How To Catch Coral Trout In Dave The Diver

Look no further than our Dave the Diver Coral Trout guide to learn about all the uses and tricks to catch and use this exotic fish.

When you’re done fighting the seas for squids and dolphins, you’ll eventually turn to fill requests for progression. Occasionally, you’ll be handed a VIP request having a number of peculiar dishes or tasks like catching the elusive Tropical Trout. In our Dave the Diver Tropical Trout guide, we will discuss how to find, catch, and finally, how to use this exotic marine animal.

Key Takeaways
  • The Coral Trout is an exotic fish in Dave the Diver.
  • It is found at medium depths between 50-130 meters in the Blue Hole.
  • The weight of the Coral Trout is 3 kg.
  • It is used as an ingredient in a number of dishes as well as a VIP quest.
  • The price of a Coral Trout is 18 g.

Preparation For The Journey

Blue Hole Dave the DIver
Blue Hole in Dave the Diver

Finding your way toward many different ingredients is easier said than done. Hunting the Coral Trout is one such ingredient, the journey to which is, more often than not, troublesome. For such a feat, it’s better to prepare yourself with a bunch of items that will prove to be useful.

For the Vip order, you require three Coral Trouts to complete the order. Therefore, you must have the Cargo Box upgrade to increase your carrying capacity as each Trout weighs about 3kgs. You can skip this upgrade if you want to make multiple trips. Secondly, you must have the Diving Suit Lv 3 equipped. The upgraded Diving Suit is necessary because you will be diving quite deep for this ingredient.

Where To Find the Coral Trout?

Coral Trout Dave the Diver
Blue Hole FIsh: Coral Trout

Like most Fish in Dave the Diver, The Coral Trout is bound to specific areas and depths. You can encounter the Coral Trout in the Blue Hole at Medium Depth (50-130 meters). However, from our testing, the best way to go about it is to keep diving east at the mentioned depths. If you do encounter obstacles, just go below or above them, whichever is more convenient.

You will likely find a school of Coral Trout in numbers of 3, so finding even one is enough for the order. Additionally, if you aren’t burning through your oxygen levels, you should be able to find a school in just one or two dives.

Another thing you can try doing is try hunting for the Coral Trout when the VIP quest for Micheal Bang is incomplete. This will mark the Trout with a blue diamond that will help you spot them with more ease. I will recommend using this trick to hunt this fish as it is one of the more elusive and annoying fish to catch.

Uses For The Coral Trout

Finally, it is time to discuss what exactly the uses of the Dave The Diver Coral Trout are. It is used in a number of different dishes. It also fetches a decent price if you plan on selling the trout. The detailed uses are listed as follows.

  • You will be required to catch three Coral Trout as a VIP order for Micheal Bangs.
  • You can use the Coral Trout in the classic Coral Trout Sushi dish for your restaurant. The ingredient is used in more recipes that you may unlock as your progress through the game.

That concludes our Coral Trout Guide for Dave the Diver. If there is something you wish to let us know, be sure to leave it in the replies below.

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