Dave The Diver: How To Get Steel Net Gun

Upgrade to the Steel Net Gun in Dave the Diver for superior fishing, and catch up to seven fish in a single shot!

To catch more high Rank Fishes you need a strong Tool. In the exciting game of Mintrocket’s Dave the Diver, there is a wide range of Weapons and Tools available, each with various upgrade options and different variations. But the Net Gun, also known as the Steel Net Gun, serves as the weapon of choice for new Divers.

Key Takeaways
  • The Steel Net Gun is a powerful tool in Dave the Diver, which is primarily used to catch high-Rank Fish.
  • It is an upgraded version of the initial Small Net Gun, evolved through Medium and Large Net Guns.
  • This tool allows players to catch multiple fish at once, up to seven in a single shot.
  • Made of durable steel, the net is perfect for speedy fishing and harvesting more substantial amounts of fish quickly.
  • The Steel Net Gun has a unique ability to capture larger Fish like White Trevally and Tuna, beneficial during special events where tuna dishes fetch a higher price.
  • Acquiring the Steel Net Gun involves gathering and using certain materials such as the following:
    1. Steel Rope x1
    2. Topaz x20
    3. Gold x3400
    4. and Pelican Eel Skin x3
  • These materials can be gathered by exploring underwater, mining crystals, selling dishes at the restaurant, and hunting elusive creatures in Glacier Passage.
  • Once acquired, the Steel Net Gun can be refilled with ammo deposits for continued use.

What Is Steel Net Gun In Dave The Diver?

The Steel Net Gun in Dave the Diver is a powerful fishing tool that players can upgrade to. This robust weapon allows divers to catch up to seven fish at once, including larger species like Tuna. Notable for its durable steel net, the Steel Net Gun enhances speedy fishing, making it an effective choice for high-Rank Fish and special events.

Triple Tuna Catch With Steel Net Gun
Triple Tuna Catch With Steel Net Gun [Image Captured by eXputer]
Among all the upgrades available, the Steel Net Gun stands out as the most powerful and formidable choice. It is a powerful tool to catch multiple Fishes in one go, up to seven Fishes can be caught using the Steel Net Gun. 

The net is made of sturdy steel. This net is incredibly durable and perfect for speedy Fishing, allowing you to gather a plentiful harvest in a short amount of time. What makes the Steel Net Gun even more special is its ability to capture much larger Fish, like Tuna.

  • Range: 5
  • Magazine 6
  • Damage 
  • Element

How To Get The Steel Net Gun In Dave The Diver?

Steel Net Gun
Steel Net Gun [Image Captured by eXputer]
In order to obtain the Steel Net Gun, it’s important to first possess the Small Net Gun and enhance it by upgrading to the Medium and Large Net Guns. To start, you can create a small net gun by gathering the necessary blueprints and crafting Materials. As you continue to upgrade it, you’ll eventually reach the Large Net Gun. Once you have the Large Net Gun, you’ll also need the following materials along with the Large Net Rope.

  • Steel Rope x1
  • Topaz x20
  • Gold x3400
  • Pelican Eel Skin x3

To gather the necessary materials for the Steel Net Gun, you can explore Underwater and mine Crystals to acquire Topaz. In your underwater adventures, you might even fall upon steel rope, you can upgrade your current rope to the sturdy steel variety. 

If you’re looking to accumulate gold, try selling delicious dishes at the bustling restaurant. For Pelican Eel Skins, you’ll need to track down those elusive creatures residing in Glacier Passage.

Upgrading Large Net Gun

Once you’ve gathered all the required materials, it’s time to perform the ultimate upgrade on your Large Net Gun, transforming it into a powerful Steel Net Gun. With this upgraded weapon in hand, you’ll be able to capture even larger Fish. The Steel Net Gun boasts an impressive magazine capacity of 6 and a shooting range of 5, ensuring you can tackle the most challenging catches with ease.

During a special event where tuna dishes get a higher price, it is essential to collect as much tuna as you can. However, waiting for Steel Net Traps to appear in the store can be restrictive. That’s where the Steel Net Gun comes in. This strong Tool can be used to repeatedly fill up with Ammo deposits, enabling you to capture a large quantity of Tuna. Remember to upgrade your salvage drone to handle multiple extractions of these sizable Fish effectively.

In Dave The Diver, the Steel Net Gun stands out as a game-changer. It’s a super tool that helps players catch up to seven fish at once, including larger ones like Tuna. To get it, you need to gather materials and upgrade from the Small Net Gun. This upgraded weapon has a range of 5 and holds six rounds. Whether you’re on a quick fishing trip or a special event, the Steel Net Gun makes your gaming experience more exciting and rewarding.

And with this, I wrap up my Dave The Diver Steel Net Gun guide. I assume you learned everything about the Steel Net Gun by now. If you do, I suggest you also read Dave the Diver All Mods, and Dave The Diver: How To Unlock Night Diving guides.


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