Dead Space Remake: Best Upgrades [Weapons & Suits]

Find all the different Top Upgrades you can apply on your Weapons and RIG Suit in Dead Space Remake.

In Dead Space Remake, it is crucial to pay close attention to your weapon and suit upgrades. Most of the games these days give leniency to players to achieve all the upgrades. However, in Dead Space Remake, you can’t possibly achieve all the weapon and suit enhancements by the end of the game. Therefore it is important to know the Best Upgrades you should invest in during your first Dead Space Remake playthrough.

Key Highlights
  • Upgrading weapons and suits is a key task that every player should undergo while playing through Dead Space Remake.
  • Players can upgrade weapons and suits by interacting with the Upgrade Bench in the USG Ishimura.
  • Items can be upgraded by spending Power Nodes, and these can be found in Blue Lockers or Locked rooms
  • Some of the Best Weapon Upgrades you can go for are; Damage and Ammo Capacity.
  • As for the RIG (Suit) Upgrades, you can invest in stuff like HP, Kinesis Range, Statis Duration, and Energy.

Best Weapon Upgrades In Dead Space Remake

upgrading system in dead space
Upgrade Bench Menu [Screenshot by eXputer]
Upgrading weapons, as we stated earlier, is one of the most important aspects of Dead Space Remake. As you walk through the chapters in USG Ishimura, Isaac will continue to face tougher enemies and situations. In such instances, it will become necessary to level up your weapons. There are multiple departments that can be upgraded by the player.

Upgrades can be made by locating a Bench and spending Power Nodes. We will shine some light upon these elements later on in this guide. Although, it is worth knowing that you can not unlock all the upgrades during your first campaign run. For that, you will need to replay Dead Space Remake a couple of times by carrying your progress forward.

Nonetheless, players can upgrade a few weapon sections while accessing the Bench in the game. These upgrade benches are scattered across the whole game, and you will run into them from time to time. As we all know, you will start the game with the iconic Plasma Cutter weapon. However, as you progress through the game, Isaac will also acquire some other Best weapons, such as Pulse Rifle, Line Gun, Force Gun, and even a Flamethrower. Apart from that, Isaac will also get a few Modules like Statis and Kinesis.

plasma Cutter upgrade dead space remake
Weapon Upgrade [Image Credit: eXputer]
All of these Weapons and Modules (covered later with Suits/RIG) can be upgraded in the game by spending Power Nodes. However, be careful of what you invest in. With that said, here are some Upgrades you should keep an eye out for while upgrading any of your weapons.

  • Damage: First and foremost, you should always aim to increase your weapon’s Damage by investing in DMG slots. Regardless of what weapon you use, this is always a good improvement to go for. We would advise you to focus on your Plasma Cutter at first. As you progress through the game, you can then try upgrading the damage of some other weapons, such as the Line Gun.
  • Capacity: Other than the Damage, your only focus should be on the Capacity. This section will upgrade the magazine size of your weapon. If you upgrade the capacity of your Plasma Cutter, it will help you breeze through the early game and even assist you in the later stages of the game. Apart from the Plasma Cutter, you should also focus on upgrading the Pulse Rifle and the Line Gun. It is better not to waste your Nodes on any other irrelevant weapon.
  • Reload: Even though Damage and Capacity should be your priority with each weapon in Dead Space Remake. However, if you want to you can also go for Reload Speed upgrades. These upgrades will decrease the reload speed time for a specific weapon that Isaac uses. However, you won’t really need this upgrade except in a few places where you get hoarded by a bunch of enemies.

Nevertheless, the Damage and Capacity are considered the Best Upgrades for Weapons in Dead Space Remake. If you feel like tweaking your weapon a little more than that, then you can also opt for Reload Speed. As for the Rate of Fire upgrade, that isn’t really needed because you can easily cope with the default firing rate of the weapons. It is advised to go for these in your second playthrough of Dead Space Remake.

Apart from these Bench Upgrades, you can also buy and collect some specific upgrades for your weapons too. However, these are not customizable. You can buy a few Upgrades from the shops in the game by spending some Credit. Upgrades don’t come cheap; hence, you will need to save up money for them. Here are some of the Best Purchasable/Lootable Weapon Upgrades.

  • Plasma Cutter: Cartridge Rack (found in Ishimura Clinic), Heat Accumulator (Purchased for 11,000 Credits).
  • Pulse Rifle: Kinetic Autoloader (Purchased for 11,000 Credits), P.C.S.I Custom Magazine (found in Electrical System Room).
  • Ripper: Deflecting Edges (found in Flow Supervisor’s office).
  • Contact Beam: Supersymmetry Tether (Purchased for 12,000 Credits).
  • Flamethrower: Gellified Hydrazine (Purchased for 11,500 Credits).
  • Line Gun: Ionized Capacitor (Purchased for 11,500 Credits), Precision Lasers (found in Override Box).
  • Force Gun: Subsonic Oscillator (Purchased for 12,000 Credits).

Best Suit Upgrades In Dead Space Remake

dead space remake suit levels
Level 2 Suit [Screenshot by eXputer]
Weapon upgrades are not the only thing you have to worry about during your Dead Space playthrough. The Suit, or Isaac’s RIG, needs to be paid some attention to as well. You can choose multiple different suits during the gameplay. However, you will need to unlock their levels to get some buffs on them. 

