Dave The Diver: Vampire Squid Location

Vampire Squid in Dave The Diver is a chilling underwater creature players must capture for thrilling Glacial Passage adventures.

Vampire Squid in Dave The Diver is a fish found across Glacial Passage. Dave The Diver involves players in various underwater adventures. It has a whole variety of captivating sea creatures that you will see in the depth of the ocean. In many quests, you must find and catch the fish which Dave will use in his restaurant and Vampire Squid is one of them.

Key Takeaways
  • Vampire Squid is an in-game fish found across Glacial Passage in Dave The Diver.
  • Capturing the Vampire Squid is part of the first VIP mission.
  • It’s a dangerous creature, known for sucking blood and spewing explosive ink.
  • The Vampire Squid doesn’t get triggered easily, making it not overly difficult to capture.
  • The creature is located at the bottom of a Glacial passage, about 400 meters deep in the sea people’s village.
  • The Glacial passage, where the Vampire Squid is found, is freezing, requiring the player to wear a wetsuit.
  • The Vampire Squid is detected by an in-game radar system and players are notified when it’s nearby.
  • Players use a tranquilizer gun to catch the Vampire Squid, with the goal of capturing it alive.
  • After a successful catch, the character Udo promises to pay the player’s character, Dave, by the following Monday.

What Is A Vampire Squid In Dave The Diver?

Glacial Passage
Glacial Passage [Image Credit: eXputer]
Vampire Squid is one of the Glacial Passage creatures you need to capture to complete your first VIP mission. It is a scary creature that sucks blood and has an explosive ink that can explode at any time giving you great damage. Though it’s one of the pretty dangerous fish species, it is not triggered by anything, so it is not that difficult to capture.

Where To Find Vampire Squid Location In Dave The Diver

Depth of around 400 meters
Depth of around 400 meters [Image Credit: eXputer]
Vampire Squid is found at the bottom of a Glacial passage at a depth of around 400 meters going through the sea people’s village. Udo informs Dave about Vampire Squid In Dave the Diver that is picked up by radar. The temperature of glacial passage is as cold as freezing so you need a wetsuit to sustain there. You have to keep looking for Vampire Squid until you get a notification about Vampire Squid.

How To Catch Vampire Squid?

Catching Vampire Squid
Catching Vampire Squid [Image Credit: eXputer]
Vampire Squid is easy to catch, and you first need to reach Glacial Passage. For that, travel to Mermaid Village, and enter the Passage through a gate near it. You need a Tranquilizer gun as a weapon to catch Vampire Squid. 

Once you have entered the Passage you now need to look for Vampire Squid. While capturing it, you need to make sure that you don’t kill it as all your efforts will go pretty useless. Udo has asked you to bring an alive Vampire Squid. That is why while hunting the Vampire Squid, you should keep a few key strategies in mind for a safer and more effective pursuit:

  1. Consider utilizing ranged weaponry for the hunt.
    • The Vampire Squid releases hazardous ink while fleeing, which is best avoided.
    • Yet, if you trust in your quick reflexes, the Harpoon could still serve as a viable option.
  2. It’s beneficial to enhance your Air Tank as much as possible.
    • Navigating the Glacier Passage can be challenging and locating the Escape Pod may be time-consuming.
    • Additionally, owing to the chilly conditions, it’s wise to procure a Cold-resistant Diving Suit beforehand.
  3. Exercise caution when cruising close to the sea floor as Pelican Eels may launch unexpected attacks from beneath the ground.
  4. When aiming at the Vampire Squid, patience is key.
    • Squids tend to float spasmodically, pausing occasionally.
    • The optimal time to aim and fire is when the squid momentarily halts.
    • Expect multiple shots before it is finally subdued.
Vampire Squid Tentacles
Vampire Squid Tentacles [Image Credit: eXputer]
Successfully capturing a Vampire Squid provides you with Tentacles that can be used to prepare exquisite meals. Plus, slaying at least one Vampire Squid is necessary to accomplish the ‘Who’s Fried Food is the Best’ quest.

Therefore, as you see a Vampire Squid, shoot it from a distance with a tranquilizer gun to make it sleep. You will get notified by Udo when Vampire Squid gets unconscious then just catch it and go back to Udo. Also, Udo will get happy and promise Dave to pay him the fee by Monday as soon as the issue is resolved.

The Vampire Squid in ‘Dave The Diver’ game is an interesting challenge for players. This dangerous sea creature is found deep in the freezing Glacial Passage. Though it’s scary and can hurt players, it’s not hard to catch. Just be ready with a wetsuit, a good air tank, and a tranquilizer gun. If you catch it, you’ll get a reward from Udo and you can use its tentacles to make tasty food. Just be careful not to kill it while capturing it.

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