Dead Space Remake: How To Unlock Backbreaker Trophy

For all you trophy hoarders, why not add one to the collection by learning about how to achieve the Backbreaker trophy?

Dead Space Remake offers a selection of pretty obvious and hidden trophies that players can achieve and complete. While most of the trophies can be achieved with progression, some, like the Dead Space Remake Backbreaker trophy, players might need help with since it isn’t attained with basic progression in the main storyline. 

Key Takeaways
  • In order to get the Backbreaker Trophy, players need to hunt down ten enemies, whether they are normal ones or difficult ones, and then they need to stomp on ten enemies to get the trophy. 
  • If players end up stomping multiple times, the enemy ends up being rendered useless, and players need to carry out the entire process again. 
  • Players can use the Stasis in order to make it easier to achieve the trophy. The stasis can carry out the task of slowing down the enemy’s movement. Players can click on C on PC, X on Xbox, and the Square button on PS
  • To use the Kinesis Module, players can use either pull or push enemies and then knock them down. Players can click on F on PC and B while being on Xbox or O if they are on a PS.
  • One of the enemies that players can look out for is the Lurkers, which will have weak spots on their tentacles. 
  • The twitchers can be used as well, and they have weak spots on their chest and limbs. 
  • The main benefit of knowing the method of the trophy is that players will be able to devise a plan on how to attain the trophy most effectively

How To Achieve The Trophy

Trophy (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first things that players need to keep in mind when trying to figure out how to get the trophy is that they must successfully stomp on 10 enemies to get the trophy, and if they do it less than that, well, then tough luck!

  • Now, another thing that players need to know is that most players typically end up haphazardly stomping on enemies here and there whenever they kill them off, thinking that the only thing they need to do is to get their kill count up. 
  • While players normally use their weapons and then run up to the corpse and end up stomping one after the other until the body is practically dismembered, this is not the correct way to go about it. 
  • The trophy does not require players to stomp off the enemies multiple times, and if players end up heading over to any opponent that they killed and stomp on them more than a few times, then that specific enemy has been rendered useless, and players need to find then another target to annihilate and use as their subject. 

The actual way to carry out the trophy is to not stomp on them multiple times, but rather, the main thing that players need to do is to carry out one stomp after they end up killing their opponent. 

Stomping On Enemies
Stomping On Enemies (Image Credits Exputer)
  • In chapter 5 of the game, there is an enemy that is red/orange in color and has tentacles that will end up shooting out small projectiles that will emerge with a small tentacle that stands upright. 
  • This enemy is the perfect test subject for when you are practicing figuring out how to know the correct way to stomp on enemies. 
  • As the tentacle shoots out a smaller projectile, the sack has a long orange tentacle that will start to emerge; players need to be aware not to get too close to the bigger enemy stuck to the wall. 

The main thing players need to do is head close to the sack, as close as they can, and click on stomp once. If you end up stomping more than a few times, then that particular enemy has been rendered useless, and you need to start all over again. 

  • So, get close to the enemy, stomp on it once, and that’s all. The larger enemy continues to spawn smaller tentacles at basically an infinite amount. Therefore players can easily use the enemy as a farming subject and continue to wait until it spits out the projectile again, and players can then stomp on them again. 
  • Since players need to stomp on ten enemies, players can simply wait until it stomps the smaller tentacles 10 times and then stomp on them, and this can be an easier way to unlock the trophy. 
  • While stomping, players playing on PC need to click on the spacebar, while players playing on PS5 need to click on R2, and players on the XBOX series X or Series S need to click down on RB once to carry out the stomping animation. 

Using Stasis 

Another thing that players can do to make it easier on themselves to stomp on enemies is to use Stasis, which is used to aim at any kind of subject that is present in front of you. It ends up causing the enemy’s movement to be slowed down by quite a bit, which grants the player the ability to carry out attacks on them without worrying about the enemy carrying out attacks on you. 

