Dave The Diver: Controller Or Keyboard [Pros & Cons]

In Dave the Diver, choosing between a controller or a keyboard significantly impacts the gameplay experience.

The choice of controls in Dave the Diver significantly impacts the overall experience of exploring the deep sea. It is crucial to determine which device, such as a controller or a keyboard, suits your preferences in Dave the Diver. This decision can make the gameplay either easier or more challenging.

Key Takeaways
  • The choice of controls in Dave the Diver controller or keyboard significantly impacts the gameplay experience.
  • Using a controller provides fluid character movement and easier execution of minigames and dodging during boss battles.
  • Aiming with a controller may be more challenging compared to using a mouse and keyboard.
  • Using a keyboard and mouse allows for more precise aiming and control, especially for hitting weak spots on enemies.
  • Keyboard and mouse controls can offer flexibility and adaptability to different gameplay situations.
  • Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and playstyle, and it is recommended to try both options to determine the most suitable control method.
Dave the diver Controller and keyboard
Controller VS Keyboard in Dave the Diver [Image designed/credited by eXputer]

Should You Use The Controller In Dave the Diver?

When deciding on the controls for Dave the Diver, players often wonder whether to use a controller or a keyboard. Both options have their own strengths and weaknesses, which can greatly impact the overall gameplay experience.


  • Provides fluid character movement, allowing for smooth exploration of the vast deep sea.
  • Makes certain minigames, such as catching strong fish, easier to play due to the convenience of button inputs.
  • Offers faster dodging abilities during boss battles, enhancing the player’s chances of avoiding attacks.


  • Aiming can be more challenging compared to using a mouse and keyboard.

Should You Use The Keyboard And Mouse In Dave the Diver?

On the other hand, using a keyboard and mouse offers its own set of advantages and considerations in Dave the Diver.


  • Provides more precise aiming and fighting controls, making it easier to hit weak spots on targets.
  • Can be beneficial for specific gameplay elements, such as pouring beer in the sushi restaurant minigame.
  • Allows players to switch between controls, offering flexibility to adapt to different gameplay situations.


  • Movement may feel slightly less smooth compared to using a controller.
  • Some players may find the overall controls to be more clunky compared to using a controller.

Ultimately, the choice between a controller and a keyboard with mouse control in Dave the Diver depends on individual preferences. It is recommended to try both options and determine which one suits your playstyle and comfort level the best.

That’s it on the pros and cons of Controller and Keyboard. Make sure to try both devices before deciding on the one. Many people have different preferences as seen in this Reddit Post, so make sure you try both.

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