Similarly, you can also upgrade your Suits while interacting with a Bench in USG Ishimura. At the start, you will equip the Legacy RIG suit. However, as the game progresses or if you bought the Dead Space Remake Deluxe Edition, you will have access to some other suits as well. The other suits in the game include Lone Survivor, Infested, Venture, Bloody, and Sanctified Suit

Regardless of which suit you decide to roll with, it is important to know what Upgrades you can go for. First, we would like to mention that you can upgrade the base Level of your Suits by collecting Schematics while playing through the storyline. Once you obtain these Schematics, you will unlock the Level upgrades for your suits at the Shop. 

You can then Upgrade your suit to Level 6. Each Upgrade will cost you Credits. So, keep that in mind every time you stumble upon a Schematic in Dead Space Remake. We would also like to mention that reaching Level 6 during your first playthrough is not possible. During your first run, you can only reach Level 5. To get the Level 6 RIG, you will need to replay the game after you finish it once. With each level, your Armor stats along with Inventory capacity, will improve.

RIG upgrade
Suit Upgrades [Screenshot by eXputer]
Now that we have cleared that up, we can move on and focus on the rest of the Suit Upgrades you can use through the Benches. These Upgrades will enhance a specific element of your Suit, such as Health, Oxygen, and Modular functions. Modules such as Stasis and Kinesis will also be upgraded through your Suit. Therefore, there are a lot of different options to choose from.

However, only a few are worth your time and should be prioritized over the other upgrades in the game. The Best Suit Upgrades for Isaac include:

  • Health: Of course, the Health upgrade should be a no-brainer, even for the newbies. After a few hours into the main storyline, you will begin facing tougher and unforgiving Necromorphs. Here in these situations, every ounce of Isaac’s health will count. Hence, it’s crucial that you invest some Power Nodes into the Health section of the Suit Upgrades. Whenever you unlock a Health Upgrade, Isaac’s health in real-time will get replenished.
  • Kinesis Grab Range: The Kinesis module is a pretty cool and handy thing in Dead Space Remake. It will allow you to interact, pick, or move items from a fair distance. During your playthrough, you will find yourself constantly using this function. Hence, we recommend you upgrade the Kinesis Grab Range while you’re revamping your Suit at the Upgrade Bench so that you can easily interact with items that are far away.
  • Statis Energy: Apart from the Kinesis Module, the Statis is another great addition that players get to use in the game. The Statis Module can be used in and out of fights. Players can use Statis to slow down or partially freeze enemies for a specific duration. During this time, Isaac will have a safe breathing space and can also continue to deal damage with another Weapon. Therefore, try upgrading the Statis Energy Module to further boost its effect, which can be of immense help when there are loads of enemies pinning you down. 
  • Statis Duration: On the other hand, you can also opt to increase the Duration of the Statis Module’s effect. This will freeze up the enemies for a longer time giving you even more leniency during combat. Hence, in our opinion, the Statis Duration Upgrade is a great investment.

Apart from these options, you can also Upgrade the Oxygen of your suit, Statis Zone, and Kinesis Throw Damage. Although, in our opinion, the upgrades we mentioned above in our list are the Best ones. Especially if you’re playing through Dead Space Remake for the first time.

How To Upgrade In Dead Space Remake?

upgrade bench
Upgrade Bench [Image Credit: eXputer]
The game will familiarize you with the concept of Weapon and Suit Upgrading within the first hour of your playthrough. When the Kellion crew crashes at the USG Ishimura, Isaac and some crewmates are tasked to revive the system. While you explore and complete your tasks in the abandoned Ishimura ship, there will come the point where you will need to start up the Tram System through a Data Board.

When Isaac restarts the Data Board, he will get access to the first-ever Upgrade Bench in the game. Here you will be able to Upgrade your Plasma Cutter and the Suit. As you play through the game, you will encounter many of these Upgrade Benches at multiple places. Although, keep in mind that you need Power Nodes to upgrade your weapons and Suits.

power node location dead space remake
Blue Locker (Power Node) [Screenshot by eXputer]
Most of the Power Nodes can be found inside Blue Lockers. These lockers are discreetly placed inside the USG Ishimura. Thus, you will need to keep your eyes peeled and constantly look out for them. Other than that, Power Nodes are also available at the Shop. However, they can have exceedingly high prices. If you keep selling unused items from your inventory to earn some extra Credits, then you can later buy some Power Nodes as well.

Lastly, you will also encounter locked rooms during your explorations. These rooms usually hold a Power Node as well. Although, you will need to complete a puzzle or get the power back up in order to unlock the doors


There you go! Our complete take on all the Best Upgrades in Dead Space Remake. The game features an easy-to-understand upgrade system, unlike many other games. Players can access any Upgrade Bench to enhance the attributes of their Weapons or Suits. Upgrading Isaac’s gear is important if you want to finish up the main storyline.

Dead Space was a horror classic that was released back in 2008. However, Motive Studios has now remade the game from scratch and released it for fans to experience once again with some outstanding graphics. Whether you’re a new Dead Space player or a returning one, it is worth knowing How Long the game is. Apart from that, if you enjoyed this title, you could also check out these other 30 Games like Dead Space Remake.

Thank you for reading through our guide. For more guides about Dead Space Remake, feel free to stop by at eXputer at any time!

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