Dave The Diver: Missing Beluga Quest [Walkthrough]

Comprehensive guide to 'Dave the Diver The Missing Beluga' quest, featuring navigation tips, chase strategy, and antidote application.

In The Missing Beluga Quest of Dave the Diver, Beluga goes missing in the glacial depths. Your job is to bring Beluga back by any means possible. While venturing, you are met with an unexpected visitor, who is in actuality the culprit behind Beluga being lost. That is why players need to learn how to deal with the Octopus and how to heal Beluga. 

Key Takeaways
  • “The Missing Beluga” quest in “Dave the Diver” starts in Chapter 6.
  • Landmarks such as an ice ore and a red pot ingredient cache guide you through the maze to the distressed Beluga.
  • An Antarctic Octopus is revealed as the culprit causing harm to the Beluga, prompting a high-speed pursuit through the maze.
  • The chase tests your speed and agility as you dodge obstacles like falling icicles and poisonous ink puffs.
  • Upon cornering the Octopus, you must decide to either harvest or rescue it.
  • Administering the Antarctic Octopus Antidote to the Beluga completes the quest.

The Missing Beluga Quest Location

the missing beluga dave the diver
Starting The Quest [Image Credits: eXputer]
Upon leaving the underwater palace, a captivating cutscene unfolds where you hear Ramo, a fellow diver, discussing the disappearance of the Beluga with the palace guards. From that moment, the responsibility of finding the lost creature falls on your shoulders as Dave.

The central challenge in this quest lies within the glacial maze, a bewildering labyrinth of ice and snow that’s easily one of the most challenging areas. The missing Beluga has taken refuge somewhere within this maze. 

Navigating The Glacial Maze

the missing beluga dave the diver
Going To The Glacial Area [Image Credits: eXputer]
As the name suggests, the Glacial Maze is a complex network of icy corridors that requires careful navigation. This part of the Missing Beluga quest can indeed be tricky, but with a bit of guidance and a keen eye for details, you’ll be able to find your way through.

  1. Start at the top of the map and head downwards.
  2. Focus on reaching the entrance of the maze located towards the left.
  3. Swim left until you find an opening leading into the labyrinth of ice and snow.
  4. Navigate to the right, following the uppermost ice barrier.
  5. Look out for landmarks like ice ores along the way.
  6. When possible, move downwards, veering slightly to the left.
  7. Avoid fully exploring the far left route as it is a common diversion point.
  8. Use the red pot ingredient cache as a reference for the downward turn.
  9. Continue swimming downwards until you find an opportunity to turn right.

It might seem daunting at first, but with careful navigation and a keen sense of direction, you’ll be able to find the Beluga Whale and proceed with the quest.

Finding The Missing Whale

Finding the missing Beluga in “Dave the Diver” may seem like an icy needle in a glacial haystack. However, by following these detailed instructions and keeping a keen eye on the landmarks, you’ll find the Beluga Whale in no time.

  1. Enter the Maze: Swim to the left until you discover an entrance leading into the icy maze.
  2. Navigate the Maze: Once you’re inside the maze, follow the path leading right, and stick to the ceiling that will lead you downward.
  3. Spot the Ice Ore: As you journey down, you’ll pass an ice ore, a key landmark to help you stay on the right path.
  4. Find the Red Pot: At a certain point, you will need to veer slightly left until you spot a red pot ingredient cache on the ground. This is your cue to start moving downwards again, avoiding the far left route.
  5. Turn Right: Continue to swim down until you reach an area where you can turn right.
  6. Locate the Beluga: On the other side of the right turn, you’ll find your missing Beluga lying on the ground, visibly unwell.

Remember, the success of this search is largely dependent on your ability to observe the surrounding environment. Pay attention to the unique features and landmarks along the way and you’ll navigate the Glacial Maze like a pro, ultimately leading you to the location of the missing Beluga Whale.

Dealing With The Antarctic Octopus In Dave the Diver

the missing beluga dave the diver
Chasing The Octopus [Image Credits: eXputer]
After successfully navigating the Glacial Maze and locating the Beluga Whale, a surprising twist awaits you. The true culprit behind the Beluga’s plight reveals itself: an Antarctic Octopus, known for its toxic venom.