  • For players that are on a PC, they need to click down on C, while players that are playing on Xbox need to click down on the button to use Stasis, and for the elite class (the PlayStation players, yes), they need to click down on the Square button on their controller. 
  • The main way that it can help players in their aim to stomp down enemies is that whenever they see enemies that have been knocked down with a shot to their body and are lying down, players can easily use Stasis on them to elongate the total duration that they remain on the ground so that players can then go ahead and stomp on them. 
  • Other than using it on enemies, the stasis ability can also come in handy to slow down objects. 

Now, players can get their hands on the Stasis in chapter one, and the objectives are as follows. 

  • The first thing players need to do is follow down with the security team. After that, they receive their next objective: to open the Hangar door. After that has been done, the security console needs to be activated. 
  • With that, players can also receive their next objective, which is to get to safety, after which they need to figure out a way to replace the damaged tram successfully
  • After that, players can go ahead and find the Data Board, after which they will need to install the data board they found. 
  • With that, players also receive the next objective, which is to call in the tram, and players can then head back to the Kellion and run diagnostics, then head over to the medical desk. 

Using Kinesis Module 

Another thing that players can use is the Kinesis module, not for the actual stomping process, but players can use it to cause the enemies to get knocked down. The way that players can make use of the kinesis Module is to use it to push away enemies that are closer to them, or you can even go ahead and use it to pull enemies that are further away. 

  • Players can aim the module at any enemies, and enemies will instantly end up being pulled toward you, and then if you want to throw them back, you can use the attack button. 
  • To use the kinesis module, players can click on F if they are on PC, B if they are on Xbox, and if there are any PlayStation players, then they can click down on O on their controller. 
  • As for the attack button, players need t click on r1 on their PlayStation and RT on their Xbox. 
  • Once the module has been used on any enemy, players can get close and stomp on them, 

Players can get their hands on the kinesis module in chapter 2, and the objectives are as follows: 

  • The first objective that players will get is to head over to the medical desk, after which they then need to go ahead and find a Hydrazine tank and a way to get a shock pad. 
  • With that, players can receive the next objective, simply to go ahead and destroy the barricade, after which they need to find the captain’s body. After that, players need to go ahead and kill the captain, get their hands on the RIG, and head over to engineering. 

Enemies To Stomp On 

Enemies To Stomp On
Enemies To Stomp On (Image Credits Exputer)

For players looking to get the trophy, there are quite a few enemies that can be staggered or knocked down, and it can allow players to get the Dead Space Remake Backbreaker trophy with quite ease. ; let’s take a look at what enemies players can use!


One of the first enemy types players can look at is the Lurkers, a necromorph type. 

  • The enemies themselves have a total of 3 tentacles, and the way that players can take note of them is by the emerging tentacles. One of the tentacles will emerge from the middle, while there will be a tentacle on the left and right side of the enemy’s top. 
  • These lurkers, as their name suggests, are known to hide out in the dark, and they simply wait for players to come in their general radius so that they can pop out and instantly attack the player when they are least expecting them. 
  • Their tentacles also can shoot out projectiles that are going to be targeted toward the player, and they originate from themselves. Players are advised to never let their guard down around these lurkers lest they catch sight of you and cause them to die out. 

Lurkers will typically have their weak spots be their tentacles, so players can use any kind of gun like the Force Gun or the Pulse Rifle or anything to stagger and cause them to get knocked down. 

As for the appearances, they will appear in the following chapters: 

  • Chapter 12, which is the Dead Space
  • Chapter 11, called the Alternate solutions 
  • Chapter 10, called the End of Days 
  • Chapter 9 is called the Dead on Arrival
  • Chapter 7, called Into the Void 
  • Chapter 6, called the Environmental Hazard 
  • Chapter 5, called the Lethal Devotion 
  • Chapter 4, called the Obliteration Imminent 
  • Chapter 3, called the Course Correction 
  • Chapter 2, called the Intensive Care 
  • Chapter 1, called the New Arrivals 


Players can look into using the Twitchers when it comes to the next type of enemy that players can encounter and use for the Dead Space Remake Backbreaker trophy. 

