Dead Island 2: How to Get Golden Weapons Pack

Wondering how to get Golden Weapons Pack in Dead Island 2? Here's our complete guide on how to get these weapons to survive in Hell-A

Golden Weapons is a DLC weaponry set that is only available once you have purchased the Deluxe and Gold editions of Dead Island 2. Once you have these editions, Dead Island 2 Golden weapons pack will be accessible. So, here’s the guide to help you claim these weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • To get Golden Weapons, unlock Sterling Hotel and meet Dougie, who will give you all the Golden Pack Weapons.
  • The Dead Island 2 Golden Weapons Pack has two weapons: the Abuela’s Ashes and a One-Hit Wonder.
  • These weapons complement your player rank and will likely be a powerful, exceptional rarity.
  • Apart from Golden Weapons Pack, players can acquire Pulp Weapons Pack in the Gold edition.

Before We Start: To access the Golden Weapons Pack, purchasing the Deluxe or Gold editions is required.

How To Claim The Golden Weapon Pack 

Image shows Dougie In Dead Island 2
Dougie In Dead Island 2 (Picture Credits: eXputer)

When you log into Dead Island 2, anything purchased will appear on the screen.  For example, if you have purchased the Deluxe and Gold editions, a message will be displayed on the screen that says that the editions have been purchased.

Another message will also show that you can access the bonuses for the Deluxe and Gold editions in the Sterling Hotel. This is the Dead Island 2 Golden weapons pack location. You can unlock the Sterling Hotel after you have finished 3-4 hours of the main story. This means the players must complete almost three-quarters of the main quest line until they can access this hotel automatically.

Once the Sterling Hotel is unlocked, you follow this process.

  1. Enter the hotel and head straight into the lobby, where the primary quest of Plumbing the Depths will be there for you after the cutscene.
  2. Follow the quest’s directions, and turn left to find the hotel bar.
  3. Here, you will meet Dougie behind the bar, who will give all reward items, including the Golden Pack Weapons.

Which Editions Include It?

Image shows Dead Island 2 Pre-order editions
Image shows Dead Island 2 Pre-order editions (Picture Credits: eXputer)

There are three different game editions available for the players to get. The first is the Standard edition, the second is the Deluxe edition, and the last is the Gold edition. The Standard edition includes the Memories of Banoi Pack, and it will be available after you have met the trader Carlos at Emma’s Hotel. The Banoi pack only includes the two baseball bats

After that comes the Deluxe edition, which includes the Golden Weapons PackFor the Gold edition, the reward is the same as the Deluxe Pack, but this package includes an Expansion Pass for slayers Jacob and Amy, along with some costumes and skins.

This means that you are getting two new chapters due to the Expansion Pass that will be available to be explored later this year. You also get access to the Pulp Weapons Pack in the Gold edition. The only problem is that the rewards of the last two editions are not accessible until Sterling Hotel is unlocked.

Weapons Included In The Golden Weapons Pack

Picture shows One-Hit Wonder in Dead Island 2
The picture shows One-Hit Wonder in Dead Island 2 (Picture Credits: eXputer)
Image shows Abuela’s Ashes In Dead Island 2
Abuela’s Ashes In Dead Island 2 (Picture Credits: eXputer)

The Dead Island 2 Gold Weapons Pack has two weapons: the Abuela’s Ashes, a giant upgradable maze that does massive damage, and a One-Hit Wonder, also called the Sam’s Pistol, with 536 damage. All the weapons will match the player’s level and will likely be a superior rarity.

The items included in the Pulp Weapons Pack are the Eye Opener which is like a pitchfork weapon, and a Homewrecker, which is a sledgehammer.  These weapons will come with their own built-in perk. However, they won’t do anything extraordinary such as having electrifying or poison abilities, although they will have more damage power than other weapons.

There’s another way to get these weapons if you don’t have the pre-order. You’ll have to wait for another player to drop these weapons in the multiplayer. But, this is not a guaranteed way of getting your hands on these weapons.

That covers the guide on how to claim the Dead Island 2 Golden Weapons Pack. I hope you can access these weapons and survive the streets of Hell-A. Regarding surviving in Hell-A, here’s the guide to Dead Island 2 Legendary Weapons which will help you discover all the powerful weapons. 

If you want to explore the character customization options in the game, here’s the guide to Character Customization Options in Dead Island 2. With that said, you want to reach the maximum level in this game, see  What Is Max Level in Dead Island 2.


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