How To Change Costumes/Outfits In Dead Island 2

To change your character's outfit, you need to go to the Slayer option in the main menu and just save the outfit that you like!

Confused about Dead Island 2 how to change your outfit? Currently, Dead Island 2 has limited outfit options, with only Jacob and Amy having alternate costumes available. To access these outfits, you’ll need the two Character Packs included in the Deluxe ($74.99) or Gold Edition ($89.99). Here’s a simple guide to here’s guide on when and how to change your Dead Island 2 outfit.

Key Takeaways
  • Changing outfits in Dead Island 2 can be done through the player menu and by selecting the ‘Slayer’ option, leading to the character customization screen.
  • Outfit choices might be limited initially, with additional outfits unlocked or purchased through special editions or DLCs.
  • Deluxe and Gold editions of Dead Island 2 include exclusive bonuses, such as alternate outfits, weapons, and additional content.
  • The Gold edition also includes a Season Pass for future DLCs and expansions and possibly early or beta access to new content.
  • Alternate costumes are currently available only for Jacob and Amy, but future updates, DLCs, or expansions may introduce more outfits for the other best characters.
  • The delayed release of character packs has frustrated some players who expected immediate access to their purchased content.

How To Change Outfits In Dead Island 2?

Accessing the Player Menu: To start, players must access the player menu. 

  1. Once the player menu is open, players need to select the ‘Slayer’ option from the list of available options.
  2. This will lead them to the character customization screen.
  3. In the character customization screen, players can now choose and change their character’s outfit. 
  4. However, outfit choices may be limited at first, and additional outfits might only become available after unlocking or purchasing them through special editions or DLCs.
  5. Players who have purchased the Gold, Deluxe, or HELL-A edition will have access to exclusive outfits for specific characters.
  6. These outfits can be accessed from the character customization screen mentioned earlier.
  7. The developers may introduce more outfits through future DLCs or expansions, allowing players to further customize their characters’ appearances.
  8. This would also provide additional incentives for players to explore and complete the content.

Dead Island 2 Deluxe & Gold Editions

how to change outfit in dead island 2 Deluxe edition
Deluxe edition [Image Credit: Official PlayStation Store]
Dead Island 2 offers various editions for players to choose from, with the Deluxe and Gold editions featuring exclusive bonuses that enhance the gaming experience. These bonuses include alternate outfits, weapons, and additional content. Here’s an overview of the bonuses that come with the Deluxe and Gold editions of Dead Island 2:

Deluxe Edition Bonuses

  • Character Packs: The Deluxe edition includes two character packs that provide alternate outfits and exclusive weapons for two playable characters:
  • Character Pack 1: Rodeo Sunset costume (Jacob) and Devil’s Horseshoes weapon
  • Character Pack 2: Neurunner skin (Amy) and Saimir & Julienne weapon
  • Additional Content: The Deluxe edition may also come with bonus in-game content, such as exclusive missions, collectibles, or additional side quests.
  • This extra content enhances the overall gameplay experience and offers more for players to explore.
  • Gold Edition Bonuses: It is a basic edition but may contain some exclusives!
  • Deluxe Edition Content: The Gold edition includes all the content from the Deluxe edition, such as the character packs and additional in-game content.
  • Season Pass: The Gold edition comes with a Season Pass that grants players access to future DLCs and expansions.
  • This pass ensures that players receive new content as it’s released, keeping it fresh and engaging.

Exclusive In-Game Items

  • The Gold edition may also feature exclusive in-game items, such as unique weapons, skins, or cosmetic items.
  • These items allow players to customize their characters further and stand out from the crowd.
  • Early Access or Beta Access: Some Gold editions may offer early or beta access to upcoming features and content.
  • This allows players to experience new content before it’s released to the general public.

Dead Island 2 Availability Of Alternate Costumes 

Jacob how to change outfit in dead island 2
Jacob [Image Credit: Official PlayStation Store]
As of now, Dead Island 2 only offers alternate costumes for two characters, Jacob and Amy, who are accessible through the purchase of the Deluxe or Gold Edition. These editions include Character Packs 1 and 2, which provide the Rodeo Sunset costume for Jacob and the Neurunner costume for Amy.

  • However, it features four other characters: Ryan, Bruno, Dani, and Carla.
  • While these characters do not currently have alternate costumes, the developers will likely release additional outfits for them in future updates, DLCs, or expansions.
  • This would be in line with the current trend in gaming, where customization options are increasingly popular and add an additional layer of depth to games.
  • There is no explicit confirmation from the developers about the availability of alternate costumes for Ryan, Bruno, Dani, and Carla.

Delayed Release Of Character Packs 

The situation with Dead Island 2’s character packs has left some players frustrated. Despite the fact that the content for Character Packs 1 and 2 is already in the files, the developers have chosen to delay the release of these packs. This means that players who purchased the Deluxe or Gold Edition, expecting to use the alternate costumes immediately, will have to wait for several months before they can access them.

  • The developers’ decision to gate-lock this content could be a strategy to prolong the game’s life and keep players engaged for a longer period of time.
  • However, this approach has been criticized, as it can be seen as misleading to those who bought Dead Island 2 under the assumption that they would have immediate access to the character packs they paid for.

In Dead Island 2, how to change outfit can be accomplished through the player menu and selecting theSlayer option, which leads to the character customization screen. The Deluxe and Gold editions include exclusive bonuses, such as alternate outfits, weapons, and additional content, with the Gold edition also providing a Season Pass for future DLCs and expansions. 


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