Dead Space Remake All Easter Eggs & References

Easter Eggs? Well, Dead Space Remake is full of'em!

The Dead Space franchise has always had many nods and easter eggs scattered throughout all the games in the series. We are happy to see that all the easter eggs in Dead Space Remake are great and some are also literally the exact same as they were in the original game. Now, let us take a look at these without any further delay.

Key Takeaways
  • Dead Space Remake faithfully restores many of the easter eggs from the original game.
  • The fan-favorite Hand Cannon makes a return. It can be unlocked after completing the Impossible difficulty
  • Even if it is a secret one, the Hand Cannon is among the most fun & best Dead Space Remake weapons
  • The Remake changes up a few of the easter eggs from the original to keep things fresh for veteran fans
  • Isaac, not originally having a voice, is also nodded at during an easter egg.
  • Gamers can find a text log referencing the not-so-popular Dead Space Extraction
  • One of the audio logs might be nodding to a potential sequel.

The Secret Peng Treasure Returns

how to get the peng treasure in dead space
Comparing both versions of the Peng treasure | Screenshot Grab: eXputer

The famous Peng treasure figure makes a return in the remake. The developers were almost certainly aware that veteran players will prioritize finding the thing and selling it as soon as they can. That is why they have changed its location entirely.

Moreover, when the players make their way to the location where the treasure originally resided they will find an audio log instead. In the audio log, a person will express their delight in finding the rare valuable. You can see both versions of the valuable treasure compared with each other, in the screenshot we have provided above.

The log also mentions the new location of the Peng. It is hidden behind a bunch of shipment containers which Isaac can easily get out of the way with his Stasis Module. When you acquire it, you can sell it at the Store just like the original game. 

Unlockable Hand Cannon & Burnished Armor

dead space how to get the hand cannon gun secret weapon
Isaac wielding the new Hand Cannon | From eXputer

The fan-favorite Hand Cannon makes a comeback. Most fans were delighted to see that it was not forgotten during the development. Now to obtain it, the player will need to go through the “Impossible” difficulty. It is a very challenging mode that certainly lives up to its name, so make sure you are well prepared for it. 

Moreover, alongside the Hand Cannon, players will also unlock the badass-looking Burnished Armor. The gun is just like you remember it, just better textured and with better sound effects. Players who have unlocked the weapon are already rushing through the entire game with it.

Isaac Being A Silent Protagonist

new challace mercer
Mercer referring to Isaac once being a silent protagonist | From us at eXputer

Even if you have never played the classic Dead Space, you probably know that Isaac didn’t have a voice. Gunner Wright started voicing the character from Dead Space 2 onwards. In Dead Space Remake, he is fully voiced and reacts according to everything around him.

Furthermore, Isaac not having a voice in the original game was really awkward, and it did a lot of harm to his character. He wouldn’t react to anything, and due to that, he felt very disconnected from the world he was in.

The remake makes a cool small nod to that during a conversation with Dr. Challace Mercer. As you can see in the screenshot above, he calls Isaac a “non-Talkative type.” It is obviously meant for fans who remember when Isaac didn’t utter a single word from his mouth. 

The Chapter Names Spell Out A Spoiler

If you haven’t finished the game, then it will be wise to skip this one as it spoils a pivotal aspect of the game’s story. As you know, Isaac Clarke is here to reunite with his wife Nicole. That was his main reason for accepting the job and coming to the USG Ishimura

Everybody who has played the original already knows Nicole’s fate. The newcomers obviously have no idea. What’s another great Dead Space Remake easter egg is that the first letter of each of the game’s chapters spoils Nicole’s fate. It did that in the original, and we are glad to see that it wasn’t changed. All the chapter names are as follows. 

  • Chapter 1: New Arrivals.
  • Chapter 2: Intensive Care.
  • Chapter 3: Course Correction.
  • Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent.
  • Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion.
  • Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard.
  • Chapter 7: Into The Voice.
  • Chapter 8: Search & Rescue.
  • Chapter 9: Dead On Arrival. 
  • Chapter 10: End Of Days.
  • Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions.
  • Chapter 12: Dead Space.

When you read all the initial letters and combine them, you will get, “Nicole is dead.” That obviously reveals that Isaac’s significant other, with who he was excited to be reunited, didn’t make it. 

Red Circle Puzzles

dead space all red circle puzzle codes and guide
A red circle on the ground | Captured by us at eXputer

During your horrifying adventures in the USG Ishimura, the player will come across a bunch of red circles on the ground. The first one you will run into is likely the one in Chapter 4. Here you can enter a break area room, where you can spot a circle on the ground. 

