Dave the Diver: How To Find Stalactite Cave

Unearth the secret Stalactite Cave in Dave the Diver, filled with quests, changing locations, and underwater excitement.

Vincent’s VIP quest requires players to catch White Spotted Jellyfish, Sea Grape, and Salt in one of the hidden locations. This area is called the Stalactite Cave in Dave the Diver. It’s difficult to find this cave as most players don’t know its exact whereabouts. So, in this article, the location of this cave will be uncovered in Dave the Diver’s vast ocean. 

Key Takeaways
  • Vincent’s VIP quest in Dave the Diver requires the player to find and collect White Spotted Jellyfish, Sea Grape, and Salt.
  • These items can be found in a hidden area known as the Stalactite Cave, also known as the Limestone Cave.
  • The location of the cave isn’t directly known to players, but it is situated in the middle of the Blue Hole, a prominent feature of the game’s map.
  • The depth to reach the Stalactite Cave is around 50 to 70 meters.
  • When the sea color turns green and water currents become strong, players have reached the cave.
  • The Salt required for the quest can be found in the cooking pots scattered around the Blue Hole.
  • White Spotted Jellyfish can be caught using a Small Net Gun or a Hush Dart.
  • Sea Grapes are harvested by using a knife; players must left-click to cut them.

What Is The Stalactite Cave In Dave the Diver?

The Stalactite Cave, also known as “Limestone Cave,” is a subarea within Dave the Diver and it’s located around at the center of the Blue Hole. This cave area isn’t too far from the surface. Therefore, there is no need for you to wear a high-leveled suit. You would just need enough oxygen level to get through the process and get what you need in this area. 

Stalactite Limestone Cave Location

Stalactite Limestone Cave Location
Stalactite Limestone Cave Location [Image Credits: eXputer]

Each player’s map is different from the others. So, when you play Dave the Diver, your map might be different than mine. Keeping this issue in mind, pinpointing the exact location of where you’ll find the Limestone Cave is difficult. However, you need to swim around the center of the Blue Hole to get to this cave.

As for the depth, dive at about 50 to 70 meters deep. Once the sea starts to change its color to green and powerful water currents push you to move here and there, this means you have reached the Stalactite Cave area. 

These oceanic currents could move you towards the spikes on the walls from which you need to be careful. Moreover, there are also dripstones along with the aggressive fishes around this area that could hurt you. 

How To Escape The Water Currents?

Remember that water currents are not continuous so you can escape them without any fuss. All you have to do is wait for them to stop as they take time to form and till then you can swim past them. The timing is the key here, feel a few water cycles around the area to understand when to avoid these currents.

How To Collect Jelly Wish, Sea Grapes & Salt

White Spotted Jellyfish
White Spotted Jellyfish [Image Credits: eXputer]

The ‘Gourmet Vincent’s Challenge’ quest needs you to catch one White Spotted Jellyfish, one Sea Grape, and one Salt. Around this Stalactite Cave area, you’ll find White Spotted Jellyfish, Sea Grapes, and Salt. 

Sea Grape
Sea Grape [Image Credits: eXputer]
  1. You can get the Salt around the Blue Hole in the cooking pots.
  2. There are random cooking ingredients in each pot, and sometimes you’ll get Salt when you open these pots.
  3. To get White Spotted Jellyfish in Dave the Dive, you need a net to grab them.
  4. For this, you can use Small Net Gun or Hush Dart to catch it.
  5. To collect Sea Grapes in Stalactite Cave, you must left-click on them with your knife.
  6. This will cut them.
  7. Now you have all the items from Stalactite Cave to fulfill the VIP request

Once the quest is ended, the location of the Limestone Cave will most likely change because the map continuously changes as you progress in Dave the Diver.

The Stalactite Cave is a hidden spot in the “Dave the Diver” game. You can find it in the middle of the Blue Hole. It’s a bit deep, but don’t worry, strong water tells you you’re there. Be careful, there are sharp spikes and mean fish. You can find Salt in pots, catch Jellyfish with a net or dart, and cut Sea Grapes with a knife. Once you finish the mission, the cave moves to a new place. So, every time you play, it’s a fresh adventure!

And with this, I wrap up my Dave the Diver Stalactite Cave guide. further, if you are keen to get more informative content related to this game have a look at Dave The Diver White Trevally Fish, All Mods & Cheats, and Pelican Eel guides.


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