Dave The Diver: Marlin [Location & How To Catch]

Unearth the secrets of catching Marlins in Dave The Diver and boost your gameplay and restaurant success probabilities.

Dave the Diver offers players a thrilling challenge with the elusive Marlin hunt. The journey to finding this swift, spear-nosed creature weaves together the thrill of diving, the beauty of pixel art graphics, and the excitement of running a sushi restaurant.

The Marlin, a very rare fish, is a badge of diving prowess and a key ingredient for exquisite sushi recipes. Here is all you need to know about Dave the Diver Marlin Location. Also, here are some tips on efficiently catching them, boosting your restaurant’s success and Dave’s diving reputation.

Key Takeaways
  • Marlins in Dave The Diver are found at depths of 0 to 50m during the daytime and are often spotted near Tuna in the Blue Hole Shallows.
  • Marlins begin to appear following The Marlin Party event in Chapter 2.
  • Every dive into the Blue Hole results in a different layout, so frequent exploration is essential.
  • Catching Marlins require upgraded equipment, like an enhanced harpoon gun. Steel Net Sensor Traps and Net Bombs can also prove useful.
  • Marlins are rare spawns, but they are highly valuable due to their high meat yield, ideal for cooking or selling for credits.

Where And How To Find Marlin?

Embarking on the quest to locate and catch the elusive Marlin is a thrilling experience. Here is an insight into their locations and the best strategies to catch them, allowing players to turn a handsome profit at their sushi restaurant or add a rich flavor to their dishes. 

Marlin Locations in Dave the Diver

Marlins are found during the daytime at depths of 0 to 50m in Dave the Diver, particularly near Tuna. They typically appear alone and might not be easily spotted until The Marlin Party event occurs. Hosted by the Blue Hole Tourism Committee, this event marks the beginning of the Marlins’ appearance in the game and takes place in Chapter 2, following the Jellyfish and Tuna parties.

Marlin Party Dave The Diver
Marlin Party Event Dave The Diver – [image credits GosuNoob Youtube]
The Blue Hole Shallows is a frequent location for Marlins. Dedicating a dive to exploring this area can increase the chances of spotting them. However, every dive in Dave the Diver changes the layout, making it challenging to memorize certain areas. But diving between 20m to 50m depths, near Tuna variants, is usually a safe bet.

Catching Marlin in Dave the Diver

After locating a Marlin, you’ll need to catch it. Your basic harpoon gun might not be up to the task due to Marlin’s speed and aggressiveness. Upgrading the harpoon gun is recommended. Other catching methods such as:

  • Using Steel Net Sensor Traps
  • Using Net Bombs
  • It can also be an option to catch them.
Dave The Diver Marlin Location
Catching Marlin In Dave The Diver- [image credits GosuNoob Youtube]
As Marlins are rare spawns, they won’t be visible on every dive. Regular exploration of the Shallows and participation in the Marlin Party can significantly boost the chances of encountering Marlins. Once caught, Marlins prove to be a valuable asset. They can be used in various recipes or sold for credits if needed. However, their meat makes them ideal for cooking.

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