Approach these and then take a close look at them. On them, you will spot footprints and hand prints. Count the total of each of these and then start stomping and punching the ground inside the circle. Soon it will reward you with an audio log and, later on, with some Power Nodes

New Secret Ending 

dead space plasma cutter guide
Isaac holding his signature Plasma Cutter in the intro | Image from us at eXputer

Speaking about any of the endings in Dead Space Remake will obviously lead to many spoilers. So, we will keep it as brief as possible. There is a new ending in the remake which is just here for hardcore fans who want to see something completely new.

Without spoiling anything major about the new ending, we can say that it is an excellent addition that feels like it always belonged here. It is nothing that breaks the immersion of people who are deeply into the franchise and its lore. 

Face & Name Of The Original Creator

dead space remake creator easter egg
The ad for Ishimura Farms in Dead Space Remake | Captured by us at eXputer

Next, we have another easter egg which has been faithfully restored from the original game. During your playthrough, you can come across a poster promoting the “Ishimura farms.” You can see the new updated artwork for the poster in the screenshot that we have provided above. 

The man featured on that is none other than Glen Schofield, who is the original creator of the franchise. Another nod to the man can be found on the Plasma Cutter in Dead Space. You can zoom in on the model and spot that it says, “Schofield Tools,” which is yet another obvious reference to his name. 

All The Nods To Resident Evil 4

re4 references in dead space remake
Capcom‘s Resident Evil 4 is THE Third-Person Shooter | Screenshot from eXputer

Anybody who is an actual hardcore fan of the franchise knows that it is a love letter to Resident Evil 4. The creators of the original scrapped their original game entirely and build it from scratch to be Resident Evil in Space. That is how influential Resident Evil 4 was to the entire Third-Person Shooters genre. 

There are many things in both the original and the remake that are directly taken from Resident Evil 4. The idea to shoot off limbs to do extra damage to Necromorphs also originated from being able to shoot enemies anywhere in Resident Evil 4. 

In addition, inventory management is also another nod to Resident Evil 4. The store, the way how individual weapon stats are upgraded, collecting credit to buy stuff, selling stuff you find, all of this is taken from Resident Evil 4.

As we said before Dead Space and its remake are literally Resident Evil 4 in space. It is the perfect sequel to the game.  If you love Resident Evil 4, then you will almost certainly love Dead Space and vice versa. It is crazy how now we are going to receive the remakes for both of these masterpieces in the same year. 

Audio Log Hinting At Dead Space 2 Remake

dead space 2 remake easter egg and rumor
Audio log referencing Nicole’s call from Dead Space 2 | From us at eXputer

Fans can find a secret audio log of Nicole. It plays a call between Isaac and Nicole, where she wakes him up from his sleep and converses with him about her experience on the Ishimura. The exact same audio was a cutscene in Dead Space 2. 

Furthermore, most fans have seen this audio log as a nod to a potential Dead Space 2 Remake. It was not present in the original game and was only shown in the sequel. One thing is for sure it is here, and it adds to the already far better story and plot.

References To Dead Space Downfall

Dead Space: Downfall is an animated film that very few fans are even aware of. Its existence went under the radar for many. Those who watched it and had a good time will be relieved to see many references to its characters in the new remake. 

All of these are found in audio logs. They can be missed fairly easily if the player isn’t paying extra attention to all the dialogue. These audio logs mainly feature a bunch of references to Alissa Vincent and her crew. People who have watched the movie will almost instantly catch on to the nods. 

Even if you don’t like the film, it is good to see its existence being acknowledged so many years after its underwhelming release. 

Dead Space Extraction Easter Egg

dead space easter eggs full list maximum guide
A text log showing the names of the main character from Dead Space: Extraction | By eXputer

Lastly, we have a text log which is a direct reference to Dead Space: Extraction. Most of you aren’t aware of the game’s existence because similar to Dead Space: Downfall, it also went under the radar. It was a fairly decent game enjoyed by most people who played it.

Taking a look at the screenshot we have provided above, you should see four very familiar names. All of these names mentioned in the text log are the main characters of Dead Space: Extraction. The entire story of that game revolves around them trying their best to escape from their horrid fate. 

Once again, it is great to see these forgotten game media being referenced in the new remake. It is certainly among our favorite easter eggs in Dead Space Remake, as it shows that the developers love the entire franchise. 

Wrapping Up

It is evident by this Subreddit post the developers at Motive Studio have every intention of continuing the franchise. Fans couldn’t be happier with the news as these developers poured their soul into the project and have created what can be called a perfect remake. 

While Dead Space obviously isn’t on the same level as Resident Evil, it is still one of the most important and best survival horror games in the modern gaming era. People are happier with its return than they are with Dying Light 2. We loved finding all the easter eggs in Dead Space Remake.

It is being compared to the Resident Evil 1 Remake due to how perfectly it improves and adds to the original experience. The remake has become the definitive version for many. What are your thoughts on the game? Did it live up to the hype? Are you happy with the franchise’s revival? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

While you are here, consider reading our Dead Space Remake review and checking out the following guides.

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