Dead Island 2 Beach Offensive [Walkthrough]

During the Beach Offensive quest in Dead Island 2, players have to find a few clues. Here is how you can find all of them.

Right after I completed The Giant-Slayer Main Quest, I got the Quest “Dead Island 2 Beach Offensive”. In the mission, I had to think outside the box to find different clues and enter a deadly Quarantine Corridor. The hidden clues aren’t easy to find, which is why it took me a lot of time to find them.

IMPORTANT: Before you move ahead to complete the quest, make sure you are fully loaded with Ammo and Resources.
Key Takeaways
  • Beach Offensive is the 16th Mission in Dead Island 2.
  • Players will have to enter a temporary Fortress at the beach and get into the Quarantine Zone.
  • Due to the Security Protocol, the Quarantine Zone is locked.
  • Locate the Security Passcode by finding clues.
  • The three clues are Lockdown Protocol, Weekly Report, and Duty Roster.
  • Once these clues are found, look for Lt. Hicks to complete the Passcode.
  • With the Quarantine Corridor unlocked, fight the zombie’s wave and head inside the corridor.
  • Players can either fight all of the zombies or run to the other end.
  • It is highly advised that players run to the other end as fighting Zombies will waste their resources and Ammo.
  • Once Players make it to the other end, close the Quarantine Corridor and the quest will complete.
  • As a reward, Players will get 5,500 XP.

Dead Island 2 Beach Offensive 

After the quest The Giant-Slayer, the next quest is named ‘Beach Offensive’. During the quest, I first had to exit the Blue Crab HQ and then go through the parking area. To exit the Parking area, there is a fence to the left. By going through that fence, I found myself in an open area. Now you will have the objective ‘Into the Militarized zone’.

Beach Offensive Dead Island 2
Get inside the Base on the Beach. [Image Credit eXputer]
Keep heading towards the South-West and found a military base up ahead. Then, I kept heading towards it and I noted that it is on a Beach, hence the name Beach offensive. As I got near the Fortress, I noted that it is overridden with Walkers and other Zombie types. Head inside and you will get the task to ‘Find a quarantine corridor’.

Getting to Quarantine Corridor

As always, getting the doors to open won’t be easy. When I interacted with the Lever near the door, it said that I would have to “Override the lockdown somehow…”. For that, I had to get inside the fenced area.

Head back and go with the beach till you find a few boxes on your left that rise to the wall. The indication is there will be a Military Humvee parked all alone farther away. Get to it and turn left, and you will find the way inside the fenced area right next to another Humvee.

Enterance to fenced wire.
The entrance to the Fenced area. [Image Credit eXputer]

Opening Security Keypad

Interact with the Security Keypad next to the Fenced Wall and it will ask you for the code. The clues to the code are in the Tent behind the Security Keypad. There are three clues that I had to find.

  • Lockdown Protocol: As I entered the Tent, I looked to my right. There was a table with a computer on it. The Lockdown Protocol should be on it.
  • Weekly Report: The Weekly Report is located on a table at the other end of the Tent. The table is to the right. I found the Weekly Report next to the radio device.
  • Duty Roster: I Looked behind myself right after I collected the Weekly Report. The Duty Roster was on another table right next to the File Folders.
Beach Offensive Dead island 2 clues
All three clues to the Security Keypad’s Code. [Image Credit eXputer]
Once I had acquired all of the clues, I had to check whether Hicks, the person with the Code is a Zombie or dead. For that, exit the tent and turn right to head into another tent. In the tent, there will be bunker beds with Bags belonging to different Military Personnel. There, Hick’s Bag is on the last Bunker Bed on the left.

I searched Hick’s Bag and the picture next to his Bunker, and Clues got 100% complete. But now only the Dog Tag remained to locate. For that, I had to head outside and look for him in one of the loos. He was in one of the portable loos to the left. When I opened it, I found zombied Lt. Hicks. Killing him wasn’t a problem. I got his Dog Tags, and that completed the Keypad’s Code. Now I can go and interact with the Security Keypad to open it.

Dead Island 2 Lt. Higgs.
Lt. Higgs will be found in this Portable Loo. [Image Credit eXputer]

Inside The Quarantine Corridor

Once the Door is open, there was a loud Siren that attracted a horde of zombies towards me. I had to face Burning, Screamer, Runners, and a variety of other zombies. Taking care of them was no problem though. After that, I head inside the Quarantine Corridor. While the Doors are opening, W.O. Rodriguez will ask me to turn back as the Corridor is not safe anymore.

But, you will have to continue through the Corridor. Now remember, the corridor is infested with zombies, so you must ensure you are fully loaded before you head inside. Now I had two options. I can kill all of the zombies inside the Quarantine Zone and then head ahead. Or I can sprint through all of the Zombies to get to the other end.

The Quarantine Corridor.
The Quarantine Corridor is infested with Zombies. [Image Credit eXputer]
I’d suggest that you do a mixture of both. Kill a few zombies and head ahead. Don’t be shy about using your Rage mode. Use it if zombies surround you, as it is of great help. There are a few Screamers inside the Quarantine Corridor. You will need your ranged weapons to take care of them.

Getting Out Of The Quarantine Corridor

At the other end of the Quarantine Corridor, there was a Lever. Interacting with it opened up the door ahead for me. Once I crossed the door, I closed the Airlock, and that completed the quest.


There aren’t any such rewards for completing the Beach Offensive quest. I only got 5,500 XP, which is enough to level up my character. When I leveled up, I got a new Skill to add to my arsenal.

Dead Island 2 Beach Offensive quest complete.
Story Quest “Beach Offensive” completed. [Image Credit eXputer]

Final Words

The Beach Offensive quest is a little different from most other quests. It doesn’t have any major bosses, but there are a few places where you will have to find clues. That makes it harder for players to complete the quest.

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