Dead Island 2: My Mailman Was A Zombie [Walkthrough]

Complete My Mailman Was A Zombie mission & get a chance to unlock a chest & get amazing weapons.

Dead Island 2 is packed with missions and quests to complete, and you may have found yourself stumbling upon a mission by the name of “My Mailman Was A Zombie”, otherwise also known as Dead Island 2 Lost And Found. The mission includes you having to retrace the steps of a delivery person to find a chest and unlock the weapons within. We have included all information you need to know to complete the Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie Quest below!

Key Takeaways
  • This Dead Island 2 quest includes having to locate a mailman who delivered a certain package and find a key.
  • There are 3 different addresses to try; The Goat Pen, Near Curt Sinclair’s House, and the Bel Air Starting Point.
  • Visiting all 3 spots is necessary to complete the mission in its entirety.
  • The mailman, now in its slobber form is at the Bel Air Starting Point.
  • Make sure to save yourself from the Projectile Vomit from the Slobber.
  • Loot the key from the mailman, and you will get a Raven once you enter it in the Weapons Chest.

How To Complete Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie

This mission is unlike other Dead Island 2 Lost And Found mission which has only one journal entry for you to find. This entry includes 3 different addresses, which makes finding the mailman an extremely trying task. You can check out our guide below, and help yourself to complete the quest easier.

addresses on maps
The Goat Pen & Curt Sinclairs House in Dead Island 2.

Address # 1 – The Goat Pen

Once you have navigated towards the Goat Pen, walk up to the door but do not enter. On your right-hand side, you will see a couple of stacked packages, this means that the mailman made a delivery here and left. This also means this is not the location you are looking for, so walk up to the boxes, interact, and leave the location.

You can now head towards the next location, near Curt Sinclairs House having completed phase one of this Dead Island 2 Lost And Found mission.

Address # 2 – Near Curt Sinclairs House

You will find the second location here. Find a gate that blocks the route to Curt Sinclair’s neighbor, and you will find some packages stacked just as before. Again, walk up to the packages, interact with them, and walk out. Now continue your way to the next, and final destination. This marks the midway point of the Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie mission.

Address # 3 – Bel Air Starting Point

address # 3 on the map
The Bel Air Starting Point in Dead Island 2.

Back in the second story mission, you will have encountered a Garage in Bel-Air. Over here is the Mailman; now mutated into a Slobber, accompanied by a lot of caravan of zombies. Use your strengths and take out the Mailman. Make sure to keep care and not get the deadly projectile vomit on your person. 

Once you have successfully defeated the Slobber Mailman, make sure to loot the key he drops. This marks you nearly completing the mission. Now you can head towards the Weapon Chest to complete the Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie mission.

Weapons Chest

Go back to the Weapons Chest, where this mission began and you found the diary. Insert the key into the box and unlock it. This grants you access to a Raven; a Sharpshooter rifle. This is an extremely powerful weapon well versed in taking out zombies from close up and afar! You can use this gun till you get your hands on something better, but till then, this is a great weapon to hold. 

Wrapping Up

We will be wrapping up this guide today, and we hope the information above was sufficient enough to complete the mission with no hiccups whatsoever. Check out other guides such as How Long To Beat Dead Island 2 and Dead Island 2: Classes, Characters & Stats Explained. Let us know in the comments below if you would like more guides like this one!

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