation and popularity. 

Mastering the Best Taste feature in Dave the Diver and the Cooksta App is an essential step in becoming a successful sushi restaurant owner in the game.

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