  • Twitchers are known for having extremely twitchy movements, meaning that they basically twitch from one area to the next, which causes them to have spasms, and hence they are named Twitchers. 
  • The Twitchers are derived from people who had the stasis modules given to them, and they ended up being transformed using the Infectors, which basically causes them to become an even deadlier version of themselves. 
  • The reason that they are called the Twitchers is simply because of their movements and the fact that they were infected in such a way which causes them to have these speedy, twitchy movements, as if they have no control over their muscles, and will only be able to twitch. 

When it comes to their weak spots, they have a total of 2 weak spots that are present on their limbs as well as their chests. 

  • Since the twitcher opponents have a stasis module that has been embedded into their chests, to slow them down, players can use any kind of ranged weapon towards their chest, which automatically attacks their stasis module, and breaks it down just enough to cause their overall movement to be slowed down. 
  • Players can also cause damage to their legs, and the main reason that players want to do that is to simply cause them to get knocked down and slow them down more. 
  • There are a few chapters in which the Twitchers appear, such as in chapter 9, called Dead on Arrival, chapter 10, called End of Days, as well as in chapter 12, called Dead Space

Players can use weapons like the Pulse Rifle, Line Gun, or even the Plasma Cutter, after which they can go ahead and stomp on them. 


When it comes to the next type of Necromorphs, players are able to take a look at the Slasher enemy types. 

  • When it comes to the slasher enemies, they are named as such because they are absolutely nefarious and deadly. Not only do they murder players, but they are always out to kill, no matter what. They never rest and will never rest, no matter what the circumstance presents to them. 
  • The Slashers only exist to murder people so that there is a higher number of people for the Infectors to take into their grasp and basically infiltrate them so that the normal human beings also end up becoming an infector so that there are all more enemies for the players to face. 
  • The way that players can identify slashers is probably by their arms. When it comes to their appearance, the slashers have arms and hands that have been replaced with extremely sharp blades that are curved, and they are extremely pointed towards the tip of the blades. 
  • They are also known to be extremely quick on their feet, being able to take down players if they don’t have their guard up at all times, and they are not merciful to the players, not stopping to care, and will probably slash you to death in a split second. 

When it comes to the weak spots fr the slashers, players can are able to take a look at their limbs, both their arms as well as their legs which the players need to consistently look out for. 

  • If players are looking to cause them to knock down and get on their body, then they should probably aim their weapon at their legs, but players need to be aware that these bastards do not die out until their arms have been completely obliterated as well. 
  • Once they have been murdered, players can get close to them and stomp on them to progress further in the Dead Space Remake Backbreaker trophy

These slashers will appear in chapters like

  • Chapter 11, called the Alternate Solutions
  • Chapter 9, called the Dead on arrival 
  • Chapter 7, also known as Into The Void
  • Chapter 6 is also called the Environmental hazard. 
  • Chapter 4, also known as the Obliteration imminent 
  • Chapter 3, called the Course Correction 
  • Chapter 2, called Intensive Care 
  • Chapter 1, called the New Arrivals 


Moving on, another type of enemy that players can try to look out for is the Leaper enemy. They are able to leap from one end to the other, and they are able to run up walls, and they simply await the player as they are approaching the enemy and then will end up instantly attacking them. The enemies appear in the following chapters. 

  • Chapter 9, also called the Dead on Arrival 
  • Chapter 7, known as Into The Void 
  • Chapter 4, also known as the Obliteration imminent 
  • Chapter 3, called the Course Correction 
  • Chapter 2, called Intensive care 
  • Chapter 1, called New Arrival

Once the enemies have been killed, players can stomp on them. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about the Dead Space Remake Backbreaker and how they are able to achieve it, and with that out of the way, we will wrap up with our guide! If players are looking to get infinite ammo, then they should read up on our Dead Space Remake Infinite Ammo Glitch guide! While you’re at it, why not read up on our Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure guide, which will cover all that you need to know about the treasure!

If players want to know where all Crew Rigs are present, then you can read up on our Dead Space Remake Crew Rigs Locations guide!

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