Dead Island 2 Jacob [Skills, Stats & Tips]

The All-Rounder of Slayers of Dead Island 2, Jacob is here.

Dead Island 2’s release has shook its fan following. The game has bought with it six new Slayers that you can choose from. These Slayers each has their own Attributes, Innate Skills, and a few selectable skills. Among these Slayers of Dead Island 2 is Jacob. He is a Middleweight Slayer.

IMPORTANT: While using Jacob, make sure that you stay away from Elemental effects as he is susceptible to them.
Key Takeaways
  • Jacob is one of the Six Slayers In Dead Island 2.
  • He is a Middleweight Slayer.
  • Jacob is a well-rounded slayer that has ample damage and durability.
  • His Innate SkillsFeral” and “Critical Gains” allow him to deal high damage continuously.
  • Jacob has three unique skills “Serial Killer,” “Group Therapy,” and “Hack and Dash.”


One of the Six Slayers in Dead Island 2 is Jacob. You can select him as a playable character early in the game. We will briefly go through Jacob’s Attributes, his Skills, and more about him. In other words, we will discuss why you should choose Jacob among all other Slayers.

But before we begin with that, let’s talk about Jacob’s history. He was born in London where he was a Stockbroker. When his mother passed away, moved to Los Angeles. Before moving there, he became a Stuntman. He was in LA when the outbreak happened.

Jacob’s Stats

Jacob has a charming and ‘rockstar flair’ attitude. His attitude might be necessary to live in such a gloomy world of Dead Island 2. He is more of an antihero than a savior. Anyways, here are all of his Stats.

StatsJacob's Score
Health Recovery★★☆☆☆
Critical Damange★★★☆☆
Peak Health★★★★★

Now that we know his stats, we will go through each of these and explain what that means when you’re out fighting the enemies in the game.

  • Toughness: Jacob’s Toughness got 3 out of 5 points. He will be normal at taking damage where he can hold himself during fights even if he gets hit. You can expect him to last a little bit during fights.
  • Stamina: He has 4 out of 5 points for Stamina. You can expect him to land a few power attacks before he runs out of his breath.
  • Health Recovery: The Health Recovery of Jacob has got 2 of 5 Points. It is below average so you can’t expect him to heal himself when out of a fight. You will have to rely on Energy Bars, Energy Drinks, and Med Kits to heal him.
  • Critical Damage: Jacob’s Critical Damage has 3 of 5 points. He already gets an extra Critical Damage boost on low Stamina, so the rather lower Critical Damage on Jacob is negligible.
  • Agility: As one of the Middleweight Slayers, Jacob gets average Agility of 3 out of 5 points. That allows him to move as an average Joe. That tells you the possibilities of how you can play as Jacob.
  • Peak Health: Jacob has the highest Peak Health of 5 out of 5 points. That means he has the highest health in the game. That makes him durable, and you can expect him to last a lot longer in every fight.
  • Resilience: Lastly, he has the lowest Resilience at 1 out of 5 points. He will be quite weak agaisnt elemental damange.

Innate Skills

All of the Slayers in Dead Island 2 have their own Innate Skills. They are the natural skills that they already have. Like the Perk system, you won’t have to go and unlock them on your own. They will always be with that said Slayer. Okay so, here are Jacob’s Innate Skills.

Innate Skills.
Two of Jacob’s Innate Skills. [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • Feral: Jacob gets a stackable minor DAMAGE boost when attacking in quick succession.
  • Critical Gains: Jacob’s CRITICAL HITS when stamina is low get a moderate CRITICAL DAMAGE boost and regain STAMINA.

Okay, so the Innate skill “Feral” allows Jacob’s damage to boost with each successful hit within a short time period. The Feral skill will stack up to five times, stacking his damage boost. You can check the stacks on the top left, right below his health bar. Anyways, If you are doing 20 damage with each hit, it can go up to 30 on the fifth stack and will stay there unless you stop attacking.

Whereas Jacob’s second Innate skill, “Critical Gains” allows him to deal extra Critical Damage when his stamina is low. Now since he has the second-highest stamina in the game, it will take a few hits before his stamina runs out. And when it does, he will deal higher damage to the enemies.

Jacob Unique Skills

Now each of these characters can have up to 15 custom skills. These 15 skills can be selected by the player on however they feel like using their characters. And they define how the player wants to play that Slayer. Here are how these 15 skills are divided into:

  • 5 Skills for Abilities
  • 4 Skills for Survivor
  • 4 Skills for Slayer
  • 2 Skills for Numen
Unique Jacob cards.
Jacob has three unique cards. [Image Credit: eXputer]
There is a variety of skills available for players to choose from. But, when we talk about Unique Skills, we mean the skills only that said player could use. Now Jacob has a few unique cards that he shares with Dani. As they are Jacob’s cards, make sure to add them to your build. Let’s take a brief look at them.

  • Serial Killer: The unique skill will give Jacob a minor damage boost after he kills a zombie.
  • Group Therapy: When you kill Zombies in rapid succession, you will restore your stamina. That will solve Jacob’s stamina problem.
  • Hack and Dash: When you manage to kill a Zombie, it will boost your attack speed for a short period of time.

Dead Island 2 has a lot of tasks for players to fulfill. One of these is collecting Safe Keys all over the game, and opening said safes. Or you will have to look for Fuses at different locations to supply power to houses. All in all, these tasks make it a Long to Beat game. The game is supported, but it’s a superb Plot

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