Dave The Diver: Jade Pedestal [Location & Rewards]

Learn everything there is about the location of Jade the Pedestal in Dave The Diver as well as the rewards for completing it's task.

Jade Pedestal in Dave The Diver is a human artifact. It’s just a type of candle for humans, but for the sea people, it’s a type of source of light, and they gave it a name, Jade Divine Tree Pedestal. To find the location of Jade Pedestal, you will have to do a bit of searching, but with the right guide to the location, you will be able to find it.

Key Takeaways
  • The Jade Pedestal is a human artifact that works as a source of light for the people of the sea.
  • It is found inside the third Glacial Area at a depth of almost 550m inside the Ancient control room.
  • There are some fish and eels which could attack you underwater. 
  • You will receive 30 research points for the eco bag.
  • Lastly, there is no specific weather condition, and it might take you multiple tries to find it.

How To Find The Jade Pedestal?

Third Glacial Cave
Dave The Diver: Where To Search – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

If you’re looking for the Jade Pedestal in the open ocean area. Then you’re looking at the wrong place. The Jade Pedestal is located in the third Glacial Area. You’ll gain access only if you have completed the tasks of the other two glacial zones.

  • You’ve probably visited the location of the Jade Pedestal in your previous chapters during the puzzle you solved with Suwam.
  • So it won’t be a very difficult task to find it.
  • Start by looking for the Ancient Control Room; for that, you’ll have to complete the last mission of Dave The Diver.
  • Then, as said by players, you’ll have access to the control room in Dave The Diver, where the item’s location is.


Location Of Item
Dave The Diver: Jade Pedestal Location – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

After you complete the last mission, you’ll have to go back to the area where you completed the puzzles with the Suwam. Afterward, head down towards your bottom and right, and you’ll find a cave towards your right side. Enter the cave on your right. After entering the cave, keep going to the right-hand side. You should keep heading there until you find an ice-covered room.

Be sure not to enter the ice-covered room. After that, you’ll have to swim directly downwards just before the room for almost 545m or 550m (depth may vary for each player). That’s the location where you will find The Jade Pedestal. It will be on the rubble of the stone platform.


  1. First, you’ll need to enter the third Glacial Area.
  2. Find and enter the third control room door.
  3. Head toward the bottom right side and keep swimming in that direction until you find an ice-covered room. You’ll find a way to go down and head downwards that way. 
  4. Keep swimming down, and after that, head upwards.
  5. After that, immediately head toward the right-hand side and then go downwards.
  6. You’ll find a stingray over there, so be wary of it because it will try to attack you.
  7. After you find the stingray, look for a glow at the same place you’ll find The Jade Pedestal lying on the ground.

Things To Avoid

Things To Avoid In The Mission
Dave The Diver: Things To Avoid – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

During The Jade Pedestal task, you’ll need to be careful of a few things:

  • You should have your cold-resistant diving suit to the maximum level.
  • You can upgrade it and do that by gathering up resources and other things during the campaign or by completing the tasks in it.
  • You’ll need this so that Dave can bear the extremely cold temperature of that glacial area.

You’ll also have to be careful of the dangerous fish and eels you’ll find in the cave room. So be sure to make the necessary storage before you start your task, or else it will be really difficult to defeat the eels and the fish you’ll find in the cave. You could also have oxygen issues because you’ll have to go underwater for a long time, so be sure to look after that before starting the task.

Players have also made a mistake by overlooking the control room, making them think that it is probably empty or just a dead end. In reality, the third glacial cave is comparably smaller in area than the other two glacial caves. It is a plus point for the players that it gets easier to find the Jade Pedestal.


Rewards For Jade Pedestal In Dave The Diver
Dave The Diver: Rewards You Get – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

The reward you’ll receive after completing the Jade Pedestal task is (30) research points. These research points are very important because they will take you to the better and ultimate reward, which is, The eco bag. The eco bag is a very important and valuable tool because this will help Dave to increase his weight limit.

While on your way out, try to look around yourself because you’ll most probably find Starry Skate. Which is probably hiding in the same room.

  • There is another unique thing you can find on your way out: cuttlefish.
  • You can find it on your way out and kill it with a regular harpoon or any other weapon you’ll have at that time.
  • By killing it, you can have its fragment.

It’s not necessary that you’ll find the Jade Pedestal on your first dive. It might take you a couple of dives, but you’ll find it in the same location as mentioned above. So keep trying if you didn’t find it on your first try. Check out our guide on How To Find The Giant Trevally Fin In Dave The Diver. Since the Mantis Shrimp is a little hard to defeat, we have a strategic guide to help you beat him. 


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