  1. The ailing Beluga lies on the icy floor, and the Octopus comes into view.
  2. The Octopus stands out with its characteristic white coloring against the icy backdrop.
  3. The Antarctic Octopus is implied to be the cause of the Beluga’s distress.
  4. The quest enters a new phase of underwater pursuit.
  5. The Octopus attempts to escape, and Dave the Diver must chase after it.
  6. It’s essential to keep the Octopus in sight throughout the pursuit.
  7. Obstacles like falling icicles and occasional puffs of poison ink may hinder the chase.
  8. Capturing the Octopus successfully is crucial for helping the Beluga.

Get ready for this high-speed chase, as it requires quick reflexes and a good sense of direction within the icy maze. The fate of the Beluga rests on your ability to catch the slippery Antarctic Octopus. 

Pursuing The Octopus

Just when you thought the hardest part was over, having located the missing Beluga, “Dave the Diver” throws in a thrilling underwater chase that tests your speed and agility. Your mission now is to pursue the Antarctic Octopus that has harmed the Beluga and fled into the icy maze.

  • The Antarctic Octopus swiftly darts away, initiating a high-speed chase through the Glacial Maze.
  • Quick reflexes and a good understanding of the maze’s layout are crucial for this challenge.
  • The Octopus aims to lose you amidst the maze’s icy passageways.
  • Falling icicles pose obstacles that need to be dodged during the pursuit.
  • Icicles can hinder progress and allow the Octopus to gain distance.
  • The Octopus occasionally releases puffs of poisonous ink, which can obscure vision and slow you down if swum through.
  • It is important to avoid the poisonous ink clouds to maintain speed and visibility

Your primary goal is not to let the Antarctic Octopus out of your sight. If it gains too much distance, you might lose it in the maze. To complete this part of the quest, keep up with the Octopus and try not to get hit by any obstacles. With speed, agility, and persistence, you can corner the Antarctic Octopus and advance to the next phase of the quest.

Options After Cornering The Octopus

Once you’ve skillfully maneuvered the icy passageways of the Glacial Maze and managed to corner the Antarctic Octopus, you are presented with a moral choice that has a significant impact on how the quest progresses in “Dave the Diver”.

Cornering the Antarctic Octopus is no small feat, and upon doing so, you’re faced with two options: Harvest or Rescue.

  1. Harvest Option: Choosing to harvest the Antarctic Octopus would mean ending its life and potentially using its body parts for other game progressions. This decision, while practical in some aspects, leans towards a more aggressive approach in dealing with the creature that caused harm to the Beluga.
  2. Rescue Option: If you choose to rescue the Antarctic Octopus, you let it go free despite its harmful actions towards the Beluga. This choice reflects a more compassionate approach, recognizing the octopus as a creature of nature that was only acting upon its instincts.

The decision is a matter of personal preference and game style, but for the Beluga’s survival, choosing to Rescue the Octopus turns out to be pivotal. The Antarctic Octopus, in gratitude or out of fear, will drop the Antarctic Octopus Antidote and a Jade Fish Statue when released.

This next part of the quest leads you back to the ailing Beluga, as you attempt to help it recover with the antidote. Your choice here defines your path and further cement your role as the noble and brave Dave the Diver.

Healing Beluga In Dave the Diver

the missing beluga dave the diver
Healing The Missing Beluga [Image Credits: eXputer]
Upon securing the Antarctic Octopus Antidote, you’re ready to head back to the Beluga and provide much-needed help. This part of the quest in “Dave the Diver” is straightforward and rewarding.

  1. Return to the Beluga: Make your way back through the Glacial Maze to the location of the Beluga. The route should be familiar to you now, making the return journey less challenging.
  2. Administer the Antidote: Once you reach the Beluga, you will have the option to use the Antarctic Octopus Antidote. Select this option and Dave will administer the antidote to the Beluga.
  3. Quest Completion: After the Beluga has recovered, the quest “The Missing Beluga” will be completed. You can then proceed to the next set of adventures and challenges in “Dave the Diver”.

Remember, while this game is filled with exciting chases and high-stakes decisions, it’s the moments of triumph, like saving the Beluga, that truly make the experience memorable. Your brave efforts and sharp skills have led to a successful rescue mission and demonstrated what it means to be a hero, just like Dave the Diver.


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