Dave The Diver: How To Unlock Hidden Achievements

Explore the hidden achievements in Dave the Diver from underwater quests to nighttime restaurant duties and mysterious challenges.

In the immersive world of Dave the Diver, players are not merely confined to surface-level tasks. Beneath its core gameplay lies a treasure trove of hidden achievements waiting to be unearthed. These accolades challenge players to embark on underwater quests by day and serve in a bustling restaurant by night. Dive deeper into Dave’s universe and uncover secrets that promise to elevate the gaming experience to unparalleled depths.

Key Takeaways
  • Dave the Diver has 7 hidden achievements for players to unlock.
  • Here is a quick overview of how to unlock all secret hidden achievements in Dave the Diver:
    1. Ration Eater: Earned by eating rations on the third floor of the secret base during the “Infiltration of Sea Blue” mission.
    2. Momo’s Secret: Unveiled by feeding Momo daily and understanding his nighttime habits.
    3. God of Lightning: Found by locating the Mjolnir hammer underwater and catching a fish using it.
    4. Creature Hunt: Achieved by defeating all of Dave the Diver’s bosses.
    5. Dev Killer: Unlocked by killing all Devs in the minigame at the end.
    6. Saved Dave: Gained by getting Dave rescued after he runs out of oxygen.
    7. Catman: Acquired by feeding a new cat (found post-Momo’s secret) 20 times.

What Are The Hidden Secret Achievements In Dave the Diver

Hidden Achievements in Dave the Diver are all about finding and catching fish in the daytime underwater by going through various quests and serving in the restaurant by night. There are 7 Secret hidden achievements down the ocean to unveil finishing different quests.

Secret Achievements in Dave the Diver are a few achievements that are associated with hidden goals and are unclear, therefore you first need to do some work on what the task is. These Achievements can be uncovered as you complete different challenges, unlock particular items, or achieve hidden goals. Some of the Secret Achievements you will get in Dave the Diver are listed below:

AchievementHow to Unlock
Ration EaterPick up the rations on the third floor in Sea Blue Base
Momo's SecretGet to know Momo a little better, feed it food
God of LightningCatch a fish with Mjolnir
Creature HuntDefeat all the bosses
Dev KillerWipe out all the developers in the minigame
Save DaveBring Dave back from the brink of death, when he runs out of O2
CatmanFeed Momo in the Sushi Restaurant 20 times

1. Ration Eater

Ration Eater
Ration Eater [Image Credits: eXputer]
Ration Eater’s secret achievement is the easiest hidden achievement in Dave the Diver that you can get the while completing “Infiltration of Sea Blue” mission. The activity to get this achievement involves eating Rations that are offered to you on the third floor of the secret base as you go there after finding the parts.

Explore the secret base, and after collecting parts, go to the third floor and there look for crates between the ladder and the building. When you approach them you will get notified to eat rations. Just eat them to get Ration Eater’s Secret Achievements. Then you can move on to finish this mission.

2. Momo’s Secret

Dave the Diver - Momo's Secret
Dave the Diver – Momo’s Secret [Image Credits: eXputer]
You must have to feed Momo one time a day to uncover Momo’s Hidden Achievement in Dave the Diver. To serve Momo’s food, keep looking for cat food in the ocean in Bancho’s Sushi restaurant. When you are diving you will see loot boxes red in color that contain cat food.

Feed Momo his food until Bancho asks you about disappearing of Momo at night. After your shift at the sushi bar, you will get to chase Momo. This way you will find Momo’s secret Achievement in Dave the Diver by knowing Momo a little more.

3. God of Lightning 

God of Lightning
God of Lightning [Image Credits: eXputer]
To unlock God of Lighting you need to find a Mjolnir hammer and catch any fish using it to complete this quest. The most important part of this Secret Hidden Achievement in Dave the Diver is to know the location of the hammer underwater.

  1. First, go to the glacier area to find the Mjolnir hammer. Mjolnir is hidden inside an aquamarine ice rock.
  2. Once you find that ice rock tries to break it with different equipment you have until it broke down and you see a hammer inside.
  3. Interact with a hammer to add it to your weapon after the ice rock is scattered.
  4. The most important part to unlock God of Lightning’s Secret Achievement is to hunt a fish using Mjolnir diving down the ocean.
  5. When you catch a fish with a hammer, you reach out to the God of Lightning Secret Achievement in Dave the Diver.

4. Creature Hunt

Creature Hunt
Creature Hunt [Image Credits: eXputer]
Creature Hunt is the hidden achievement in Dave the Diver, you will receive after killing all the bosses in the game, therefore requires a lot of effort. In Dave the Diver, you will encounter many bosses as you progress through Dave the Diver. Apart, from these, you will encounter remaining bosses as you take part in different quests.

In short, this achievement requires you to complete the whole game and only then you can have it. However, you may find it hard to keep a record of bosses you have defeated so far, therefore, you can check this opening up Marinca app.

5. Dev Killer

 Dev Killer Achievement
Dev Killer Achievement [Image Credits: eXputer]
To unlock Dev Killer Secret Achievement in Dave the Diver, you need to kill all Devs in the minigame in the end. The time here is limited, therefore, go through the entire arena in a circle holding the fire button.

This will make Dave shoot Lasers, that will burst Devs in a single shot giving you enough time to clean sweep. Also, you may encounter some Aliens too, ignore them until and unless they come in between you and Dev.

6. Save Dave

Save Dave is also an easy achievement in Dave the Diver, which you can unlock simply by getting rescued after being died because of an oxygen shortage. You will get this achievement as soon as Dave starts breathing again.

7. Catman

Catman Achievement
Catman Achievement [Image Credits: eXputer]
To get Catman’s achievement, you need a lot of patience. This achievement in Dave the Diver requires you to complete an easy yet long task in which you need to feed a cat you get after finding Momo’s secret almost 20 times. Unfortunately, this cat eats only one in a day, therefore you will have to wait for 20 days to complete this quest and finally get Catman Achievement.

The allure of Dave the Diver isn’t just in its vibrant marine environments or thrilling daily tasks; it’s in the enigmatic hidden achievements that beckon the most dedicated players. These secrets, skillfully woven into Dave the Diver’s fabric, encourage exploration and dedication, solidifying its position as a must-play RPG.

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