Dave The Diver: Staff Light Bulb Icon [Explained]

Uncover the secrets of the light bulb in Dave the Diver, a symbol for staff readiness and skill acquisition.

In Dave the Diver, the appearance of a light bulb on a staff member is a significant event. This symbol means the staff member is ready to learn a new skill or recipe. Whether it’s a cooking technique, serving skill, or a new dish, the light bulb is a clear sign that your staff is ready to level up, adding more value to your restaurant operations and improving your game progress. So, watch out for those light bulbs, they play a crucial role in your gameplay!

Key Takeaways
  • The light bulb on a staff member’s head in Dave the Diver indicates they are ready to acquire a new skill or dish recipe.
  • Staff member skills include Cooking+, Cooking++, Ingredient Prepping, Drink Serving, Master Cleaning, Tip Master, Wasabi Refills, Dispatch, and Irresistible Charm.
  • New unique recipes are unlocked at Level 5, while special skills are unlocked at Level 3 and Level 7.
  • Leveling up staff members improves reviews, ratings, and workflow in the restaurant of Dave the Diver & it also provides more dish options for guests.
  • Staff members can be leveled up to Level 20, gaining new skills as they complete tasks and gain experience.
  • If a player is dissatisfied with a staff member’s skills, they can dismiss them or hire a new one.
  • Costs for leveling up staff members vary, with each level costing more than the previous one.
  • The total cost to level up a member from Level 0 to 20 is $664,743.

What Does The Light Bulb On Staff Member Mean In Dave The Diver?

Whenever you see a light bulb appear on top of one of your staff member’s heads, it indicates that the said staff member will acquire a new skill or learn how to cook a new dish when you train and level him up the next time. Simply put, the staff member is ready to learn a new skill or ready to learn how to cook a new dish that you can serve your guests.

Different Skills in staff
Different Skills in Staff [Image Captured by eXputer]
There are a variety of skills such as Cooking+, Cooking++, Ingredient Prepping, Drink Serving, Master Cleaning, Tip Master, Wasabi Refills, Dispatch, and the Irresistible Charm. When the light bulb appears, you can promote your staff member and choose for them to train. At Level 5, the staff member unlocks a new unique recipe while they unlock their special skills at Level 3 and Level 7. 

Benefits Of Promoting Staff Members In Dave The Diver

There are many benefits of leveling up your staff members. You can expect better reviews, tastes, and ratings as you train them. They also make your job much smoother when managing the sushi restaurant at night time with their special niche of skills. The other benefit is that your guests can have more options of dishes to choose from, again leading to better reviews and ratings for the restaurant. The work environment improves as well.

Initially, the staff members only have two skills. However, you can level up your staff members up to Level 20 as they complete the assigned tasks and gain experience. In case you don’t approve of a staff member’s skills, you can dismiss them or hire a new one. Since each member has to be assigned to an area, make sure to give the tasks according to their skills to best run the operations at Bancho Sushi. 

It is a wise decision to invest in training and Leveling up your staff. But it all comes at a cost. Let’s take a look at what those costs are. 

Cost To Level Up Your Staff Member

level up
Upgraded Staff Member gives more Net Profit in Dave the Diver [Image Captured by eXputer]
The costs for leveling up your staff members are different for each Level. It takes a grand total of $ 664,743 to level up a single member from Level 0 to 20. Each level costs more than its previous one as the game progresses. At the start of Dave the Diver, you are the sole operator with no other members. Staff members can be acquired by unlocking advertising and recruitment after completing their respective quests. There are eight staff members to choose from.

There are also tiers in staff members, from Bronze, the lowest tier to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, the highest tier. Diamond-tiered staff members possess the best possible traits and skills. These traits include Cooking, Serving, Appeal, and Procurement and you’re responsible for striking a balance between them. If you’re concerned about the rating and income of the restaurant, go for Procurement and Appeal. Feel free to try out your own combinations. 

In Dave the Diver, the light bulb is very important. It shows when a staff member is ready to learn something new. This could be a new dish or a new skill. When you see a light bulb, you know your staff member can get better. This helps your restaurant run better and your game goes well. So, always keep an eye out for the light bulb in the game!

This concludes the comprehensive guide on what it means when a light bulb appears on the staff member’s head. further for more information have a look at these guides Dave The Diver White Trevally Fish, Controller Or Keyboard support in Dave the Diver, and How To Unlock Night Diving.


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