Dead by Daylight Prestige: How It Works

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Dead by Daylight prestige is the process through which players are able to reset their progress in exchange for some buffs and items that they might not otherwise acquire.

The journey to get to this point is long and difficult, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor for dedicated players. Some might say that it’s the entire point of playing for long periods of time.

So with this Dead by Daylight prestige guide, we’ll try and explain why you might want to go through with this process.

Dead By Daylight Prestige Guide

Dead By Daylight Prestige
Repairing A Generator.

In order to level up a character, players have to purchase Nodes in their Bloodweb using Bloodpoints. These are one of the six different currencies in the game.

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The most common method of earning these is by completing Trails, which is the name given to matches in the game. The better you do at the end of a trail, the more Bloodpoints you earn.

Performing the activities mentioned in the list below is a good way to earn a lot of this currency. Do as many of them as possible in a match to achieve Dead by Daylight prestige quickly.

Survivor Actions:

  • Altruism – Help other Survivors by healing them, breaking them out of traps, taking damage instead of them and distracting the Killer.
  • Boldness – Interact with the Killer by getting close to it undetected, acting as a distraction, pulling down pallets in it’s path and escaping.
  • Objectives – Perform actions like repairing generators and generally working towards making your escape.
  • Survival – As the name implies, stay alive for as long as possible.

Killer Actions:

  • Brutality – Hunt down and catch Survivors as the Killer or destroy objects like generators.
  • Deviousness – Set traps, kill Survivors and generally use your powers in Clever ways.
  • Hunter – Find, chase and catch Survivors in different situations.
  • Sacrifice – Hook, kill and sacrifice different Survivors. Hooking a single character multiple times also counts towards this.

When you complete any of these, your total is tallied up at the end of a match.

Another method of gaining Bloodpoints is to exchange Iridescent Shards for them at the Shrine of Secrets. You can earn these by gaining experience points and leveling up your account.

How To Prestige

Dead by Daylight Prestige
Prestige Warning.

Once a lot of Bloodpoints have been gathered and enough Nodes in the Bloodweb have been purchased to reach level 50, the Dead by Daylight prestige can happen.

At this point a special gem will appear at the center of the Bloodweb. This can be interacted with to Prestige for the first time.

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Doing this will reduce the character’s level back to 1, and all Unlockables in their inventory will be consumed. On the plus side, you gain a unique prestige cosmetic reward for that particular character.

Dead by Daylight prestige also increases the chances of spawning higher rarity Nodes within the Bloodweb going forward. It’s also worth mentioning that a player can prestige a total of three times.

Prestige I

  • Rare Nodes: +10%.
  • Very Rare Nodes: +0%.
  • Ultra Rare Nodes: +0%.

Prestige II

  • Rare Nodes: +20%.
  • Very Rare Nodes: +10%.
  • Ultra Rare Nodes: +0%.

Prestige III

  • Rare Nodes: +30%.
  • Very Rare Nodes: +20%.
  • Ultra Rare Nodes: +10%.

So the more you play, the better nodes you get. The only downside here is that they also cost a lot more then regular ones.

This has been eXputer’s Dead by Daylight prestige guide.

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